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Student Council Liveblog: Gobble Gobble edition

November 18, 2009

11:59 We’re done here. Sorry but WordPress was throwing a hissy fit. What you missed. Shared Gov Chair Hanly said their are still some openings on committees. Check them out at the ASM website. Also SACGB Chair Vollrath said the process is starting this week for allocating about 20 spaces to RSO’s in the SAC.

A couple things we didn’t get to tonight. They’ll have to wait til December.

11:50 Chair Sharpe of Noms Board talks about appointing Student Council positions. There are two seats available from the College of Letters and Science, I believe. Sharpe is adamant that the process will not be rushed.

11:48 Ald. Bryon Eagon will be at next week’s Leg Affairs meeting to discuss tenants’ rights, etc… Unfortunately, Ald. Mike Verveer will not be able to attend as we previously reported.

11:45 Chair Adam Johnson is up for Leg Affairs. He’s happy with the committee’s progress despite anything the former chair says. He knows we can get things done at the city level and we should flex this muscle. ASM Smash!

11:44 A lot of questions from Reps about the revoking of WUD funding for not putting ASM logo on their advertisements.

11:37 Finance Chair Beemsterboer: “We be giving out monies.” Here, check the Herald’s feature on the committee. SO to Marie Puissant.(BH style)

11:34 Found some good common ground with vice provost Damon Williams about goal of committee and has found some good direction for restructuring the committee to consolidate and improve diversity efforts on campus. Quite a large, sweeping effort.

11:31 His committee’s moving forward working with faculty and departments to further cause of affordable textbooks. Also, the textbook swap is going digital. No more stone age paper handling. This should go more smoothly. Swap is also looking to move to a bigger room. Up next: Chair Olikara of Diversity Committee.

11:30 Motion to table this. We’ll take it up later. Have to do reports of the Chairs first. Zinn from Academic Affairs is first.

11:27 Zinn wants to limit Council to only Q&A on this issue tonite. That fails.

11:20 Still Q&A. Vollrath asking what Gosselin thinks of having some kind of emergency clause for things that pop up and need a quick response.

11:11 Gosselin wants to have legislation proposed at one meeting. Then Q&A and debate occurs at the next meeting so Reps can study a proposal for some time before deciding on it or spending time at Council meetings asking for definitions and things.

Could this speed things up? Maybe. Would I be able to keep up? Of course not, I already can’t keep pace.

11:08 And that passes. ASM officially recommends Mark Woulf for the student voting seat on the ALRC. Let’s all cross our fingers and click our heels. Now we move on to Gosselin’s changing of some procedural stuff–that’s a technical term.

11:05 Consensus among Council is that Reps are not excited about the process of selecting Mr. Woulf, but are supportive of the result and I think the endorsement of Woulf will get supported quickly here and we’ll move on. Sharpe reasserts this.

10:57 Council refers this matter to Noms Board. We’ll see this again in some form. Onto endorsing Legislative Affairs recommendation of Mark Woulf for student vote on ALRC. Here’s a good piece by the Herald about this. A limit on time calls for a quick decision to make sure ASM gets some kind of say in the matter of who fills this seat.

Mayor Dave wants recommendations by Monday.

10:53 Chair Junger asks Templeton to take the Chair so he can speak. Reminds Council they are running out of time and that this proposal is overly broad. His third point is also a reminder of a lack of time. He makes motion to refer this to Nominations Board.

10:46 Still debating student hourly hiring. Noms Board Chair Sharpe is alright with delegating hiring of desk workers but dies not support delegating other positions like the Press Office and the webmaster–positions that are hired to represent ASM directly. Good point. I went through Noms Board and they clearly made an amazing decision in my case.

Don’t deny it.

10:36 Now onto debate of the item. Stay with me. I need company.

10:31 We’re still on the Q & A for this proposal. Though, unless you intend to apply for a job working a reception desk in the SAC, this doesn’t really affect you. I’ll spare you this one. After all, we’re talking about how ASM hires hourly workers. We like sexier topics on this blog.

10:23 Alright, that is being referred to the CoCo. Onto ASM Hourly Staff Flexibility Bylaws Change:

Resolved, the ASM Student Council shall amend the ASM bylaws to include the following:

Subsection 7.03 Hourly employees

7.03(1) The ASM Student Council, may, by 2/3rds vote, delegate the authority to hire any hourly employee to the professional staff of ASM.

7.03(2) Any delegation of authority automatically expires at the end of that session of the ASM. No session of the ASM may delegate this authority for any future ASM session.

