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Yes, Virginia, there is a liveblog!

March 23, 2010

Keeping with our general theme of making dreams come true, Student Council will meet for the 86th*week in a row tomorrow night and I will be there once again, down in the trenches taking grenades, and giving you a play-by-play.

There is one more chance to watch me fumble through parliamentary procedure before we all go and forget our morals for a week**.

The meeting will start late–at 7 p.m. to be exact–while everyone running for a Student Council seat in the spring elections attneds an info session. (Reminder: the elections will be April 12-14)

You could either read the agenda yourself or look at this short bulleted list of highlights:

  • SSFC wants chair stipends to be set at a percentage of tuition that changes when tuition changes
  • Academic Affairs wants the Council to approve and endorse the creation of the Textbook Affordability Committee to address the ever-evolving practices in the textbook marketplace
  • Chair Junger wants to officially move chair reports to the beginning of SC meetings to ensure the reps and the public can follow the progress of ASM committees

But wait, there’s more! For that, however, you’ll either have to read the agenda yourself, attend the meeting tomorrow night or follow along with the liveblog.

I think tomorrow I’ll reveal the officially endorsed ASM Press Office Spring Break Song. For us, spring break starts at the beginning of the Student Council meeting. What other party could possibly be so jacked up?

In other ASM news, Academic Affairs is going over the details for FAFSA week. We’re talking places and dates and the like. Look for more about that later today. I’ve got a minion on it.

The Finance Committee is also making the decisions about the operations grants right now as well. Seriously, all this action on the 4th floor of the SAC as we speak. Crazy! These operations grants come out to more than $100,000! They’ve had to listen to, like, 5 million*** presentations from different groups. WOWZA.

I’ve got another minion all over those developments, too. Stay posted.

Later, gators.

/Speaking of Virginia…enjoy while you rest up for the party

*probably an exaggeration, I think it’s more like 4 weeks in a row, close enough

**the members of the ASM Press Office have no morals worth remembering

***Totally exaggerated number; the real number couldn’t be higher than 2 million

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