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Your weekend treat: A conversation with Steven Olikara

March 5, 2010

Thank god it’s time for your next ASM Profile. Only now we’ve switched this to a webcast instead of a story layed out on a really poor design.

I recorded a conversation with ASM Diversity Committee Chair Steven Olikara about 3 weeks ago and just never got around to cutting it down for your enjoyment. It’s been a crazy month here in the press office. But now things are more regular around here (we consume a healthy amount of fiber) and we’ve caught our stride. These things will be much more regular in the future.

Listen in as Steven charmingly opines about:

  • connecting grass roots diversity efforts with those of the university administration
  • he gives us a history lesson about cultural diversity promotion on campus (Google “Charles Holley“)
  • creating a sense of continuity with diversity talks
  • the fear of being negatively labeled and being uncomfortable
  • the never-ending process of promoting diversity
  • UW’s need for a more diverse candidate pool

This is a good listen and if you’re going to spend 28 minutes on Sporcle while you blow off studying, you might as well listen to some relevant issues on our beautiful campus and learn how ASM is trying to make it even better.

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