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LGBT trip a potential hot-button issue

September 17, 2009

The events surrounding the discussion of ASM funding the bus trip to Washington D.C. has already proved to stir some passions.

The Badger Herald covered the basic premise of the discussion last night.

What they missed however, is that Student Council did vote to publicly support the march and the participation of UW students in this important cultural/political event.

Where the trouble comes in is figuring out how ASM could fund the trip. The group already recieved $960 in a travel grant from the Finance Committee. However, they would now like to circumvent the procedures open to student groups for obtaining grants and other funding and have ASM use its own internal operating funds. Is this allowed?

Even if it is, before the Student Council can debate this, the proposal needs to be reworked. The proposal before the Council last night did not raise this question, instead only asking ASM to fund the trip without proposing how.

The debate about whether or not to fund the trip cannot be separated from the debate over how to fund it.

This issue is definitely not dead.

Any questions? Feel ASM got it right/wrong? Let me know in the comments.

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