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Making moves, making money: ASM weekly recap

September 18, 2009

Today’s Friday, the day even professors don’t want to go to class. Shake off that Thirsty Thursday hangover and digest some of what’s happened with ASM this week.

That’s right, it’s time for our wildly popular week-in-review post.  This is actually the first one but I’m as sure that this will be a hugely popular feature of every Badger’s week as I’m sure Wofford is a complete waste of the football team’s time, as well as the fans’.  The sad thing is there is still no way I’m not going to watch, though.

I Am ASM(and so can you!)

The Shared Governance committee is accepting applications for dozens of university committees. These committees need student voices on them to make sure our interests are always considered in decisions about how the university is run.

Applications can be obatined here:

The deadline for these to be filled out is Wednesday so y’all better hurry! If you miss the deadline? Don’t worry, Shared Governance won’t stop until every seat is filled. And then they’ll keep going.

Baby I got your money

Academic Affairs announced the total savings from the Textbook Swap this week and boy it was a high number. The total savings for students who utilized this rapidly growing enterprise was about $23,000! Wowza!

In other monetary news, the rumor around ASM is we found a strange item in some spreadsheets regarding the ASM Bus Pass deal with Madison Metro.  Long story short (and not fully confirmed): Some proper careful sifting by your student government may have just saved another $22,000 of your money. Boom City! There will be more to come on this later, I’m sure.

Wacky Wild Wednesday

Who’d a thought 333 E. Campus Mall would be the best humpday show in town. First was the ASM Kick-off that Diversity Chair Steven Olikara enthusiastically said was a hit. Good turnout. Good presentations. Good looking representatives. Seriously, all the reps in the office were dressed to the T’s.

But the fun didn’t stop there.  The late starting Student Council meeting saw a huge show of support for ASM funding of buses to the National Equality March. Those in attendance saw the Council working hard to wade through this proposal.  The result is that ASM Student Council officially announced its support of the march, but an avenue for funding needs to be proposed before the Council can vote on whether to provide any money for the buses.

What else ya got?

Legislative Affairs Chair Adam Johnson wanted to improve awareness of congress’ efforts to change the financial aid system which can have negative effects on students’ ability to obtain loans and grants. It may be too late, however.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for a full-on campaign from Academic Affairs to reduce the cost of textbooks and other educational needs.

I’m sure I’m missing so much. Don’t worry. I’ll update this post as the need arises. After all, there is only so much I can fit in this head of mine. Questions or concerns? Hit up the comments and I’ll get back at you.

On Wisconsin!

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