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CWC appeal highlights tonight’s SSFC meeting

October 1, 2009

On this rainy Madison evening some serious controversies are up for debate before the Student Services Finance Committee (SSFC). Tonight’s meeting has been delayed from 6:30 to 8:30, and with a public forum expected to be chock full of testimony, it’s definitely going to be a “midnight oil” type of night.

On tap:

CWC Procedural Appeal

The Campus Women’s Center will once more be in the spotlight. Denied SSFC funding at the Sept. 17th committee meeting because it failed to meet a requirement, CWC claims that the SSFC violated procedural due process in coming to its decision.

While we fully expect a ton of testimony for CWC at this meeting, the CWC can’t win another hearing (or funds) tonight. Since the Women’s Center missed the deadline for the funding decision appeal process (Sept. 24), in order to have a shot at another hearing before the SSFC they’ll need to appeal to ASM’s Student Judiciary Committee.

Tonight’s appeal will decide how SSFC stands on any appeal. Once the procedural hearing takes place, SSFC will issue a statement to be used by the Student Judiciary Committee should the CWC file an appeal.

For more on this, see Alex Brousseau’s News Explainer from Wednesday’s Badger, Monday’s Editorial from the Cardinal, and also check out Ken’s sterling (his adjective, not mine) analysis below.

Also on deck:

Elegibility Hearings:

Collegians For A Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT): according to its Web site, “A campus based organization committed to sound science on environmental issues and the promotion of constructive solutions to environmental problems.”

SPILL: from the organization’s Web site, “An anonymous, e-mail based venting network OF & FOR UW Madison students.”

Eligibility Decisions:


MultiCultural Student Coalition

More after the meeting. Stay dry!

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