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Breaking News: SSFC will not reconsider CWC denial

November 12, 2009

SSFC members who voted to deny CWC’s quest for funding had the opportunity to motion to reconsider their decision tonight.

However, none of the members were convinced by CWC’s presentation that a procedural violation occurred.

While one member admitted to having been confused at the time of the original vote, Chair Williams reminded the committee that being confused was not a procedural violation. He add it is each members job to make sure they are not confused when they vote.

The CWC appeal could only be reconsidered based on a procedural violation, and for no other reason, which is why I keep saying “procedural violation”.

As for MCSC’s budget: It was finally passed tonight at $264,468.57 after motions to restore more than $10,000 of previously removed funds were approved.

SSFC officially approved the MEChA budget at more than $69,000 to finish the budget decisions for the year. I’m a little curious at how much they doled out so I’ll assume you are too. Let me get you those numbers a little later.

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