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Student Council preview

October 14, 2009

Tonight’s Student Council meeting looks like a really good one. The agenda looks a lot more full than the last meeting. Come check it out at 6:30 in the SAC Hearing Room (4th floor). I’ll be there.

The SSFC accountability bylaws that were so contentious last time are back. Let’s see how this goes the second time around. We’ll see if SSFC clarified a lot of points and if they will get to maintain power over the removal of their own representatives or if Student Council will require that they have the ultimate oversight. It’s an interesting question that almost plays out like an old-school power struggle.

This is important stuff so it’s good to see everyone take it seriously.

Also, I believe Shared Gov has finished their appointments. They will be bringing these to SC. This is one of the most “tangible” services ASM provides students–a seat at the table of all UW governings.

Also, the internal ASM budget will be presented, along with multiple amendments to be proposed by representative Paulson. Read them here, here, here and here. This budget resolution will not provide the numbers yet, but will decide which things to increase funding for, decrease funding for, or keep funding the same. This might contain some jargon but I’ll try to protect you all from that. Emphasis on “try”.

There is also a resolution to require each Student Council member to provide 2 office hours per week to make themselves available to constituents. The acronym for it is ACCESS. Clever.

Alright, it’s on like Donkey Kong at 6:30. See you there. Or here. Wherever.

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