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It’s so cold outside it makes my ears hurt: Your SC Liveblog

January 27, 2010

7:31 We’re adjourned.

7:30 SSFC Chair Williams: met with SSFC’s of other campuses to talk about Seg Fees.

7:28 Templeton yields to Rep. Manes. He solicits opinions about the Campus Organizer position before SSFC he makes a decision about cutting the position or not. Paulsen thinks the e-mail asking for opinions might violate open meetings laws.

7:26 Templeton’s report: been very busy planning the Haiti Day of Action and planning the UC convention trip.

Hey! He also negotiated to get a committee to name the new Union South! I hope it’s mostly students. We’re paying for it.

7:22 Junger does not recall hearing back from Chancellor about the support of UW labor rights. He will look into it. He also has to prepare a report about the segregated fees the state takes.

Update: ASM is working with office of vice chancellor to frame the argument so that it is not “students vs administration.”

I ask, “What’s wrong with that?” Students love to rally around causes against the administration, doesn’t it?

7:20 Junger: read 1,400 pages of proposals for MIU, selected the ten best proposals to put forth. Looking for reps to give just one hour each tomorrow to man the drop-off locations. We’ll be “freezin’ for a reason,” Junger says.

7:20 Chair Ziebell for SACGB: Got some appeals for office space.

7:19 Student Print Board: haven’t met, yet.

7:18 Chair Sharpe for Nominations Board: We’ve got some positions to fill. Wants to fill Student Council openings by February 10.

7:15 Chair Johnson for Legislative Affairs: Created two Vice Chair positions within committee to serve as campaign leaders. Looking for allies for working on issues of student interest–namely WSL and United Council to work on state issues.

Also, “we got cautious approval” to hold a drop-off area in a public place, between the towers, a busy, high-traffic area. Thanks, Mayor Dave.

7:14 Chair Beemsterboer for Finance Committee: “The finance committee continues to give out money.”

7:12 Chair Olikara for Diversity Committee: looking to getting leaders of cultural student groups together to get a dialogue going and coordinating with the university.

7:10 Zinn of Academic Affairs says this semester’s bookswap saved students about $17,000. Went much smoother with TJ Madsen’s software. No more using real paper! Gonna start Professor education campaign about cheaper textbook practices and looking for another cause, possibly financial aid processes.

7:09 Reports of Special Committees: Michael Romenesko of the Bus Pass Advisory Committee. They cut number of SAFEcabs.

7:07 Oh ho! Junger doesn’t like the idea of putting the money into the Shared Gov training line item because he would like to create a line item for future MIU Boards so they don’t have to take money from the Shared Gov line item.

Paulsen urges Council to vote his amendment down. They do.

7:04 Junger ordered pizza for the MIU Student Oversight Board meeting this past weekend. I believe they toiled for about 8 hours so they ordered lunch in order to keep working. They were up to meet at 9 a.m. on a Saturday, they deserved some food.

Paulsen just wants to put the money into an existing line item on the budget instead of creating a new line item. Really. Really. Uninteresting.

7:03 Webmaster pay increase passes. No significant debate. Onto the MIU budget transfer.

6:58 Chair Sharpe introducing changes to the press office. Basically the two Assistant Directors will be allowed to work 12 hours per week (up from 8), the Director can work 20 hours per week (up from 15), and the webmaster pay will be raised to allow for up to $13 per hour and for 10 hours per week (up from 5).

The Assistant hours increase passes.

6:55 Chair Beemsterboer starts listing numbers of people suffering from different problems in the world. Basically: we don’t legislate for all tragedies so we shouldn’t start now. Hmm. I don’t know that not supporting all causes means we shouldn’t support what we can.

Chair Olikara wants some sort of normalized procedure, format for these kinds of proposals.

The item passes.

6:54 Chair Johnson moves to amend legislation to change sponsors to the entire Student Council. That passes.

6:52 Rep. Smith wants to know why it is in anyone in Madison’s best interest to support this. Zinn says that on a basic human level we should all care. It is also a good opportunity to unite the community and campus together for a great cause.

Smith follow-up: What if someone does not want to support the efforts?

Zinn: Why would anyone not support this?

6:50 Onto the resolution to support the Haiti Day of Action. Included in the legislation is a stipulation that all SC members must give at least one hour the relief efforts.

6:49 Unanimously passes. No debate. 17-0-0.

6:48 Roll call vote on legislation about reading a legislation one meeting before voting on it.

6:47 Minutes approved.

6:46 Agenda adopted. Whoa!

6:45 Vice Chair Templeton sends around sign-up sheet for the United Council convention. Open Forum closed.

6:44 Paulsen is quickly laying out everything on the table so this thing will go swiftly. Give the press office and webmaster more money to work more billable hours. I like it.

6:42 Rep. Paulsen directs everyone to his blog (on the blogroll) for all the legislation he will be proposing today.

He will also try to make the Chairs all get their agendas out to the public in a timely manner. He’s pretty heated about it.

6:40 WISPIRG Chair Scott Thompson thanks ASM for coordinating the Day of Action. Solicits for people to do some sidewalk chalking.

SSFC Chair Williams asks Thompson if he knows that Williams would like to thank him and everyone who put this thing together.

6:39 Deja vu. We gotta move the speakers podium back. RepLove steps up to the plate. Flexes.

6:36 Dan P. the UW Board of Director Rep on United Council speaks for open forum. Spreading the word about the upcoming convention next weekend.

Building Unity Conference coming in April. What is it? He didn’t say.

Also, UC will end their convention on time for attendees to see the Super Bowl. The NFL runs our lives!

6:35 Announcements: Junger wants people to give money for the Haiti Relief Day of Action. Give whatever you can, plz.

6:33 Rep. Mullaney’s wearing a University of Minnesota sweatshirt! Gross! Impeach her!

Oh, also we’ve started the meeting. ROLL CALL!

6:27 Okay, counting down the few minutes until we get this started. Rep. Paulsen thinks there is no reason this meeting should last longer than 10 minutes after open forum.

Oh no! What will you read for the rest of the night?!?

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  1. Brandon Williams permalink
    January 27, 2010 6:39 pm

    Minnesota was my back up school, Mullaney.

    • Friendly Neighborhood Press Office Director permalink*
      January 27, 2010 6:51 pm

      Minnesota is where dreams go to freeze to death.

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