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In cased you missed it…

October 16, 2009

Alright, Badgers. Get your gamefaces on because it’s homecoming and that is awesome.

How has ASM been preparing for this weekend you ask? No, you didn’t? Well, I asked for you. And here’s the answer.

Earlier today, as the zenmaster so kindly pointed out, your fall candidates were on Library Mall giving out pizza and politicking. The elections for the Freshmen seats on the Student Council and a few open SSFC seats will start Monday so head over to the candidate matrix and start deciding how you’re gonna vote. The elections run online through Wednesday.

Student Council Marathon

The student council liveblog this week was especially amazery if you ask me. SSFC now has more authority to remove people from its own committee and the Finance Committee will be looking into the possible creation of a “Creative Works” grant to fund the creation of lasting art pieces that will outlast a student’s stay on campus. I hope this works so I can apply for one to make a 12-foot-tall sculpture of Kurt Gosselin out of macaroni noodles. Something to really spruce up East Campus Mall.

Neighborhood Planning

Legislative Affairs took all kinds of ideas for the Downtown Plan because we love nothing more than to hear from all of y’all. These issues really do affect our campus community and it was great to get so much feedback from students. You do care! You really do! Come by the ASM office for a hug from me anytime. Or we can set up a hug appointment in the comments. That works.


Steven Olikara has been all smiles since the diversity forum Monday night that he worked with MCSC to put on. He unveiled the Diversity Taskforce which we all hope will create a very effective, unified effort to increase awareness of diversity issues on campus. It’s no secret that this campus can sometimes seem to be lacking in this area.

Well, On Wisconsin!

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