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Big day for SSFC

November 12, 2009

Just about to head into tonight’s SSFC meeting. This is especially notable for two reasons:

SSFC will be making the oft delayed budget decision for Mutlicultural Student Coalition. This is the largest of the GSSF budgets and it is also the last GSSF budget decision of the year for SSFC. Wow! Yeah, they’ve plowed through them this year. After tonight, I’ll get you totals on the GSSF decisions for the year. Look for that tomorrow in our Friday round-up along with plenty of other specifics on other issues from this week.

And it’s been a pretty big week.

Also, there will be CWC’s procedural appeal tonight. This could get interesting. However, if CWC does not have any complaints other than those they already brought before SJ, then this could be one short appeal procedure. SJ already ruled that SSFC members can use their own discretion and that there was no misinformation disseminated that affected the outcome of their original hearing. They need another basis for appeal.

Come back later tonight, I’ll be sure to post the results.

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