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Academic Affairs, take two (wordpress ate my first draft, so you get what I angrily typed to replace it)

March 16, 2010

Academic Affairs committee has some cool things coming up on the horizon, including…

…a FAFSA week, where Financial Aid staffers will help participating students fill out their FAFSA applications.  I know these suckers can be pretty tricky…so having the help of some pros is awesome.  The dates are not quite fixed yet, but look for them to happen in mid to late April.  Keep in mind that students who are interested need to sign up because space is limited.

…moving forward with the creation of of a Shared Gov committee which will help research and implement affordable textbook solutions for UW students.  The Textbook Affordability Committee will consist of students, faculty, academic staff and administration, though which committee members will have voting powers is still being debated.  Academic Affairs is now working on getting faculty members to sign a petition to show support for the new committee to Faculty Senate. Committee members will be visiting profs from the math, bio, psych, econ, chem and polisci departments during office hours in the coming days to present their case.

Peace until next AA meeting…hummm…that doesn’t sound right…Ac Af?  Ah well you know what I meant.

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