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The Olikara Revolution and I am a huge tool

March 18, 2010

Ladies and gentlemen, today marks a big step in how UW handles diversity issues. Diversity Chair Steven Olikara has been planning to create a regular series of discussions between the leaders of several campus groups, representing nearly every type of student interest, about the issue of diversity, what it actually means today, and how UW can make a priority of fostering a diverse climate.

These discussions are intended that student group leaders can take with them back to their groups the insights gained. A grassroots level, group-by-group, individual-by-individual change is the only real way any change will or can occur.

The discussion will be a closed one but ASM will be sure to share with the campus what it learns and how we will address this ever-evolving issue.

On another note, shared governance is the one of the most evident tools by which students have a say in governing this university. And it is the role of ASM Shared Governance Chair to make sure students are on all university committees and that they actually go and express their voice in the interest of students.

Long story short, I sat down with the Chair, Melissa Hanley, and had a little chat. She talks about how much better our Shared Governance efforts will soon be getting, how she fills a bazillion seats in one week, and I use the term “b-ball.” Yeah. I’m a tool. Now go listen, and don’t judge me.

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