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Roll up those sleeves. It’s time to get started.

January 19, 2010

Had a good break? I did. And I would wish it wasn’t over already if I wasn’t so jacked up about ASM getting rolling again!

Let’s see, Student Council will be next Wednesday and the Textbook Swap has come and gone. I’ll get you those numbers on how well the swap did once I get them.

Interesting piece by Herald Editor Jason Smathers to start off the semester. I like it. This is a great example of journalism as an avenue for activism and creating change. And know what? Many ASMers would fully agree with him. It is definitely a priority of ASM to improve how well it makes information available to the public. Students deserve to be able to monitor ASM as closely as possible. That might even encourage more student participation (crosses fingers) and that would be a dream come true. Plus, Smathers gives our Student Coucil liveblogs a good review and that’s always nice to read (somebody cares!).

I’ll have more info to come and I pledge to update this blog every day. I might even have a few new things I’m going to try this semester. Why not?

Also, don’t forget the ASM kick-off will be soon. I’ll give you the date ASAP. Until then, enjoy the easiest day of classes for the rest of the semester and keep telling yourself that this is the semester you don’t wait until the last minute to do all of your assignments (good luck with that-lulz).

Oh yeah, don’t forget to get your bus pass from the 3rd floor of the SAC. You already paid for it. Use it.

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