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This weekly review will keep you warm and dry.

October 23, 2009

Welcome the nOObs

The student elections were great this week. Turnout was up and the candidates all show great promise and seem to bring something different to the table (overused phrase, oh well–it’s Friday). Get the election results and demographics here. Also, read about the elections in the Badger Herald and the Daily Cardinal. (link not working, here’s the address:

We’ve got some more photos of the event here if you’d like. Dare I say, we’ve got exclusive photos? No, that’s dumb.

Just click on the media page and witness this magical moment in history. For more photos go to our Facebook page. Hey, become our fan while you’re at it. We’re fans of us and we’re fans of you, so you should be fans of us. Right? Right.

Anyway, welcome new reps! Enjoy your training. I can’t wait to liveblog your first Student Council meeting on Wednesday.

SSFC relatively drama free

SSFC has been making budget decisions this week and, for the most part, everyone’s happy. WISPIRG did have some pretty significant cuts, but their ability to operate should not be hampered.

Still had to go to court, though

SSFC saved all their drama for the Student Judiciary hearing for a complaint filed by the CWC. That’s right, that sexy news story is not over. CWC claimed SSFC made misleading statements due to confusion that affected their eligibility vote and violated ASM bylaws by not allowing a proper appeal process. They want a new hearing.

SSFC’s response: Nope. First, no one on the committee was confused. Second, it is SSFC’s duty to interpret all the info given them by groups; it is not misleading just because they interpret the info given them differently than the group wants them to interpret the info. And C) Chair Williams took special care to make sure the appeal process allowed CWC by the committee was completely in compliance with ASM bylaws and SSFC standing rules.

The three SJ justices adjourned after an extensive question and answer period and have until Wednesday, November 4 to provide their opinion. I saw them meeting behind closed doors last night–they are working hard to go over everything relevant to make sure justice is served. And these people aren’t messing around either.

I’m excited. I’ll let you know the decision as soon as I find out what it is.

Okay, it’s rainy and cold. I’m gonna go get warm.

On Wisconsin!

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