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ASM is a great student government. I’m not a good writer.

November 17, 2009

So Round 2 of the Madison Initiative for Undergraduates is already underway. The Student Oversight Board held a forum last night where authors of proposals could explain themselves. Here the Herald and the Cardinal covered the event. Here at the press office, I’ll soon be publishing a feature story on the student effort put into the first round of MIU proposals. I’ll let you know when that drops. It’ll be good because I’m the greatest writer ever. (note: this is clearly a joke. lower your expectations) This will be the first in a long line of weekly features from the ASM Press Office.

In case you weren’t paying attention: SSFC did not have a meeting last night. They will meet Thursday, however.

Breaking news from Legislative Affairs chair Adam Johnson. Ald. Mike Verveer and Ald. Bryon Eagon will be at the committee’s meeting next week Tuesday at 6 p.m. the SAC Caucus Room. Feel free to stop in and hear what they have to say about student issues or make a statement during open forum.

Here are the new ASM members as approved at last week’s Student Council meeting:

  • Miriam Liabo and Mickey Stevens are the new Student Judiciary Associate Justices
  • Boan Sianipar, Andrea Nichols and Martin Uraga are new appointees to Student Services Finance Committee
  • Florence Esho is the newest Finance Committee member

Congratulations, peoples! Keep in mind: “With great power comes great responsibility.”–Spiderman

The Academic Affairs Committee also presented the Affordable Textbook Campaign to the Faculty Senate’s University Committee. Read about it in the Herald or the Cardinal. I specifically like the Herald’s photo, Jonah looks quite mischievous focused. It would be very positive for faculty to publicly address textbook prices as a problem.

And last but certainly not least: LIVEBLOG!

Tomorrow night is a special Thanksgiving Student Council liveblog. Check out the agenda and don’t forget to read through the proposals. I like a well-prepared audience/participants. That’s right, participate in the liveblog and you’ll realize it’s not a choice–it’s a way of life.


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  1. Maxwell permalink
    November 18, 2009 11:42 am

    big thank you to whoever posted the agenda on the ASM website. yay!

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