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ASM: That rogue looking out for your Perkins Loans

September 29, 2009

With letter-writing guns a-blazin’, ASM Legislative Affairs Chair Adam Johnson is making it known to lawmakers that their attempts to destroy the current Perkins Loan system will not stand!

Coordinating Council has already okayed Chair Johnson’s efforts which now await final approval from the Student Council Wednesday (yeah! another liveblog!). ASM officially does not support Congress’s attempt to reform student financial aid, as their proposal stands now, because it would ruin Perkins Loans as we know them. Interest would begin accruing right away, instead of 9 months after graduation, and people in certain job fields (like teaching, nursing) would no longer be eligible for loan forgiveness.

ASM is all for student financial aid reform, but slicing up Perkins Loans is not the way to fund it. Boo hiss!

This misdeed is on our radar, there, government. We are watching.

Speaking of watching, keep your eyes peeled for posts from my Press Office minions. That’s right. We’re triple-teaming this beast!

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  1. pressofficezenmaster permalink
    September 30, 2009 12:02 am


    I thought we’d agreed to keep the nick names between us. You don’t want the student body to know what we call you, do you?

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