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‘Love’in Student Council…

February 24, 2010

11:02 Alright! On to closed session.

It’s been fun. Thank you all for being a great audience on my first night of blogging for Student Council. Hopefully more to come, without any objections.

Have a lovely rest of the night, its almost the weekend (or so I keep repeating), so hang in there. Hasta!

10:59 To work out the details of closed session, break for 5 minutes. Thought we’d be done at 11PM, did ya? Hah! Wishful thinking.

ASM-Getting the job done (till midnight, periodically on specified Wednesdays).

10:54 VC Templeton is talking about the recent Madison Initiatives.

5 minutes to go! These guys really know how to work with the time they have-working right up to the end.

10:41 Conference committee minutes from this past weekend to be published. Available to the public.

10:37 Getting new placards for some members. Probably a good idea…

10:34 Chair Junger congratulates the Council for getting through the budgets and the meeting in a timely manner.


<Note: His bags are still in Denver  from a meeting this past weekend…That’s unfortunate. Anyone have a spare jacket?>

10:27 SACGB allocated suites and large offices this past weekend. (to be effective in July)

According to Chair Ziebell, SACGB did a re-allocation process. After the initial allocations in December, SACGB received about 6 appeals from Student Orgs. All were vacated by Student Judiciary. SJ issued a decree to vacate all decisions, released yesterday. SACGB set about re-doing this process. Took a huge amount of time.

There was no process going into it-had numbers, had a spreadsheet, told to allocate based off numbers, but there was no pre-existing process.

Keep in mind they are a new committee! Its only been the third allocation round. The process hasn’t been finished yet, but take heart-the board is doing some great work giving Student Orgs offices in the SAC. Three cheers to Chair Ziebell and the committee for all their hard work!

10:22 Shared Gov to have a presentation from NatUp. Discussion to follow.

Shared Gov blog has been active; take a look and comment!

10:12 POI (point of information): The last org to receive a travel grant was Midwest Masala Fusion Dance Competition (according to Mr. Finance Chair Matt Beemsterboer).

Chair Johnson has exciting dates and news coming up for Lej Affairs. Most important? ‘Big Ten Summit on Education’. Get in touch and ask about it! It affects YOU.

10:09 Reports of the Chairs.

Ladies and Gents, I do believe we will be done before 11PM. What smashing news!

10:00 One hour till the meeting will head into closed session.

9:45 More technical points. No worries, Council seems to have it under control.

9:36 Essentially, if a position is elected to another position and the person accepts the new position, they must immediately resign the original position.

Got that?

9:23 Chair Junger talking about elections and appointments.

Let me take this time to shamelessly plug for a few things:

1.) Anything youre confused on? Didnt make sense? COMMENT! I’ll do my best to get an answer.

2.) Have any budgetary concerns? Want to know where your money is going? ASK YOUR/A Student Rep! That’s why they are there. Better yet…join up!

3.) Student Elections are coming up. Look for more info. Seriously consider running. And make your voice heard! VOTE!

Mk, stepping off my platform. No worries though, I like it up there…I’ll go back on it in the future.

9:19 Rep Paulson wants the Council to keep checking his blog for the semester and bring up some of his thoughts in future meetings. Continuing to discuss some structural technicalities within setting up Council during elections.

9:17 Chair Junger notes that ‘Paulson Amendment 2’ is technically the 4th amendment from him tonight. (general laughter…feel free to join in).

9:09 Talking about votes being 2/3 majority or 3/4 majority. Math has never been my specialty…

9:07 Going over some technical points.

Rep Paulson just said he ideally hopes SAC will someday be open 24-hours. Which means that these meetings could go aaaaalllllllllll night.

Interesting concept.

8:58 Another amendment sponsored by Rep Paulson. He is really trying to clear up some technical points. This one is: Term Clarification

Essentially, not much is changing. Student Council reps may only serve one year; no more than 2 full terms. He is just clarifying start/stop dates. Cool cool.

Passes to bring it up at the next meeting.

So! Who’s up for elections?!

8:56 Oops! That was a long post. I’ll try to make them shorte…hey! all the peanut butter M&Ms are gone! Check the floors! No wait…they really are all gone. Sad.

