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Participate. All the cool kids are doing it.

September 15, 2009

Seriously. Have you met Tyler Junger and Tom Templeton. These guys are the Chair and Vice-Chair and they are cool as a penguins fingertips(?).

That cool guy you know who doesn’t participate in ASM?–he’s not that cool. Trust me.

Tomorrow is the ASM Kick-off at 7p.m. in the Student Activity Center. It’s a party and you are all invited. I’ll even be there, being cool

Really, though. It’ll be a good time for those who actually want to make a difference on campus, or at least have their say in how their student government operates.

There will be presentations by the Chairs of all the committees and breakout sessions afterward for a more personal touch.

Also, Shared Governance is accepting applications for their university committee openings.

Here’s the link to the application:

Just click on “Download the Committee Application”  and you’re on your way.

Melissa Hanley, the Shared Governance Chair and the nicest person you’d want to meet, told me they have nearly 70 seats to fill on about 50 different committees across the university.  And these are some serious, big-timing committees, too.

A list: Dean of Students Advisory Board; Office of the Registrar Student Advisory Board; Union Council; Campus Diversity and Climate; Committee on Undergraduate Recruitment, Admissions, and Financial Aid; Memorial Library Committee; University Honors Committee; Campus Planning Committee; Academic Advising Council

These are committees that make a difference. They matter bigtime to this campus and it is the responsibility of all of us as students to make sure the voice of students is heard.  So apply and make a difference.

Or at least think about it. It’s a Tuesday, what else are you going to do. Study?

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