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Bringing the aid to Haiti and kicking off this semester. Hard.

January 25, 2010

This weekend the Student Oversight Board scoured 114 proposals and voted to support a handful of them.  As read here and here (nice sweater, Tyler! Spiffy). The recommendations from here go to the University’s committee (with 3 student votes on that body) and then go to the Chancellor for final approval. That should be next month.

And hey, there’s big news! The campus papers didn’t have it but WKOW did:


Bring your cash monies, all that money you saved by using the textbook swap instead of going through the book store. This is a campus comprised of people from all over the world and someone in our global community needs desperate help. It’s time to step up and show our Badger power! Bring it on! (your money, that is)

As for tonight, Leg Affairs will be talking about the selection of the four finalists for the ALRC technical advisor. Junger will select from that pool. Maybe they’ll even announce the finalists tonight! Stay tuned…

They will also discuss their plans for the County Board District 5 debate. It’s hard to remember but this is really a student seat at the county government level. There might be a couple people who remember who Wyndham Manning is.

SSFC also looks like it will have a long night tonight while it reviews and debates the ASM internal budget. There are a lot of lines to examine and this could be difficult. Good luck to those brave souls.

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