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Here we go now!: Your SC liveblog

March 24, 2010

11:13 And we’re adjourned. Roll call and done.

That was spectacular in every way.

Now, stay safe during Spring Break but please do something more exciting than staying in Madison, like me. And remember teh officially endorsed ASM Press Office Song of Spring Break. I want people hooking up to that song everywhere there is shenanigans.

Jessica! Come pick me up! It’s dark outside and I’m scared!

11:12 Q&A closed. Motion to postpone to next meeting. That passes.

11:09 Gosselin is curious how SJ defines “school days” for its deadlines.

Darby says school days are days when classes are in session. SJ does not hold hearings during finals but this leaves SJ flexibility to hold hearings during this time if they so choose.

Junger would like the language cleared up so hearings during finals are just not allowed.

11:05 Rep. Smith points out a big snag. SJ bylaws say the SEC Chair must preside over appeals dealing with the SJ Chief Justice. But this is a problem if the SEC Chair does not have to be a SJ justice.

11:02 Ingram asks if Darby would be opposed to delaying a vote until next meeting. Darby says he would be opposed because he introduced the proposal two weeks ago although he didn’t submit these documents at the time.

10:59 Basically, the Student Elections Commission Chair no longer needs to be a justice of the Student Judiciary and poll workers have been removed becasue they are now unnecessary. The interwebz took therrrr jerrrbbbs!

10:55 Darby’s summary: all deadlines mentioned are all defined by school days, not just days. Removed repetitive language. A handout to show election changes.

10:52 This is a very long document and I’ll have to try to get an electronic copy out later. Let’s see if Darby gives any abbreviated list of major changes. That would be helpful.

10:50 That passes unanimously, as well. Now Beemsterboer is presenting the second of the grants. He motions to table it until the next meeting.

Now to the Student Judiciary bylaws.

10:47 Gosselin not sure he likes putting the reports first becasue he was present when a previous session changed the order to what it is now. Junger counters by saying this legislation allows for the Chair to be flexible at every meeting.

There’s been a call for roll call vote.

10:42 The legislation passes unanimously. And next up is the agenda order bylaw thingy. It’s good to get the reports early but on days when there is a lot to do, like the internal budget, there needs to be some leaway.

This legislation names the things that need to be on every agenda and what can be left out of special meetings.

10:35 This legislation will state that Council endorses and creates the Textbook Affordability Committee. Then it’s the university’s move. Step up to the plate, UW!

Basically, this is a no lose situation. It might benefit students and textbooks cost way too damn much.

Ingram points out, however, that there can be a conflict of interest with professors who get more money by selling new editions of the books they write themselves. This could get ugly and we must tread lightly.

10:35 Zinn points out the ridiculously large rise in textook prices and how it’s doubling the rate of rising tuition.

Madsen asks if Academic Affairs would have any sort of suggestions to submit to this committee.

Zinn: yes. We’ve got a list. A long list.

10:32 This person would not be a SSFC member so they would be neutral. Calling the question. It passes. No biggie here. Onto the creation of the Textbook Affordability shared governance Committee.

10:30 Onto the SSFC intern legislation. They want an outside auditor to deal with groups that are intimidated by SSFC. It’s customer relations.

10:29 Here, keep yourselves busy.

10:25 3 minute recess.

10:24 Onto debate. Manes motions to postpone the vote until next week right away. Unanimously carries. Give this a think over Break, people. Screw the beach. Hit the books!

10:21 Manes: a good government goes unnoticed. If you do your job right, no one would need to think about you. Do you notice a well-paved road? So, no, these increases will not affect what this body is able to do.

Nice. I like that, too.

10:19 Zinn: How do these stipends measure up to student gov’t leaders at other UW institutions?

Manes: I don’t know and don’t care. That doesn’t affect how students on this campus live or what it costs to live here.

10:15 Love: How does this incentivize student leaders to lobby for higher tuition?

That may be a pretty loaded question. Love it. (Get it!)

Manes says he hopes elected student leaders would not do such a thing and Johnson points out that Council can impeach derelict leaders. Manes also points out a leader would still suffer from increased tuition because they’d still have to pay that extra tuition. No real gain there.

