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Let’s have a little enthusiASM!(see what I did there?)

February 1, 2010

As I type this, the ASM Chair and Vice Chair are attending the Madison Initiative Oversight Board, helping to decide what projects the MIU funds should pay for. Good luck, boys. I’ll try to keep you updated on the situation and maybe we can break the news about the decisions tonight. Maybe.

Just about to go sit in on the Legislative Affairs meeting. I’ve been speaking to Chair Adam Johnson and he has some exciting things in the works for this semester. He’s trying to plan a student-housing fair to connect students with a wide variety of property managers and he’s garnering support for Alder Maniaci’s proposal that would delay when landlords can start renting a property for the next year. Currently landlords must wait three months, causing a big lease-signing rush in mid-November, before many students are prepared to make such a decision.

If we can get support for Maniaci’s proposal, landlords would have to wait 6 months before looking to lease properties, delaying the need to make a housing decision until mid-January. Nice. I’m curious if there is as much student support for this as I imagine.

And as for those ever-busy SSFC members, they should be approving their version of the internal ASM budget.

It’s good times all over the place!

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