8:43 Rep Paulson is going to talk on an amendment to United Council. Right now, its says Student Council members are obligated to attend at least one United Council event. He wants to take it out of the constitution.

Rep Love is a little confused…(as am I). Secretary Gosselin is going to reference the bylaws. Standby.

Ok, here is how I understand it…feel free to correct me.

Apparently there was a suspicion that United Council might fold due to funding being pulled and schools withdrawing. With the ASM constitution saying that reps have to attend an event, that can’t be changed without a student vote.

Rep Paulson is using this as a pro-active amendment to take care of now. It will still be in the bylaws, but that can be changed more easily if something happens. <Phew>

So members will still be attending United Council, still be connecting with students from other campuses, but it is adjustable to any unforeseen problems taking place.

Ok, that makes sense. Act now to save headaches later. Its more of a technical issue to clean up the constitution.

If passed, students will vote on it with Student Elections Commission. (PS: If you have further questions, direct them to Paulson or really, any other members of Student Council.)

So, that being said, by a vote of 17-2-1, passing by 2/3 majority and will be brought up at the next meeting.

And we’re back!

5 minutes recess. See ya back here in a few!

8:32 There you have it. With a vote of 16-6-0 the budget is passed.

8:30 Ready for this? Duhn-duhn-duhhhhhhhh

And the votes are in!

Will ASM Internal Budget be approved?

8:29 Rep Sharpe does not agree. Wants to vote down the budget. Secretary Manes said people know how they will vote.

It is time.

8:27 Chair Junger- We need to do better by students. Need to make their voices heard.

Well, there you have it. Want to help with these funds? SPEAK UP!

8:19 Chair Junger says he will speak for a while. Alright people! Listen up!

Talks about how the chief of staff position will obviously still be worked on. For ASM equipment-there are things that need to be updated. This will definitely help everyone in the office.

Travel line item-going to Board of Regents meetings. Such a great resource to connect to other campuses and network.

Discusses some of the bylaws and rules in relation to these budget items. Wow…no notes.

Hey students! Want to hear something great? He says that if things aren’t specified or worked out by May, then they aren’t funded by student funds. That’s a good safeguard. I like.

8:15 Chair Johnson said he has never seen a budget that people like 100%.  Says even he has personal problems with some budget items, but overall he sees the budget as reasonable. There are things to be worked with.

It is great to see the council debating and addressing the budget like this. They are raising some pretty valid points.

8:10 Rep Love does not agree. He vehemently disagrees. Tells the council if there are things they do not agree with, they should be addressing it! He feels it is his responsibility as a student rep to call these things out.

He has been doing all he can. He wrote an editorial (in the Badger Herald), wrote in his blog, made a Facebook group…wow! Nice work Rep Love.Way to take student interests to heart.

Are the students listening?

Starts to detail what he disagrees with: mainly he wants to specifically know where the money is going and how it will be spent. Wants to see documentation.

8:05 Rep Paulson: Everyone can find something in the budget they don’t like. But there are many items that will do great things for students.

Rep Smith: We are voting on if we like the budget coming out of Conference Committee…even if we don’t like the process that got us here, its still so much better. In my opinion, this is a much better budget than what we had in the past.

The overall feeling seems to be positive (at least for those who have been speaking), except for the process of how items came through, particularly the Shared Gov positions.

Does the importance of these positions outweigh the process in which they were placed onto the budget? And…debate!

8:02 Rep Paulson thinks the budget is pretty close to what the Council wanted. Some things may need to be worked out in the future…but overall, he is in favor of this.

Feels there is some flexibility in it, a little ‘wiggle-room’.

7:58 Secretary Manes: Everything that was added are good things! $8,000 for Shared Gov, money for the Student Org: these are all directly beneficial! $2500 for travel-go to Board of Regents meetings and have student voices heard. Grant applications website money-really needed it.

Secretary Manes–Simple decision: is the budget that came out of conference committee better than what we’ve looked at months before? I think so. People don’t care about the process we went through to come up with this budget! But it will do good things!

He is getting heated…

7:56 Secretary Manes is talking about software for the Textbook Swap. $500 was taken from that line item and Zinn isn’t too happy about it.

7:55 Move into debate!

Chair Beemsterboer first: We’ve been over this. We all essentially know how we will vote. Lets get this done! Calls to question. (that was fast!)