10:14 Gosselin points out that any bylaw can be changed by a 2/3 vote at two consecutive meetings so a “superdupermajority”might be redundant.

10:11 Junger asks if Manes would be open to adding a provision that would allow a large supermajority to change these numbers in case perhaps someone should deserve less than what is set.

10:05 Manes is describing the issues that called for judgment calls. Like paying the SSFC Chair less than the ASM Chair despite the fact that the job may be harder and also using some number from the state about expected family contribution.

Templeton: Do different Chairs work more or less than others in different years?

Manes: Yes, and this increases the accountability by expecting more time commitment. He points how much Junger’s position in food service suffered almost as much as his relationship with his girlfriend after taking the Chairship. And Junger blushes quite a bit.

10:01 Manes says once this goes to debate he will motion to delay a vote on this until next week so that an in-depth conversation can occur before Council sets these rates.

9:58 Love: If this is based on in-state tuition, isn’t it biased toward in-state students?

Manes: No, because in-state tuition is the lowest possible tuition that can be paid at this university.

9:55 Basically, the goal of this legislation is to make these positions available to all students by making this a viable paying job for people who pay their own tuition.

9:50 Now it should get good. The stipend recommendation is up. Manes presents the dealie. SSFC wants stipend procedure all under one bylaw instead of spread all over the constitution.

9:47 12-1-6 the grant passes. Now onto Olikara looking to get $27 transferred to Diversity Committee to pay for the Dialogue event last week.

Whoa, buddy! Finance Committee got the last bit of cash! Sorry.

Nevermind, Council disagrees and approves the transfer. They must have found the cash in the couch cushions.

9:43 Gosselin: the philosophy of the question of paying to fly people in from overseas has bothered him all along. It concerns him when paying extra for non-domestic travellers. He’s curious what everyone feels about this.

Well let’s see!

Williams: his concern that there would be a high cost-to-student ratio has been abated. He believes the event is fiscally responsible.

To be sure, this grant is for about $22,000.

9:37 Long story short: Finance Committee granted them money for the elements of their event that the group deemed most important.

9:35 Closing Q&A and Templeton gives chair back to Junger. Now for the Breakin the Law grant. BUST A MOVE!

9:33 Zinn: why couldn’t this just be done by a parliamentarian?

Junger: It would make the process even less transparent.

Zinn: If they’re just making clarifications why do we need more than one person to do it?

Junger: I think it’s too much to ask any one person to know every single one of ASM’s bylaws. This allows for bouncing ideas off each other.

9:28 Love: Could we have certain numbers of seats delegated to different groups to get a diversity of opinions? Some seats for women, men, Council members, non-Council members…etc?

Junger: I don’t think we could fill all the seats like that. This work would be generally in the direct interest of students.

Love: It would show Council trying to be more representative of the student body.

Junger: the body would not tell Council how to vote, just what its options are constitutionally.

9:22 Junger: I don’t think the Chair of this committee would need a stipend. It would probably be like 2 hours of work per week.

Williams: Who would want to serve on this board?

Junger: Nerds. (In a good way!)

Heywood: Do you think this committee would be good to avoid reacting to bylaw issues coming up during meetings.

Junger: Yes. It’s a way to be proactive. This is for issues regarding th internal structure of ASM.

Zinn: I don’t know why we don’t appoint outside students.

Templeton: The charge of the committee is not to interpret bylaws?

Junger: Right.

9:18 ASM bylaw committee. Junger wants a standing body that reviews changes to make sure they’re not contradicting themselves. The body would also specialize in knowing what is constitutional and what is not. This is just being introduced so there will not be a vote tonight. Seems like good oversight but isn’t there paid full-time staffers who are supposed to do this stuff? Gaahhhh! Who knows.

9:15 Now onto the Spring Student Org Fair line item transfer. Junger wants everyone to vote 2/3 to vote on it tonight because we need to allocate these funds ASAP.

Council agrees. Templeton takes the chair and yields to Junger.

Junger wants to encourage students to participate in student orgs as much as possible. This is definitely a good call. Student orgs should recognize how much WE HELP THEM at all times.

