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Your mother reads this liveblog

April 7, 2010

8:36 Calling the question! Rollcall vote by unanimous consent! Woohoo! Great times. Now it’s roll call and then we’re adjourned.

But first let’s recap. What did we learn today? We learned that I have an essay due tomorrow so Imma GTFO. Later, gators.

8:34 After surfing web for a few minutes I tune back in to hear Darby saying he was proposing a “nitpicky’ amendment. What else is new? Sigh.

8:31 Okay, they just approved an amendment to move something from one area to another. If you really care, get the meeting minutes.

Now Darby is moving to change the rules so that “school days” do not include days during final exams. That passes.

8:28 Wait. Now Darby doesnt’ care one way or the other. Ziebell wants to know if it wouldn’t be in his interest to clarify, however.

8:26 Now Darby wants to keep the wording of “school day” but Gosselin disagrees because he wants to make sure groups know when they can file.

8:24 Noooooo! The first thing they do with the SJ bylaws is motion to move a bylaw from one spot to another! These people just love changing numbers around. They moved 5.07 to 4.09 or something and they approved it. Great.

8:22 Okay, I think that committee was approved. Now we’re back to the SJ bylaws before we wrap this up.

8:20 ZOMG I’m just mentally checking out right now. They’re talking about exact placement of amendements on teh proposal. Like I care if some sentence is at 3.07(12)(d) or 3.07(13)(b). Seriously.

8:16  Wait. They’re changing some bylaw, too. Criminy! Now Ingram wants to exempt this committee from a Council member’s committee requirement. Meaning, Council members are required to be on another ASM committee and this would make this committee not count toward that requirement.

8:12 The amendments pass. Jeez, these things multiplying like rabbits! Only this is way less cute.

8:10 Ingram motions to amend that amendment to say the Chair of the committee should also be a Council member.

8:09 Johnson motions to amend the proposal to make the chair of the Bylaws Committee the official parliamentarian of Council.

8:08 The amendment passes so there will be no less than three but no more then nine Council members on this committee in any given year.

8:03 Manes motions to amend to have no minimum requirement of Council members. Beemsterboer motions to change it to have a minimum of three Council members and no more than nine.

8:02 The amendment passes. Onto the proposal itself.

7:59 Love finally makes the amendment to allow up to two members of the committee to be appointed by the Nominations Board. Madsen seconds it.

7:56 Johnson just described this proposed committee as a “Maintenance Committee.” That sounds about right. However, he thinks having two non ASM reps on the committee could be useful. Pretty much everyone seems to agree with this so let’s just make the amendment and get this one in the bag.

7:53 Madsen wants to know if Junger would be open to opening up the committee to non-ASM representatives. Junger would like to ensure there is a majority of ASM reps, however.

Oh here’s a tasty nugget! They need to add wording to address that the committee will need quorum to make decisions! Juicy! Can you believe it? The suspense is killing me!

7:51 Jeebus! Junger is still rambling on introducing the legislation! So, the Chair of this committee would be the parliamentarian of the Council and the position would be unpaid.

7:48 Okay, we’re onto the Bylaws Committee proposal. They will take a broom to the mess that is the ever-changing ASM bylaws.

7:46 Holy crap! This is getting slow here. I just spaced out but I’m pretty sure they’re just talking about terminology.

Wait. There’s a motion to postpone this until later in the meeting. Great. Get your stuff together so we can get through this at some pace faster than a crawl.

7:41 Junger asks Templeton to take the Chair. He yields to Chief Justice Darby to discuss the changing of the Student Judiciary bylaws.

I’m not gonna lie, I totally forgot that stupid packet. Anyway, they basically just clarified some of the wording regarding their procedures. There’s no power shifts here or anything. In fact, right now Gosselin is just concerned that the new rules use the term “school days” but that the term is not fully defined.

7:38 Now we’re on to the Move It If You Want It grant. Beemsterboer supports it. It’s a $8,000 event grant. Gosselin wants debate to stay open.

He will not move to approve the grant simply because the group has already been told they’ll be getting the money.

Now they approve it anyway. Woohoo!

7:36 Okay, that passes. And the motion to adopt the changed proposal passes, too. And the whole thing passes. Good. Moving on.

7:35 Manes and Madsen motion to amend the legislation so that the reports will include hours worked along with quality and amount of work done. Sorry, trying to make this interesting but I’M NOT A MAGICIAN, DAMMIT!

7:32 Love says he is generally happy with the compromise but he’s still uncomfortable with normalizing stipend raises. He mostly supports it though.

He also thinks this info should be online because public official’s pay rates are public information.

