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Busy time for your student government.

September 28, 2009

It’s Monday and one crazy week is behind ASM with another crazy one on the way.

Dean of Students Lori Berquam, L&S Dean Gary Sandefur and ASM leaders just finished their Town Hall meeting in the Student Activity Center.  Students and staff talked about things like improving advising services and incentivizing teaching over research as ways to improve the UW experience for undergraduates.

Hurry if you have any ideas! Proposals for this academic year are due to the Office of the Dean of Students October 1st. If you miss the deadline, however, proposals for next academic year are due November 15. Write that down!

In other news, the Campus Women’s Center will be having an appeal hearing Thursday to see if SSFC made a procedural error when it denied the group  GSSF funding.

But wait! SSFC can no longer vote to give the group money. They can recognize if a procedural error was made, though, and CWC can then take that to the Student Judiciary. At that point SJ could force SSFC to give the women’s center another hearing.

Whoo! quite a bit. That’s government for ya.

But, if the flaw in CWC’s proposal was poorly executed as is stated in some of today’s papers, then this only verifies the importance and legitimacy of SSFC.

Groups that receive GSSF funding need to realize that receiving funding in the past is no guarantee of future funding. Filling out all paperwork properly and fully is important so SSFC can do its job and this must be taken seriously. The role of SSFC is to make sure that student segregated fees go to groups that serve the entire student community. This is students’ money and must be protected against misuse.

This is not to say CWC was a misuse of segregated fees, but this group, like all others, needs to constantly prove it deserves segregated fees. No group is simply entitled to this funding source.

I hope all groups take this as a lesson for the future.

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