9:11 Would it be beneficial to Student Print if ASM was not bound to use their services so they wouldn’t be subject to this oversight?

Response: Even without ASM, they would still be a “128” and might even have more charges since they are a non-profit. It’s easier than being for-profit plus they might have to raise rates.

9:05 We’re back! Student Print is presenting its budget. They are not here to ask for money since they are completely independent but ASM bylaws require them to present their budget.

Want to improve relations with ASM. Sounds good to me.

I really don’t see the significance of this myself. I mean, they’re independent. Let ’em do what they do because they seem to do it well. Though I wish they’d charged me less for my course readers. DON’T THEY KNOW WHO I AM? DON’T THEY CARE?

8:56 5 minute recess! I really have to pee. TMI? I don’t care.

8:54 SSFC Chair Williams: been going over contract status specifics and working with Johnson to have Tenant Support Services up and running before next session.


8:46 SJ Chief Justice Darby: Sunday night at midnight, candidate declaration forms were due.

He lists off the number of candidates for the available seats. We’ll get you a full list later.


Templeton: Grad students have 3 candidates for 6 seats and you think this is reasonable reallocation?

Darby: Yes.

Beemsterboer: Did you consult with anyone outside of SJ?

Darby: Not with any other ASM leadership?

Fergus: Are you aware the test ballot has incorrect number?

Darby: No.

Ingram: Are you aware candidates can be write-ins?

Darby: Yes.

Templeton: Were the SJ reapportionment meetings held in accordance with open meeting laws?

Darby: I think so.

Zinn: Is there a reason you guys didn’t involve us at all?

Darby: It needed to be done and it’s SJ’s responsibility. There’s no point in us collaborating with any other body of ASM.

Templeton: Where do you see Council’s check over SJ with regards to something affecting Council?

Darby: There’s some remedy.

Junger: Did a member of SJ bring up possibility of SJ rescinding it’s decision?

Darby: Yes.

Ingram: Are you aware of any other way of apportioning seats that is used in any government besides population?

Darby: No.

And that is mercifully closed.

8:45 ASM Vice Chair Templeton: just got over a sickness.

8:39 ASM Chair Junger wants to create a bylaw committee to reduce the amount of time Council spends debating bylaws and bylaws changes. There has been alot of criticism of Council spending too much time dealing with bylaws.

Good call, though I don’t quite understand how a “bylaw committee” would fix this.

Zinn: What’s the deal with SJ’s reapportionment of the Council seats?

Junger: We will go with the decision of the SJ and if a student is harmed by this I support them suing SJ.

Templeton: Would you consider impeaching the SJ justices who overstepped their bounds? Would you be one of 11 signatures to bring this forth?

Junger: I would consider it.

Smith: Have you looked at how other student bodies handle this?

Junger: Haven’t looked too heavily at it.

Holy ruckus. SJ is trying to pull some rank here!

8:35 SACGB Chair Ziebell: looked at the floor plan and details for the SAC computer lab. There will be a 10-seat laptop bar and 12 Macs. Baller. Won’t be ready until summer at the earliest.

8:31 Shared Governance Chair Hanley: We’re in the application process for filling all the committee seats. Check out the blog there are almost all the committee seats are open.

8:25 Nominations Board Chair Sharpe: needs to meet with several chairs to work on questions for filling out positions for next session.

Manes: What have you done in the past month?

Sharpe: Have not filled any positions in past month because of special SC meetings.

Manes: Isn’t it your responsibility to get your committee together in a whole month?

Sharpe: We can’t get quorum on other days.

Ingram: Has Noms Board tried to fill empty Grad School Council seats?

Sharpe: No.

Smith: Haven’t we interviewed three students for that but not made a decision on it.

Sharpe: Haven’t made quorum to make those decisions.

Manes: What I hear is you aren’t doing your job. Do you believe you deserve a stipend?

Sharpe: I’m not gonna answer that because it’s stupid

Hanley: Would you say it’s the responsibility of the other members of the committeeto attend these meetings to make quorum?

Sharpe: Yes.

