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Let ASM soothe you during this stressful time of year…

December 8, 2009

…with a Student Council liveblog! I promise, it will be twice as fun as‘s Blizzard Blog (seriously!) and it’s the last one of the semester. You’ve got to get your fix while you still can!

Come and electronically hobnob with some of your favorite SC personalities. Really, a lot of reps follow along and can/will respond to questions if you post them. You only have to believe. Or you can point out my spelling/grammar errors–everybody wins!

Here’s the agenda so you know what’s going on ahead of time. We’re rolling live shortly before the 6:30 kick-off and we ain’t going nowhere.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for a couple features from my compatriots about the most successful Student Council campaign ever and the amazing efforts of one chair to undertake the daunting task of reforming student efforts to promote diversity issues on campus. Good stuff.

Stay tuned this week–Student Judiciary has a lot going on with complaints filed against the SACGB by groups that were denied office space in the Student Activity Center. Also, CWC has not given up the fight for GSSF eligibility. So, we’ve got all the news that’s fit to distract you from studying for finals.

Pfft, tests are overrated anyway. Amirite?!?

/holds up hand for high five with big, goofy smile on face

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