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Because you just can’t get enough…

March 10, 2010

Are you a motivated, ambitious, generally awesome person? (If yes, keep reading)

Do you like money? (If yes, please-continue.)

Do you feel like your life is missing something? (If  yes, carry on.)

Do you read the live-blog Wednesday nights? (If yes, I would like to shake your hand. If no…for shame!)

Do you have some free time either Wednesday nights, or Monday and Thursdays? (If yes, Ill trade schedules with you.)

Do you like peanut butter M&Ms? (If yes, come find me. I have a bagful to share 🙂 )

Would you like the answer to all your problems? (Not really a question. Just nod)

We want you.

We are looking for people such as yourselves who obviously care where your seg fees go, whats happening in Student Council meetings, and who have big ideas and a drive to implement them.

ASM Student Council and SSFC have a few vacant seats….and one of them could have your name on it. (Well, not literally. But! You do get a placard*)

*Placard: <noun> Medium-sized, hot-dog-style (or tent, if you prefer)  folded white-ish creamy colored name tag-with your name in large letters.

Student Elections Commission is accepting candidate declaration forms until midnight, Sunday  March 21st.

Quick tutorial:

Student Services Finance Committee: Chair Brandon Williams-don’t let the teddy-bear, boyish good looks fool you. He just finished up writing  the Chancellor’s report on the budgets. Think ridiculously long research paper that you don’t exactly get graded on. Working on this committee allows you to learn more about student orgs on campus as well as determine their budgets. Math/Finance/Accounting skills not required but if you have ’em, rock on!

-What is required: an open mind, logical-thinking skills, responsibility, and willingness to learn.

Student Council: Don’t let the live-blog or the long meeting fool you. Student Council has some clout out there! Bringing together some very driven and ambitious individuals who are looking out for the student’s interest is quite the task! They do a lot of hard work and make some important decisions. Make your vote count.

-Requirements: Integrity, conciseness, ability to sit for a rather extended period of time, critical thinking skills, understanding of Kurt Gosselin’s analogies….

So fill out a declaration form! Get your name out there. We will help with the rest.

Start an experience you’ll never forget with your fellow students of the ASM…join up!

And stay-tuned: Upcoming events–STUDENT COUNCIL LIVE-BLOG tonight! By the one, the only Friendly Neighborhood Press Office Director.

Disclaimer: By ‘share’ my peanut butter M&Ms…it may or may not include you having the unique ability to catch them in your mouth. 🙂

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  1. Brandon Williams permalink
    March 10, 2010 1:43 pm

    Teddy bear, eh? I wonder who wrote this…

  2. March 17, 2010 10:10 pm

    Well, you are teddy-bearish. We both are. That’s why we blog together.

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