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Op-er-ation. Operation, ready, begin!

March 16, 2010

It was a cozy little meeting. In a cozy little room. On a spring Tuesday night. And Mr Finance Chair Matt Beemsterboer had a mission.

His mission, which he chose to accept*, involved a hefty payoff for the many organizations involved.

Requiring 2 three-hour meetings, presentations from 72 registered student organizations, and many more man-hours of decision-making from Mr Finance Chair and his dedicated committee—the fate of $160,000 in OPERATIONS GRANTS is about to be decided.

Operations Grants are for the daily business of student organizations, including funding for things like postage, printing, office supplies, membership dues, equipment rental, subscriptions, graphic and web design, and other expenses.

In tonight’s meeting, 35 student organizations made 2 minute presentations on their budgets and why they would benefit from a portion of the available funds.

The organizations that presented tonight include, but aren’t limited to:

-B-Line Magazine, Badger Yearbook, Breakfast Club, Table Tennis Club, CALS Student Council, Wisconsin Singers, Polygon Engineering Student Council, Coastie Promotion Team, Student Global AIDs Campaign-UW Madison Chapter, HOOFER Riding Club, Legal Information Center, Chinese Language and Culture Club, Peer Learning Association, and Yoga Empowerment and Service.

The meeting for the remaining student orgs to present will be Sunday March 21st at 5PM in the 4th floor Hearing Room at the SAC.Decisions will be made later next week. Stay tuned!

Coming up next: STUDENT COUNCIL tmrw night. Don’t miss out on all the fun!

*He didn’t exactly ‘choose’…it’s in his job description.

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