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Legislative Affairs: Straight cold-rocking it

November 10, 2009

Chair Adam Johnson over at Leg Affairs is doing all sorts of great with that committee. They had that great show of force at the Common Council meeting about the ALRC student vote. They’ve been involved at an early stage in the city’s plan to redesign several downtown neighborhoods which are largely student-filled districts.

Now Mr. Johnson is intending to make the Leg Affairs meetings more flexible to allow for more “field trips” to the Tuesday Common Council meetings. He is showing up with other students at several local governing meetings. A regular student presence at these meetings to voice their opinions at open forums is a great way to make sure the student voice is heard in this city/county.

“It’s important that the city sees we’re engaged even when there’s not a [divisive issue dealing directly with students],” Johnson said at the Leg Affairs meeting tonight.

Next Tuesday, the committee will be trekking up to the City/County building to attend the Common Council meeting where the alders will be dealing with the city budget.

Last week, Chair Johnson even showed up at the County Board of Supervisors meeting to speak on behalf of the Regional Transit Authority. He intends to attend more of their meetings as well and is looking for qualified candidates to run for the district seat to replace Wyndham Manning next year.

Chair Johnson will also be meeting with Joel Plant, Mayor Cieslewicz’s Neighborhood Liaison, to discuss the successes and failures of Freakfest.

In other news, Nominations Board has been hard at work and I think we’ll be seeing some of their nominations go before Student Council tomorrow. Here’s the agenda as it was posted this morning. There may have been a couple minor changes since.

For more on this check out the Student Council liveblog tomorrow. Pay me a visit and ask some questions. We’ll see if we can get them answered.

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