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Tomorrow will be busy busy busy

March 9, 2010

Student Council is meeting again tomorrow and yes, I will be liveblogging it. After last week’s drama, how could I not?

Judging by the agenda, tomorrow should be a solid night of interesting things occurring. The contentious intern project from last week will again be up for consideration. Apparently the Webmaster, who will work under me, has been nominated. That’s nice to know.

Other things:

  • Gosselin will be seeking funds to pay for a Madison Property Rating site to hold landlords accountable
  • ASM will vote on legislation to protest the state taking unused segregated fees (this might just not be legal)
  • Paulson wants all Chairs to have to submit reports before Student Council meetings or risk not receiving their next stipend payment

The Chair reports look good, too. So read the agenda material. I’m curious about the specifics of the Financial Aid event. It sounds like a great service to provide.

Other developments? Well, having a webmaster ought to be sweet. Let’s see if we can’t update the ASM webpage and get some useful original content up there. BOOMCITY!

I will also be interviewing Shared Governance Committee Chair Melissa Hanley on Friday and I’ll post the webcast under ASM Profiles shortly thereafter.

Things to know about Chair Hanley:

  • she’s got serious skills as a baller
  • her committee is huge and represents students at the most elemental, essential level
  • her friends call her “Mo”
  • she once punched me in the stomach for calling her that because she said she doesn’t like the “cut of my jib”*

(*story may actually be made up)

So hit us up tomorrow at 6:30 post meridiam. That’s central time all those across the globe who have made our liveblog an international sensation*.

(*Note: that’s just a ridiculous assertion)

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  1. March 9, 2010 6:37 pm

    To add: the Madison Property Ratings funding passed the Council unanimously during the 15th Session. Some University red tape prevented the funds from being dispersed the first time around so this isn’t an additional request.

  2. PiterJankovich permalink
    March 29, 2010 5:51 pm

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    And want to ask you: is this blog your hobby?
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