8:23 Legislative Affairs Chair Johnson: Spent most of the week working on the logistics for the County Board district 5 debate. Good turnout. Good media coverage.

Also working with SSFC Chair Williams about the Tenant Resource Center.

8:21 Finance Committe Chair Beemsterboer: Initial Operations Grant recommendation were made yesterday over 5 hours. He’s got a list. If you want deeply detailed line items go find him. He’s tall, brawny and handsome. Hard to miss.

8:14 Diversity Chair Olikara: The Student Leaders Diversity Dialogue exceeded his expectations. Brought in many groups that are not normally included in diversity discussions. The event was described as “transformative” by a participant.

Now working with Office of Dean of Students to find how to institutionalize the work of the dialogue series.

I was there. It was a very powerful event and the participants were able to share their thoughts that they might have held back if they were in public setting. Good times.

8:13 Chair Reports: Academic Affairs Chair Zinn

–Working on Textbook Cost Committee for university

–Have planned FAFSA week to help students properly do that godawful chore

8:11 Alright we just spent a few minutes reorganizing the New Business in the agenda. Speaking of, here is the original.

Keep in mind, some of the New Business has been shuffled.

8:07 Closing open forum and Junger announces he’s received the resignation of Rep. Paulson! My heart literally just shattered into a bunch of tiny pieces. Does anyone find it funny that there is now another empty Grad School seat? No? Whatever.

8:04 Rep. Love is now talking about the stipend legislation. He doesn’t think Council should vote on the legislation tonight per bylaws that say a vote on something cannot be in the same meeting it’s introduced…even though it requires two votes.

He thinks it’s absurd that some of the students who could vote for the stipend raise could benefit from that next year. That looks bad. Fair enough.

8:03 Motion to extend open forum by 5 minutes again. Trevino-Murphy talking about the DREAM Act which is something she feels really stronly about. It’s more student aid things.

7:57 Tina Trevino Murphy is now up:

-Take Back the Night planning committee will meet tomorrow. The event is April 29. The Women’s Music Fest is April 30 with acts from across the country.

-She’s high…on life from this weekend. She was at a legislation conference in Washington D.C. to loby for student aid reform. It passed with the Healthcare Reform.

And like Healthcare reform, it is now going through the Senate. Good stuff, though I’m not sure how powerful the student aid reform in its latest manifestation really is. Cross your fingers. And your toes. And if you can’t do that then…sucks to be you! Ha!

7:52 Ingram is against the stipend formulae. He points out the creation of a formula is just as arbitrary as the current method of coming up with stipend rates. He doesn’t think SC should act like this legislation will end the arbritrariness of the stipend level.

He also does not like the idea of tying the stipend to tuition. What if tuition goes out of control? Then stipends would go out of control. Ingram will be proposing amendments to the legislation.

He also thinks there needs to be some sort of protection against future Councils changing the percentages.

Also, how will these bylaw changes be put into effect? Who’s going to be held to them?

It’s nice to hear some sort of well-thought-out argument. I know we’ll hear more from Ingram when this comes up later.

7:50 I guess this is all aobut the power of Council to appoint its own members and how this is not very inviting to other students and fresh ideas.

There has been a motion to extend open forum. Rep. Ingram is up next.

7:46 Rep. Heywood now speaking. Asking for forgiveness for interpreting a bylaw incorrectly.

I think an appointee to the Student Council is not supposed to be appointed by the Council. or something.

Ingram: isn’t an appointee to Student Council by Student Council an appointee of Student Council?

Dude, I’m not entirely sure I know what this is about. Heywood said he’s not sure how students will feel about this bylaw but I don’t think any of them know or care about this. Give me a minute to figure what this is all about.

7:44 Chair Zinn now speaking. Looking for people to help get faculty support for the Textbook Cost committee. He’s looking for about a hundred signatures to take to the University Committee and Faculty Senate in mid-April sometime.

7:42 Sharpe: What’s in it for the groups that come to the event?

Flores: Whatever Red Bull, who’s sponsoring this, too, will give.

No money from the ASM grant is going to prizes.

7:38 Katrina Flores now speaking about the Breakin the Law event. Gonna play another clip! This group know the way to my heart: television. Cuz I’m lazy, ya see.

