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SSFC Recap: Big $ Decisions

October 2, 2009

Consider that midnight oil burned. Tonight’s meeting featured appeals from two groups for funding, decisions on two others, and a procedural appeal from the Campus Women’s Center. All in all, productive with a dash of controversy—like all good SSFC meetings.

Bottom line: MCSC funding eligibility approved, UWisLit was denied, CWC’s procedural appeal didn’t pass, and eligibility hearings were held for CFACT and SPILL (decisions on those two coming up next week).

Money Matters:

The big decisions for tonight were for the MultiCultural Student Coalition (MCSC) and UWisLit. SSFC voted that the MultiCultural Student Coalition (MCSC) met the requirements for funding eligibility by a unanimous vote of 9-0-0. MCSC previously received $273,363 in SSFC funding for fiscal year 2009-2010.

First-time applicant UWisLit, which failed to provide a budget plan for their funding, was denied its eligibility. The vote was 0-8-1. UWisLit can appeal within five days.

CWC Appeal Denied:

(Warning jargon and Roberts Rules ahead).

In a nutshell, CWC appealed to the SSFC, claiming that a procedural violation had been made when CWC was denied funding on Sept. 17. Representatives from CWC were here in force (and sporting blue arm bands), and spoke about the vagueness and confusion at the time of the decision, and claimed that SSFC had failed to take into account all relevant information when making its decision. When all was said and done, the committee voted (4-3-2) that no procedural violation had occurred. Now the SSFC Chair will write a letter to the Student Judiciary defending its original denial of funding for the CWC.

The next stop for the CWC is the ASM Student Judiciary Committee, where they can appeal the original SSFC decision. If the Judiciary Committee finds in their favor, it has the power to order the SSFC to re-hear CWC’s application for funding eligibility. Expect to hear about this from Judiciary’s meeting next week.

Other updates from tonight:

CFACT (Collegians for a Constructive Tomorrow) and Spill (Supporting Peers in Laid-Back Listening) presented their cases for eligibility for SSFC funding. CFACT is focused on conservation and environmentalism and would use the funding for work in networking, campaigns and other areas. SPILL is a relatively new organization on campus, and offers anonymous peer-to-peer e-mail counseling for students.

Decisions on funding eligibility for SPILL and CFACT next week.

Have a good night. Press officer down and out.

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