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Another week of well-executed student governings.

October 2, 2009

Alright Badgers, it’s Friday afternoon. Time to pull this ASM train into the station and gather ourselves. Stop and smell the roses, so to speak.


MMMM! Smells delicious!

Hot off the presses!

Just got an e-mail from Nominations Board Chair Theotis Sharpe. There is a mass e-mail to be going out soon to the entire student body. Here’s your official sneak peak:

Nominations Board is working to fill multiple positions within ASM. Do you want a bulleted list? Yeah you do.

  • Student Judiciary Associate Justice
  • Student Services Finance Committee (SSFC) Member
  • SSFC Legal Counsel
  • Finance Committee Member-at-large
  • School of Education Student Council Representative
  • Human Ecology/Nursing/Pharmacy Student Council Rep
  • Special Student Council Rep

Holy guacamole! There are so many sweet options to get invaluable experience while serving the entire student body! Unbelievable.

Want in on this sweet action? Send a cover letter and resume to Theotis Sharpe at by October 16. It’s a painless process. It’s how I got this sweet gig. Don’t you wanna be like me?

Undergraduate shopping spree

Monday started with a town hall meeting for students to discuss possible services to fund with the Madison Initiative for Undergraduates. Dean of Students Lori Berquam was there as was the L&S Dean Gary Sandefur. Great ideas were bandied about. Technology improvements, e-portfolios, open-source textbooks, and advising services improvements were all discussed. Good stuff. Good time.

Ideas for ways to spend that money for this academic year were due October 1, but if you have an idea you want considered for next year you still have until November 15 to get that in to the Office of Dean of Students.

And rest assured. ASM is staying all over how UW spends our extra tuition. We got ya.

-Hey, did you read the liveblog? -No. -Oh. Me neither.

Student Council met Wednesday. Most divisive issue was the proposal to give SSFC more control over their own ability to remove members from their committee. After much fun debatings, the issue was referred back to SSFC to work on it and clarify the proposal before bringing it back to SC. This thing was thoroughly debated and a lot of issues were brought up. Impressive.

Overall, it was a really short meeting, though. Less than two hours. There were some uber-interesting announcements made, though. More on that to come. Now.

Announcements(told you so)

Legislative Affairs Committee Chair Adam Johnson has a town hall meeting scheduled for Tuesday, October 13 to give students a chance to discuss the Downtown Plan. I think that’s what it’s called. Basically, student input is needed for the redesign project the city wants for student-heavy downtown streets. This effort is still in the infant stages so we need to get students involved early so we can really shape our own environment.

Contact Adam Johnson at with any questions.

Diversity Committee Chair Steven Olikara announced a Diversity Forum for Monday, October 12. He is working in conjunction with the Multicultural Student Coalition and he will be speaking at the event. Trust me, this dude is a great speaker and this should be a really great time. Plus it can only work to improve you as a person. Just go.

Contact Steven Olikara at or the Multicultural Student Coalition.

The SAC Governing Board also announced it has made significant changes to the way it allocates space to student organizations. Can’t get the link to work right now so I’ll have to get that to you later. Sorry.

Student Elections Coming–no “Vote or Die” campaign, I guarantee it

The Student Elections Commission held an orientation for the candidates for the October elections. This semester there are 14 candidates for the Freshman seats on Student Council and 5 candidates for SSFC. That’s 2 more total candidates than last year. Get out your calculators, how large of a percentage is that? I bet it’s huge. (I’m a terrible gambler)

There is also a meeting in the works to allow students to get to know their candidates. A meeting for shmoozing and hob-knobbing. Is that how you spell “hob-knobbing”?

Become an informed electorate. Get there.

How long does it take to interview nearly 100 candidates?

For the Shared Governance Committee, only a few days.  If you see Chair Melissa Hanley around, give her a hug and tell her everything will be alright. And tell her to get some sleep.

This woman is sacrificing her health and well-being to ensure the student voice is best represented on all university-wide committees. You’re welcome.

Cheaper textbooks is just good business

Academic Affairs Chair Jonah Zinn is nailing down the specifics of his campaign to make purchasing textbooks not just cheaper, but easier. Early reports sound like he’s got some solid, achievable goals that can really make a difference for UW students. Want help him out you’ve got to get to the Academic Affairs meetings Tuesdays at 8 p.m. in the SAC. Open to everyone.

On Wisconsin!

Enjoy your weekend, Badgers. I want to see good representation in Minneapolis on Saturday and good representation with in ASM all the other days. Get on it.

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