7.03(3) At the end of an ASM session, the outgoing Chair of ASM shall prepare a memo for the incoming ASM Student Council reporting which positions had been delegated to the staff during the outgoing session.

Take it away, Rep. Paulson.

10:18 Motion by Beemsterboer to refer this to Coordinating Council(council of ASM Chairs and leaders)

10:14 Chair A. Johnson likes idea of creating pool of possible projects at the end of every semester so interns the following semester can hit the ground running. And I promise to never use the last part of that sentence again. I’m better than that. For shame.

10:13 We’re now onto debate. Chair Vollrath likes idea of running projects through CoCo first.

10:11 Paulson says maybe Coordinating Council could just hash out the projects and present them as one mass, so people could object to any that they felt really strongly about. Oh young proposals, such possibilities.

10:08 Questions from Reps for Paulson: Is this overstepping boundaries? Stepping on Chairs’ toes? Too much for Council to fit into their meetings?

10:01 The bylaws unanimously pass. No surprise there. On to the intern project accountability act:

Be it resolved, no project may be assigned to an ASM Intern with that project first being approved by the ASM Student Council. This requirement shall stand for the 16th and all future sessions of the ASM until such time as the ASM Student Council repeals it; and further

Be it resolved, any member of the ASM Student Council shall have the right to propose potential Intern projects as legislation at any meeting; and further

Be it resolved, The Chair of the ASM shall solicit intern project ideas from members of the ASM who do not have the right to introduce legislation and the ASM Staff, and forward such recommendations as legislation to be considered by the ASM Student Council.

Basically, all ASM intern project ideas would have to be run through Student Council.

9:57 It’s back on. First up: the SACGB bylaws that were passed last week. Motion made to reamend the amendments made last week. Largely grammatical changes.

9:51 The proposal passes easily. Nice. Well done, protectors of labor. Now, on to a 5 minute break.

9:49 Smith’s amendment fails. The first clause will remain as posted.

9:45 Chair Junger calls for limiting debate on subject to 10 p.m. Motion passes. And I will apologize ahead of time because WordPress is behaving pretty shady right now. We may soon have technical difficulties. Cross your fingers we don’t. Or hope we do if you’re a jerk.

9:44 Rep Ingram thinks if there is a reasonable explanation for the policy change, they should already have taken it to the union and worked it out with them instead of making unilateral decision.

9:42 Smith’s amendment still in debate. This is some big stuff, good thing Council didn’t try to rush through this at the end of the last meeting.

9:40 Here is Paulson’s amendment that passed earlier:

Be it further resolved that the Associated Students of Madison calls on Chancellor Martin to fully investigate and remediate the situation, consulting with both AFSCME 171 and the Office of Human Resources, to take the necessary steps to assure that the university’s commitment to respect and an inclusive climate extends to all people on campus, and to update the ASM as soon as practical on her findings and actions.

9:39 Zinn says their may be good reasons for changing the policy but that doesn’t change the inhumanity of the policy as it currently stands.

9:38 Rep. Smith wants an amendment to call for explanation for changing the policy, not to call for them to reverse the policy.

9:35 Templeton is glad ASM is involved in this topic. He wants something in writing from UW to explain why they have changed their verbal agreement with the workers.

9:34 Paulson’s amendment passes pretty convincingly. I’ll try to get that wording to you.

9:32 Paulson just proposed a fairly big amendment. Perhaps he will be so kind as to send me that so I might post it here.

9:29 Olikara supports some sort of decision by ASM but thinks that without further knowledge, Council right now should call for some sort of investigation into Human Resources’ handling of this policy.

9:27 Beemsterboer moves to limit debate on topic to 9:35. Motion fails. Beemsterboer moves to limit it to 9:40. That fails, too.

9:25 Rep. Koss willing to soften the language as a compromise. He is speaking about the importance of labor unions. I can identify, I’ve been in a paperworker union before. Good times.

9:23 Gosselin thinks the proposal contains some language that may be unnecessarily inflammatory and should be amended. He doesn’t believe this is a student issue the Council should take up.

9:22 Rep. Hoyt says this could just be the action of a lower level manager in Human Resources, not a policy change coming from the Chancellor.

9:20 Rep Paulson wants amendment to call for Chancellor to look into the issue…or wait, he just passed. Just playin’, y’all!

9:16 Ingram: whatever is preventing UW from letting these workers off for union events needs to change. If they don’t want to hire enough workers to get the job done, that needs to change.