7:35 I do not have the ability to describe the awesomeness of the breakdancing video. I lack that sort of talent. But there was this little dude throwing it down. Baller.

7:31 Holy crap he’s gonna show some video about the Breakin the Law event! Spring Break has come early to Student Council.

His statement: The event is an educational tool, has been featured in movies and is an extension of the Wisconsin Idea. Agreed. 

7:29 Jarius King is up next. Gets permission to speak because he is not a student. He’s hooking up some video. OOOOOOOh multimedia!

7:26 Speakers bring up a good point: Council can’t be mad that the speakers are asking these questions because they have the right. Agreed. But I can be mad at having to listen cuz I’m not on Council.

Zounds! Moving on to the next speaker.

UW Breakdancing group Chair Charlie is up to talk about Breaking the Law 7 which is coming up. International break-dancing! Bust out the DJ Kool! I’m in.

7:24 Nooooo! Council just voted not to close this Q&A! We’re still arguing that all ASM members need to fill out hourly activity sheet. And again a reference to going to a “professional” to find the best way to do this.

Are there professional time-log creators?

7:21  So the speaker wants constant detailed reports about everything the chairs do on a daily basis? Who the hell would read this?! Nobody. So nobody would still know what ASM was doing.

7:18 “What does campus think about your service.” I would counter that with what does “campus” understand about all the responsibilities ASM has? What does campus understand about what the president of the United States does?


7:16 We’re still having a stilted conversation. I’m gonna come right out and say I have no stake in stipend raises. I’m hourly and I’m graduating so I couldn’t care less but there doesn’t seem to be any solid argument made right now to oppose stipend raises beside going to some outside consultant? Is that gonna cost more money?

7:12 The amount of money going to a GSSF group’s paid hourly who makes 9.19 an hour for 20 hours per week makes more than all the current stipends in ASM.

And now there are more piling on the point that student groups pay.

Chair Zinn asks if the pay of any member of any group is relevant to the pay of ASM. Naturally, the speakers don’t think so.

Wait a second. One of the speakers just said they are not against the stipend raises. What? Alright, he just said he thinks it feels very hierarchical.

ZOMG! A hierarchy in a governmental body that decides its own pay rates? That’s unique, right?

7:03 Open Forum: Two students don’t like raises in ASM chair stipends.

They don’t understand what chairs do but it just looks bad. Not gonna lie, I think there are plenty of possible reasons to oppose stipend raises but this presentation is not covering any of them. Just: this will make ASM look horrible.

Chair Zinn moves to extend the speakers’ time. Another argument comparing ASM to other groups but in a way I’m still not understanding. Sorry, guys. Long story short, these people don’t like the stipend raises.

More communication will fix all the problems apparently. I wonder if they realize that 98% of the campus has a low involvement and does not listen to ASM attempts to reach them. Hell, most people don’t know what US Congress is doing or the mayor’s office!

SSFC Chair Williams: You say it makes ASM look bad but you didn’t give any reason why.

SSFC Secretary Manes: The speakers are from MCSC whose paid hourly workers will make more per hour than the ASM stipends pay out.

The speaker is pretty pissed about this statement.

7:02 A throwdown of the gavel from Junger. Taking roll and off we go.

ZOMG! almost late again.

Get yourselves ready for a wild night of entertainment and me acitng like I know what I’m talking about.

Here’s the official ASM Press Office Song of Spring Break because “Jump Around” sucks outside of the confines of Camp Randall and “On Wisconsin” is not great for dancing. Here it is. An oldie but a goodie. Seriously, this shit is the best song ever.


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    “I am fond of pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals.” – Sir Winston Churchill

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    OoOo I want to be a professional time-log creator! Pick me, pick me! Sounds like it pays well

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    “He’s tall, brawny and handsome. Hard to miss.”

    Who is live-blogging, Ken or Alicia?

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        and we need them to barter for other goods and services around the office

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        This isn’t Oregon Trail. We use greenbacks nowadays. Or plastic.

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        Don’t you understand?!?! THEY ALREADY HAVE!

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