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Kickoff’s coming up. You wanna party?

February 2, 2010

Then come to the SAC on February 10. There’ll be food, entertainment, some quick news from the Chair/Vice Chair. Details to come.

Kurt Gosselin is right now trying to convince Tyler Junger that having a whole suckling pig roasting at the ASM Kick off will totally kick butt.

I agree. It’ll be a luau in mid-winter. Or at least it will be like the luaus I’ve seen portrayed at expensive beach resorts in the movies.  But that’s Hollywood so I’m sure it’s accurate.

Also, SSFC passed their budget proposal last night. Today, Chair Junger and Vice Chair Templeton commended their spirit of “fiscal responsibility.” The effort is definitely appreciated, although I know Student Council is most likely going to make changes to the budget before it is passed. That drama will start next week, February 10, when the SC meets after the kick-off.

In addition, ASM would like to assure all students that ASM keeps all legislative processes as open as possible. We do not want to prevent constituents from participating in their student government. Badgers is what we are, and Badgers is what we serve. Feel free to keep an eye on us.

So, if you think there should be an awesome suckling pig roasting at the kick-off, please e-mail Chair Junger at to let him know how great the idea is. But do it quickly, because time is running out!

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