9:13 Rep Ingram speaks to the importance of these workers on campus. They do the work that allows us all to do our learnings and studyings and researchings.

9:10 Q & A closed. Onto debate of this topic. Let’s see if there are any amendments. Chair Hanley says this is why students need to care about the Director of Human Resources search and screen committee. The committee will select someone who will play a role in these kinds of decisions. This position does have a big effect on the campus.

That was a verbal smackdown.

9:08 Okay, question and answer is still on. Zinn says a public reminder to the Chancellor doubles as pressure.

9:07 I just opened a Twix and the wrapper crinkling seemed really loud. Don’t worry, I didn’t let this stop me.

9:03 Still in Q & A for this topic. Reps asking Zinn about his thoughts on potential changes to the clauses posted earlier. Zinn wants to address this issue toward the Chancellor who is susceptible to public opinion more than, say, human resources.

8:57 Rep. Manes wants to know why UW has changed policy of letting the workers off before ASM votes to oppose this apparent policy change.

8:53 Here’s the crux of the argument from what I gather. (crux?) UW workers on 2nd and 3rd shifts requesting off to attend a union event are not being let off because the event does not overlap their  shifts. However, it can cut into their sleep time and put them in danger during work. This is their argument, I believe.

8:50 Zinn believes this looks bad for student workers of color who see minority workers not getting a chance to succeed on campus.

8:46 Okay, we’re on the Resolution of Support for Rights, Equality, and Respect for all Workers on UW-Madison Campus. Chair Zinn speaking toward his legislation.

Here’s what Zinn wants:

Therefore be it resolved:

The Associated Students of Madison calls on UW Madison to reverse its recent change in policy regarding the union rights of night shift workers, and

Be it finally resolved that Associated Students of Madison call on Chancellor Martin to take steps to assure that the university’s commitment to respect and diversity extend to all people on campus.

8:45 2-15-4 the motion fails. Now the agenda is adopted and everyone’s reading the minutes. They all look so adorable and peaceful.

8:44 Roll call vote for adding External Representatives bylaws to the agenda.

8:42 Reps are adding things to the agenda while others are objecting to adding things without 24 hour notice. Reps should check the agendas the day before meetings to make sure there legislation is on there. That’s why I post it.

8:35 Time for open forum has expired. 8 people still on Q & A for this speaker. Junger closes open forum.

8:33 Fergus has opened up Pandora’s box for more questions abut SAFEcab use. This is very contentious. Fair enough, safety is a big issue and while the Bus Pass Advisory Committee wants to make sure the program isn’t abused, other reps want to make sure that everyone else does not have to suffer.

8:25 Carl Fergus, SSFC rep and member of Bus Pass Advisory Committee, now speaking about SAFEcab. He states the main focus of the SAFE program is the safety of students, not the cost. That’s a necessary statement. Says Bus Pass Advisory Committee is openly seeking student input on the SAFE programs. SO GET ON THAT, STUDENTS.

8:23 SSFC Chair Williams now speaking about updates on his committee. Total GSSF money has come to about $1.38 million this year. That’s about $100,000 less than last year.

8:20 Vice Chair Templeton now reminding people about the upcoming United Council convention.

8:17 Chair Beemsterboer now speaking about a Student Council potluck. How would I liveblog that? I would make a special dish my mom always referred to as “Hot Dish”–sometimes her imagination is lacking.

A full Council is a happy Council.

8:09 Paulson now objecting to external members proposal being added late to the agenda. Doesn’t think it should be considered today. The external representatives material is posted by the agenda on the ASM website.

8:07 Bus Pass Advisory Committee will bring a proposal to the Council at a later meeting so that this issue can be debated outside of open forum.

8:03 Romenesko admits the committee only has tentative survey numbers on reasons for student use. There are no definite numbers currently. That could cause some debate.

8:00 Kicking off the top of the hour, Bus Pass Advisor Margaret Bergamini has some follow-ups: There is an annual cycle of bidding by cab companies to handle SAFEcab.

7:54 Reps still asking Romenesko questions. This is an interesting development. We’ll keep an eye on this development. Rep. Ingram wants to know if the student body is even aware that the service is for emergencies only. Good question. I wonder how many students are unaware of that?

7:50 SSFC Vice Chair Romenesko speaking about SAFEcab misuse. Nonemergency use is causing costs to “skyrocket.” Bus Pass Advisory Committee looking to cut number of rides from 4 per month to 6 per semester.