Raising placards…counting…

Motion fails.

7:48 Rep Love-do you feel its fiscally responsible to add a Chief of Staff position while raising the stipend for the Vice Chair?

Chair Williams: Yes.

More discussion on the Housing Tenant Services.

Rep Smith-Odds that council has another chance to vote on its budget after tonight?

Williams-the report to the Chancellor is due a week from today. To continue debate (vote down the budget) would require 3 more meetings…Creating the report, thus far has taken over a month and he is about 1/2 way done.

7:45 Chair Olikara-he understands that big projects in excess of $10,00 are stuck in the budgets…often its responsibility of students to take charge. He asks Williams what the chances are that a student will really take leadership of this project [Housing Tenant Services]?

Chair Williams: well…this budget placed me in charge of it…so it WILL get done.

Is that a promise?

7:42 Rep Smith-what is the net change?

Chair Williams: From what was originally approved by Student Council, it has increased about $9,600.

7:34 Rep Manes said there is nothing to discuss for the webmaster position in response to some questions from Rep Love…a little hard to hear him [Manes].

Called to question for GSSF budgets. It is approved with no audible opposition. Yay!

Chair Williams discusses changes made to the ASM Internal budget.

The decision tonight will essentially be: approve the budget or send it back to Conference committee.


On to Q&A with Chair Junger speaking.

7:30 Williams talking about the GSSF budgets now. A few things were added during Conference Committee this past weekend.

Let the discussion begin…

7:29 It will be a partnerships between students, tenants, landlords, etc with the student government acting as a mediator.

7:25 Is there a system already set up? Rep Harris is pretty sure there is. Should ASM work to collaborate with that system?

Gosselin said what currently exists is inadequate.

Rep Love asks why approximately $5000 is needed.

Secretary Gosselin-for upgrades, set-up, design, consulting, bids, etc.

7:19 MPR Funding Proposal is up. Secretary Gosselin will briefly touch on main points…

Proposal brought to council about creating a website about rating housing; for students to use as a resource about where to live/ where not to live.

There were some roadblocks about putting the site up before. But now, hoping to have a full-fledged site up by August 2010.

Secretary Gosselin hopes to have a better sense of what money is/isn’t left over by the next meeting, and estimating about $4900-ish to get this site up and running.

So, like rate-my-professor, but more like rate-the-response-time-of-maintenance-to-fix-my-leaky-faucet. Overall, sounds like a good resource to save first-time renters some time and money; while giving some good advice and support.

7:16 Friendly Press Office Director is sorely missed. Mostly by me…

Discussion about the agenda. But! You are all on top of that already, as you are linked to it below. (See below)

Talking about deadlines for sending in reports. Good point-send in reports on time, that way council members can read it ahead of time and be knowledgeable about what will be discussed…sounds plausible.

7:12 Open forum list has closed.

Rumor has it the meeting is supposed to end at 11PM, where is will go into CLOSED SESSION for the bus pass program.

<GASP> Can it be true?! We shall see, won’t we? 😀

7:09 Rep Love  has serious issues with some things that were shifted around on the budget.

He said he has yet to see how these funds will actually be spent-such as travel funds. Can’t see where the money’s going!

Good point…but is that something to bring up at this stage in the process?

7:07 On to the budget yet? Rep Paulson hopes Council moves through them quickly (seconded by myself).

Paulson moving to Washington, D.C!  Tells Council it has been a blast, he will see everyone around and best of luck in the future. He will be resigning after tonight.

Student Council will not be the same without him. Good luck Rep Paulson! Keep in touch.

7:06 More questions on how students are appointed to what committees. Sounds like quite the process. Chair Hanley does some impressive work!

(Sidenote: Peanut butter M&M down! 5 second rule applies….for the record, it was blue.)

7:00 Rep Bemis wants to know if even MORE standing committees would be added to Shared Gov is these positions were added? (I believe there are over 40-some committees at the moment…add more??? Thats a ‘tall’ order for Chair Hanley to undertake.)

She says yes. With the directors helping her target specific areas of campus and enhancing ASM as a whole, it can further student ideas on campus.

6:56 Chair Hanley wants them to work on ‘institutional knowledge’ within ASM. She wants to build relations with all different parts of campus- a major task!

