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Yup. It’s that time again. Liveblog!

September 30, 2009

Well, hope that was dry enough for you. Many updates to come. Remember, SSFC tomorrow. Freshmen Student Council and SSFC elections coming up along with the Downtown planning town hall and the diversity forum.

Big things a-popping.

8:13 And we’re adjourned!

8:10 SSFC Chair Williams gives update. Really, just check your campus papers. SSFC will be at 8:30 tomorrow.

8:07 Templeton says proposals for Madison Initiative for Undergraduates are due October 1st. (That’s pretty soon) Tobelmann talks about efforts to reach out to constituents. ASM wants to hear your voices!

8:03 Chair Junger announces resignation of Rebecca Newman from the Student Council. Also, we need a new Safety Coordinator.

8:02 There should be a press release with more detail about the changes for applying for office space in the SAC. Look for it tomorrow.

7:59 Shared Governance is in the middle of about 100 interviews for several committees. Also, Chair Vollrath lets SC knows the regulations for getting RSO space in the SAC has changed. How’s that for alphabet soup.

7:58 Nominations Board should have some hirings announced pretty soon. Look out!

7:57 Chair Johnson wants to spread the word about the coming Town Hall meeting. Here’s a Badger Herald story about it:

7:50 Whoa hey! Just found out Day 26 will be performing at the All-Campus Pre-Halloween Concert. Don’t act like you don’t know who they are. Get there.

7:46 Student Diversity Forum on October 12. Write that down. ASM Diversity Chair Steven Olikara will be speaking at the event. Teaming up with MultiCultural Student Coalition.

7:44 Chair Zinn has been contacted by man who runs educational organization in Ethiopia. All unclaimed bookswap books are going over there. Check off one good deed for the night.

7:43 And the proposal has now officially been referred back to SSFC. More on this later, gators. Moving on to special reports.

7:40 Chair Vollrath, however, thinks the terms should remain as they are. She believes it allows for multiple circumstances and unforeseeable occurences. Also a good point. I’m pretty torn between the two. Which do you think is better?

7:38 Rep. Flores would like for the coercion or threatening part of the proposal to be clarified so it is not so objective. Hey, better safe than sorry.

7:34 Heywood  supports giving SSFC suspension powers until mandatorily voted upon by Student Council. SSFC Chair Williams agrees that a check by Student Council is a good idea.

7:32 Paulsen, A. Johnson and Templeton support the referral back to SSFC to work on the proposal. Paulsen wants the proposal to include approval powers for Student Council over removals. He also wants the bylaw change for 17th session to ensure the current SSFC members don’t have any hidden motives for this proposal.

7:29 Debating the referral back to SSFC.

7:27 Rep. Paulsen wants to refer the whole ordeal back to SSFC so they can clarify everything before bringing it back to Student Council.

7:24 Into debate now. Rep. Flores makes motion to amend the SSFC proposal. Wants to make proposal say removals should be effective immediately. And some other stuff.

7:18 Some numbers games going on. Don’t quite get it and I’ll save you the details on this one. I’ll get back to you with what this stuff actually means. My automatic jargon-sifter is working overtime.

7:11 Heywood thinks there should be a one week notice so a person whose removal is being considered can prepare a defense. Or at least he’s bringing up the issue.

7:09 Rep. Heywood asks about giving SSFC suspension powers that would then leave removal to Student Council.

7:07 Any proceedings involving a possible violation on SSFC would be held in a closed meeting.

7:04 Chair T. Sharpe asked a great question! Wants to know if anyone has done anything that would violate any of these proposed bylaws. But the question can’t be answered yet.

7:02 Also, Rep. Paulsen definitely does have a lot of questions. He wasn’t kidding earlier. Some good questions coming from all around the Council, though. Good stuff.

7:00 The new bylaws would basically give SSFC more ability to remove their own members. These policies would be a part of the more permanent ASM bylaws instead of just the SSFC standing rules which can be changed more easily. BTW the attendance policy I mentioned earlier is currently a part of the SSFC standing rules.

6:55 Rep. Paulsen just asked SSFC Secretary Manes where the proposal for the accountabilitybylaws has come from. Just like I told ya.

6:52 Kappa Alpha Psi’s event grant for $13,752. This is for the “Pre-Halloween All Campus Concert.”  I don’t know who will be performing but look out for it. They paying a pretty goodly sum for a performer.

6:47 And Student Council officially endorses Chair A. Johnson’s efforts at raising awareness about ASM’s disapproval of the financial aid reform proposal.

6:46 Rep. Paulsen thinks ASM should work to inform other student governments of the trouble with the proposal. So does the rest of Council.

6:44 Is ASM the only group that is aware what the current proposal for student financial aid means for Perkins Loans. It’ll really mess ’em up. That’s what it means.

6:42 The removal of nonexistent boards from the SC agenda passed by a vote of 16-0-1. No debate for that. It’s just good government.

6:37 Open Forum closed after about 4 minutes. That was easy. And they’re already approving the minutes from last meeting as I write this. Booyah!

6:35 Assoc Dean of Students Wade introduced himself. Seems very genial.

6:32 And we’re off!

Okay we’re about 6ish minutes out from the start of the 16th Session ASM Student Council meeting. People are trickling in and the atmosphere is electric!

On the agenda tonight: Accountability bylaws for SSFC members. If implemented, these would provide SSFC with procedures for removing members from their committee for viewpoint neutrality violations, coercing or threatening fellow SSFC members, or not complying with the attendance policy. Rep. Eric Paulsen has already told me he definitely has some questions about this proposal and where it came from.

This could be good! Get excited.

We’ll be adding the new posts above old ones instead of below them like the last liveblog. Don’t get confused.

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