7:46 Alrighty, 1st speaker in Open Forum. It’s Carl who works in Memorial Union kitchen. Speaking about the Resolution of Support for Rights, Equality, and Respect for all Workers on UW-Madison Campus.

7:44 Roll Call! I’m here even if nobody asked.

Getting ready:

Alright, we’re getting ready to rumble soon. I’ve got candy and am half way through a Monster Energy drink. Need a little boost.

Who else desperately needs a long weekend?

Here’s tonight’s agenda. You’re welcome, Rep. Love.

  1. Callie permalink
    November 18, 2009 8:27 pm

    Wednesday’s aren’t complete without SC liveblog!!! Wahooooooooo!!!

    • Friendly Neighborhood Press Office Director permalink*
      November 18, 2009 8:28 pm

      I love the enthusiasm. I feed off it. It sustains me.

  2. Katy Ziebell permalink
    November 18, 2009 8:48 pm

    Student Council members looking adorable and peaceful? That happens only once a meeting, and I am glad you captured it for the world to read!

    • Friendly Neighborhood Press Office Director permalink*
      November 18, 2009 8:49 pm

      Yeah, it’s like an idyllic poem.

  3. TJ Madsen permalink
    November 18, 2009 8:50 pm

    I really wish I could comment on specific Live Blog posts… some are quite humorous.

    • Friendly Neighborhood Press Office Director permalink*
      November 18, 2009 8:52 pm

      You go ahead and try anyway. Never let technology hold you back.

  4. Maxwell Love permalink
    November 18, 2009 8:52 pm

    You make this so bearable with the witty humor.

  5. Theotis Sharpe permalink
    November 18, 2009 8:53 pm

    “other reps want to make sure that everyone else has to suffer”.
    I think there is a typo in this sentence…..

    • Friendly Neighborhood Press Office Director permalink*
      November 18, 2009 8:56 pm

      Yup. Terrible. fixed. The Council Reps aren’t that evil, usually.

  6. Michael Romenesko permalink
    November 18, 2009 9:20 pm

    Who thinks this meeting will run right to the very last minute again?

    • Maxwell Love permalink
      November 18, 2009 9:26 pm

      You have my vote.

    • Friendly Neighborhood Press Office Director permalink*
      November 18, 2009 9:27 pm

      Is it illegal to start taking bets on that? I think I’ve got some favorable odds.

      • Michael Romenesko permalink
        November 18, 2009 9:28 pm

        I would assume it is somehow illegal. We just need to do it off the record.

    • TJ Madsen permalink
      November 18, 2009 9:31 pm

      I’d take that bet if you gave me some odds. I think if this Workers Rights Resolution doesn’t run too much longer, everything except for 10B will be fairly quick.

      • Michael Romenesko permalink
        November 18, 2009 9:32 pm

        Somebody needs to propose something controversial.

  7. Maxwell Love permalink
    November 18, 2009 10:42 pm

    Still here. Kinda 😉

    • Friendly Neighborhood Press Office Director permalink*
      November 18, 2009 10:49 pm

      You’re a tough person. Hang in there, fella.

      • Maxwell Love permalink
        November 18, 2009 10:52 pm

        Once again, how would I stay awake without this.

  8. Patrick permalink
    November 18, 2009 11:20 pm

    What’s left on the agenda for this evening?

    • Friendly Neighborhood Press Office Director permalink*
      November 18, 2009 11:23 pm

      Right now we’re on a proposal to change bylaws so Reps would introduce things one meeting before the Q&A and decisions.

      After that, as far as I know there are only committee reports left.

      Actually, I think there is one more proposal from Beemsterboer after this. However, I missed it when he made a motion to amend the agenda and add his proposal.

      It’ll be a surprise!

      • November 18, 2009 11:26 pm

        FAIL. There is a piece of legislation requiring a justification for the removal of a staff position. Nice job, Harris.

      • Friendly Neighborhood Press Office Director permalink*
        November 18, 2009 11:28 pm

        Get it on the agenda next time. ZING!

  9. November 18, 2009 11:34 pm

    It is, you just weren’t paying attention during approval of the agenda, obviously! 🙂

    • Friendly Neighborhood Press Office Director permalink*
      November 18, 2009 11:35 pm

      I’m pretty sure I already said that. pay attention.

      /reversal. Boomcity!

  10. Michael Romenesko permalink
    November 18, 2009 11:49 pm

    Boo. I won’t get to give my report of the BPAC… which may include saving money!

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