And she feels that it is ‘next to an impossible task’ to explain to students the different parts of Shared Gov…(agreed!)

…but if students were aware of all the committees on Shared Gov, all the projects going on, it would be a big step in bringing more student involvement.

Wow! Chair Hanley has some big plans. Lets say we give her a hand, huh?

6:54 VC Templeton thanks Chair Hanley for emailing all the information to Council members. He wants to know how she will work with these positions to make them effective….I was wondering the same thing.

6:50 Rep Paulson isn’t sure about the number ‘4’. Well…its an even number. Favre’s number. My sister’s birthday. Not really my favorite…

Chair  Hanley doesn’t see the positions as a final draft right now. She plans on discussing it with the committees, but wants it in place for next year so it can be up and running.

Chair Beemsterboer wonders at the timing of these positions.

Hanley agrees with this, saying a number of things happened last week that made her realize that drafting these positions would help so incredibly much with all of the things that Shared Gov has the capacity to do.

6:46 Chair Hanley of Shared Gov is up. Speaking very passionately about the 4 director positions.

-They will drastically increase student voice and be able to foster direct communications and work more closely with the 150 people who work with Shared Gov….

Sounds like a good idea to me!

6:42 Williams and Tina discuss issues with the budget. The two main topics are: the 4 Director positions ($8,000) for Shared Governance and the $500 removed from the Textbook Swap at the last meeting.

6:37 Open Forum to start-Tina from CWC up first.

Wants to talk about 1.) Next week starts ‘Women’s History Month with exciting events. 2.) Smiles for ‘chocolate vagina’s’ fundraiser (general laughter amongst the council) for $2

3.) Not a fan of the budget. Feels some of the proposed budget line items aren’t appropriate.

-Talking about the proposed 4 director positions for Shared Governance.

Opens herself for questions…

6:35 Chair Junger calls to order. Quorum is present.

‘Bout that time again. Here’s the agenda for tonight’s meeting and lets get started!

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  1. Ryan permalink
    February 24, 2010 6:38 pm

    Will there be pig tonight?

  2. Michael Romenesko permalink
    February 24, 2010 6:39 pm

    Let the heckling begin!

  3. Maxwell Love permalink
    February 24, 2010 6:48 pm

    What’s so ‘love’able about it?

  4. Ryan permalink
    February 24, 2010 6:52 pm

    Without pig, there is nothing to love. -_-

    • Lauren permalink
      February 24, 2010 7:00 pm

      ain’t that the truth.

  5. Friendly Neighborhood Press Office Director permalink*
    February 24, 2010 7:09 pm

    Holy crap! You’re way better than I am at this!

    Take it down a notch, newbie. THESE PEOPLE LOVE ME THE MOST!

    /weeps pathetically over homework

  6. February 24, 2010 7:17 pm

    “Good point…but is that something to bring up at this stage in the process?”

    Really? From what I can tell, Rep. Love has been bringing this up THROUGHOUT the process, but no one’s been listening. I for one appreciate my representatives not simply letting an issue die because it’s unpopular.

  7. Ryan permalink
    February 24, 2010 8:52 pm

    Why is Manes’ quote missing from this blog? “Students don’t give a flying f*** what we do here…”

  8. February 24, 2010 8:59 pm

    So did MPR pass? Also, who were the budget nay votes?

    • asmadame1 permalink*
      February 24, 2010 9:05 pm

      MPR Funding Proposal was under ‘Intro of New Items’ on the agenda…Gosselin brought it up to get it passed to be voted on for the NEXT meeting… was passed. They will discuss it next time.

  9. Anon permalink
    February 24, 2010 9:03 pm

    Does Zinn have any ideas that aren’t “let’s create a committee to do x” ?

  10. Maxwell Love permalink
    February 24, 2010 9:05 pm

    Good question Ryan.

  11. Ryan permalink
    February 24, 2010 9:37 pm

    Dear Mr. Love, please don’t let them keep the SAC open 24 hours. Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaasssssseeeeee. You’re our favorite!

    • Brandon Williams permalink
      February 24, 2010 10:14 pm

      Why not?

      • Ryan permalink
        February 24, 2010 11:55 pm

        It is simply too expensive and I’m sure that there won’t be a positive correlation between SAC hours and pig roasts.

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