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Well that was fun. When does the next one start?

December 22, 2009

ASM wishes everyone a happy winter break.  But before you go, we want you all to know we’ve already got plans for next semester.

Yup, we’ve already started preparing for what should be a busy semester.

So how did we fare this semester and what is this stuff we’re planning? Here you go: it’s our promise and thanks to you.

I know a few of you poor, poor stragglers are still cleaning up with a few finals so let this brighten your bleak nights. Then, go party.

But don’t think this is goodbye until late next month. Noooo. I’ll try to keep you informed with the little things developing while the rest of you are all snug in your beds (this is what I imagine everybody does during break: snuggle under their covers and drink cocoa all day–very serene picture).

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