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We’re listening GSSF groups!

March 15, 2010

Student Services Finance Committee Chair Brandon Williams B-) held a SSFC/GSSF Mixer at the beginning of the regularly held SSFC meeting tonight .

Food and plenty of open dialogue sounds like the start of a beautiful relationship to me!

Many surprising points came out at this meeting. It seems there are a lot of things these student orgs have on their mind.

So settle back with your Monday night mug of hot chocolate and decide how YOU feel:

Suits and ties can be overly intimidating. A table full of dressed up committee members staring you down!? Students felt this makes it harder to present to the committee. They added they would like to see more ‘baseball caps’ as they put it. So, when is professional attire too much?

More participation in org events. Some of the student orgs suggested it might be beneficial for committee members to come to events put on by the student orgs to see what they are all about, before deciding whether or not to fund them. Sounds good in theory.

More information. Student orgs felt there needed to be more information out there about ASM and SSFC. Let us know your thoughts! We have Twitter, Facebook, a website, a blog, soon-to-be implemented newletter (look for it soon!!!) We want your ideas!!!! What else would you like to see that might help???

Check for articles in the student papers. Both the Badger Herald and the Daily Cardinal do some mighty fine work.

Foreign language. Students felt SSFC has their own ‘language’. With technical terms such as ‘viewpoint neutrality’, ‘Robert’s Rules,’ ‘direct services,’ and other jargon, what does it all mean?…valid point.  Yo quiero Taco Bell!!! oh…wait…

Action needs organization. There was mention of more structural development in order to make for a more active committee.

Thanks to all the student organization members who showed up! Your views were really appreciated and will definitely be brought up and thought about.

So, now that your hot chocolate is cooling off and you’ve had some time to mull it over…what do you think? Questions? Comments?Thoughts? Concerns? Overwhelming desires to stimulate some good ‘ol debate!?

Chair Williams has 10 office hours a week and welcomes your thoughts. (We’ve mentioned his teddybear-ish looks, which would make him more approachable, dontcha think?)  Take a look at his new blog.

So pull up a chair. Sit on down. Shoot an email. Leave comments. (No, really. Please do. I feel kinda lonely over here. No one took me up on my PEANUT BUTTER M&Ms offer!!!)

The semester is winding down. Spring Break is coming up. And there’s still so much to cover!


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