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For real this time: your Freshman reps and new SSFC reps

October 22, 2009

Just left the press conference. Thank you WSUM, The Badger Herald, and The Daily Cardinal for showing up. Our new reps said they were a little nervous facing the media for the first time. But they survived. Someone even used the term “freshman celebrities”. Just precious. And who are these freshman celebrities?

Freshman Student Council representatives: Mario Ademaj, Maxwell John Love, Sam Peters and Jamie Bemis.

New SSFC representatives: Coffey Zhang (the only non-freshman of the bunch: she’s a sophomore) and Aliyya Terry.

Congratulate them if you see them out. I’m sure they’re celebrating already. And look for their fresh young mugs in the campus papers tomorrow.

ASM welcomes your fresh young minds and cannot wait to gain from your new perspectives!

Now get to work!!!

In other news, congratulations to the groups F.H. King and Adventure Learning Programs for getting their budgets approved by SSFC tonight intact, for the most part.

F.H. King was approved for $60,470.29 and ALPs received $138,199.24 after SSFC cut $600 total from a couple of their line items related to specialized staff training.

Not too shabby.

And check out the ASM twitter feed (look a little to the right) and get your first peek at 5 of the 6 winners with ASM Vice Chair Tom Templeton. Unfortunately, Coffey Zhang is absent from this photographic masterpiece taken by me with Tom’s phone. I have many talents.

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