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Do you want some surprises? Too bad, you’re getting ’em anyway!

February 16, 2010

Well, remember that contentious Student Council meeting last week? I do. And there will be another one this week.

Chair Junger called a special meeting for tomorrow at 9 p.m. to allow Student Council to give full consideration to all the budgets before the Report to the Chancellor is due on March 3. The Report to the Chancellor is the budget recommendations ASM makes to the Chancellor regarding the spending of segregated fees. The Chancellor has the final say but has traditionally stayed in tune with the ASM budget, on the understaniding that it was carefully deliberated over and is not way out in left field. Sorry, kiddos, we probably won’t be able to begin building that large indoor waterpark anytime soon. Stupid recession.

And for the uninitiated, this all means that there will be one of my award-winning liveblogs* for the Student Council meeting. Get your popcorn ready.

Also, New Union naming competition! Yes, the finishing touches are being put on the details, but the Chancellor supports our plan to allow students to propose and vote on the name for the new union that will be finished next year. At ASM we feel the naming process should be as student-centered as possible so students can leave their imprint on something we all paid for.

There will be an e-mail account for students to submit name proposals and I think there will be a prize for the student who submits the winning name. A committee of students will select 4 of the best names and after the Union Council and Student Council approve the list, the names will be on the ballot for the ASM spring elections in April.

Like I said before, details still to come on this thing.

Alright, good things a-poppin’. Start brainstorming names and I’ll keep you filled in.

*the liveblog has not won any actual awards, but it is number 1 in my heart.

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