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While I wait for Coordinating Council to start…

January 20, 2010

I am excited to announce that your new press office members (no more zenmaster…he’s moved on to bigger and better things) should be picked soon.  If you wanna write for this blog, the applications are due Friday, the 22nd.

In related news, the deadline for applications for the open Student Council seats has been pushed back a week. Expect another e-mail from ASM about it in your account.

Keep your eyes peeled on the latest round of MIU proposals. There are a lot of them. There should be some serious progress in the next few weeks.

Tonight, Coordinating Council will be receiving a tongue-lashing from Rep. Paulsen. He thinks they should be doing a better job of coordinating efforts between committee Chairs and the rest of the leadership.

They will also consider approving the appointment of Daniel Spirn to the Student Tenant Service Board of Directors.  Could it be true? Is the Critical Badger going to be helping students understand their rights as tenants? Personally, I’ve only ever met him while I was drunk at The Plaza, a favorite hangout of campus journalists, during my days as a hard-hitting news reporter/editor. Seemed nice enough, though, from what I can remember.

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