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Only YOU can…

March 24, 2010

…prevent forest fires,

…eat large quantities of Ians pizza,

….support Ken Harris in his decision to live like Ghandi on top of  Mt Everest

VOTE in the ASM Elections for Student Council and SSFC members!!!!

Tonight’s Student Election Committee meeting was an information session for the candidates running for seats.

SEC explained they will:

“Promote the election, run the election and publicize ASM”

While the candidates need YOU to help in their promotion and attain-tion* of their seats.

Candidates will utilize Facebook groups, Twitter, ASM blogposts, fan clubs, ads, fliers, bribes**, and special meetings (in which Bucky will attend and there WILL BE PIZZA!) to get support for their campaigns.

And all you have to do?

Attend the “Meet and Greet” Sessions in Library Mall April 8th and April 12th (see above: Bucky and Pizza!) to meet with the candidates and learn more!

VOTE: Elections April 12th-14th (Polls close at 5PM on the 14th)

Then, once the candidates have been selected, they will attend a Student Council retreat and the last two meetings of the semester (first meetings of the new session)

ASM Session 17th:

First Council Mtg May 1st

2nd Council Mtg May 4th or 5th

The candidate matrices will be made available after Spring Break (complete with photos and personal statements) on the main ASM Website.

More to come. Stay informed! Questions or concerns?! ASK!!!

*not a word.

**Bribes are not endorsed by candidates or ASM. However, the Press Office can be persuaded…

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  1. Michael Romenesko permalink
    March 24, 2010 5:56 pm

    I completely support Ken Harris in his decision to live like Ghandi on top of Mt. Everest!

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