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March 22, 2010

The Student Activity Center Governing Board today approved floor plans and furniture for the upcoming SAC computer lab, allocated Student Association of Taiwan a small office space in the SAC and debated whether or not to give Student Services Finance Committee auditing power over SACGB.

A representative from DoIT came before the committee with a slideshow presentation of the proposed plans for the lab, including layout and furniture.  He said the new lab would be unmanned but tech guys will drop by once a day to make sure things are going smoothly and DoIT would be on call as well.  SACGB gave him the green light to go ahead with ordering and such, updating SACGB when necessary.

SACGB also dealt with room allocations, as FH King is staying in their large office until the end of their lease period and therefore opened up a small office for allocation.  Student Association of Taiwan was randomly chosen over Madhatters, as the two were tied as next on the allocation rankings, and not even looking past three decimal places put one group over the other. If any other office spaces become available, Madhatters would then be next on the list.

As for appeals, SACGB Chair Katy Ziebell is still waiting to hear from Student Judiciary in the SLAC case, and MEChA is appealing their allocation of a large office, saying they did not think they would have enough space for their operations.

SSFC Secretary Matt Manes came in to discuss the issue of viewpoint neutrality training and allowing SSFC to have the power to check SACGB in light of the snags of the SAC space allocations.

SACGB members were hesitant to move under SSFC–saying SACGB is more than just an allocations committee and this proposal was “sprung” on them–but Manes said there is nothing to lose in such a move and SSFC is already responsible for the actions of SACGB.  ASM Vice Chair Tom Templeton echoed the sentiment that SACGB fits well under the service side of SSFC and that this is not a “power grab” by SSFC.  Manes reiterated that this would help streamline the organization and provide checks for proper procedure.

Another idea for ensuring viewpoint neutrality brought up by SACGB members was having intense viewpoint neutrality changing like SSFC does, thereby eliminating a need for another check–Student Council providing the first check. Templeton said if SSFC does have power to check then Student Council could accept the work of SSFC and not need to check SACGB themselves.

Manes invited SACGB members to attend SSFC meetings to voice their concerns and talk through the issue.

And now you’re caught up on SACGB. Peace!

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