7:30 Manes wants SJ and SSFC to have to submit something so Council knows what they are doing. Ingram would like the two bodies included in the required Chair reports. They should have to submit something to ASM to be held accountable and keep everyone informed.

7:27 Darby wants SJ discluded from the legislation because they are not answerable to the Council.

Gosselin agrees with that and with the SSFC chair being removed.

7:26 Manes disagrees with posting stipend reports publicly because they can contain some sensitive material although chair reports are different.

7:22 Madsen approves of the inclusion of requiring Chair reports that he helped add to the changes. He also wants the reports posted online.

7:18 Stipend recommendations are up now! Johnson wants his changed legislation replace the current proposal. This is the form that has been worked out between opponents, as Johnson and Manes have pointed out.

7:16 Ziebell introduces the space allocation decisions from the SACGB. There is an appeal from MEcHA still pending. They must really want an office in the SAC. There are no questions from anyone. Moving on.

7:14 Olikara speaks out about the Director of Admissions search and screen process. There will be four public forums for anyone interested to meet the finalists for the position. Sort of like the process for Chancellor a couple years ago.

7:11 SSFC Chair Williams has been moving on getting the Student Tenant Resource Center up and running. Should be ready to go by next leasing season.

Great Ceasar’s ghost, that’s good news!

7:07 Vice Chair Tom Templeton is working on lobbying for healthcare changes and for the highspeed rail from Milwaukee to Madison.

Chief Justice Trenell Darby says SJ is ready to handle the election next week. They have to certify the results.

Rep. Manes wants to know how the Chief Justice is selected. Darby will select one before he steps down. He adds he will likely not step down before May 1st because it would be a “shitshow.” Nice.

7:05 Chair Tyler Junger has been working on the draft of the Memo of Understanding to bring to Council before presenting it to UW administration.

Also, the first meeting of the next session is scheduled the same day as Mifflin. That could be a problem.

7:02 Chair Sharpe of Nominations Board has a meeting planned for tomorrow at 5 p.m.

Chair Hanley of Shared Governance is working on creating a list of every Shared Gov appointees’ responsibilities so people can know what they’re getting into before they do that.

Beemsterboer says the Student Print Board did not meet recently.

Chair Katy Ziebell says the SACGB will be holding a mixer this week to hear from the tenants of the SAC about the allocation process.

7:00 Chair Beemsterboer of the Finance Committee. His report is a part of the agenda. Read it. They give out grants.

Chair Johnson of the Legislative Affairs Committee. There will be Lobbypalooza this Saturday in Humanities from 1 to 4 p.m. Check TITU.

Meet some people who work a thte capital and Ald. Bryon Eagon. We need more lobbyists!

6:58 Chair Olikara of the Diversity Committee gives it the old college try.

Basically, he’s still following up with the participants of the Student Leaders Diversity Dialogue. He wants to get a UW office to adopt this process officially so that the change can continue.

6:56 Chair reports time. Chair Zinn of Academic Affairs is up first.

FAFSA week is going to be April 19 through 23. Get help walking throught the whole FAFSA process. One of the greatest things about my life is that I no longer have to fill out that under-the-bridge-goat-eating-troll of a form anymore.

6:53 Open Forum closed. That was quick! (Don’t you dare say “That’s what she said.” Seriously. The first one to put that in the comments is forever banned from commenting.)

6:51 Chair Williams asks how he plans to enforce the writing of reports to the SSFC Chair and Student Judiciary Chief Justice.

Johnson is hoping that if Council cannot enforce this, then perhaps SSFC and SJ can enforce it themselves.

6:49 Chair Adam Johnson and his spiffy new goatee are up now. He is introducing some alterations to the stipend legislation.

This puts in safeguards in case tuition increases too much and it creates more accountability for the chairs receiving higher stipends.

Gosselin asks if Johnson worked with anyone. Johnson says he worked with Rep. Love, one of the staunchest opponents of the stipend increases. He also worked on crafting the wording with other reps, as well.

6:46 Chair Jonah Zinn is now speaking about the Nike situation. The Chancellor has given Nike 120 days to pay the workers they laid off but they have refused. The 120th day was today, he says. Tomorrow, WE RALLY!

6:41 Tina Trevino-Murphy is up to speak in open forum, no surprise there. She is against allowing Student Council members to receive stipend increases next year.

Also, SLAC is having a rally tomorrow at 4 p.m. on Library Mall to protest UW’s relationship with Nike. They owe some hard workers a lot of money and they better fix it OR ELSE!…

6:38 Chair Hanley makes a plea for applications for Shared Gov openings. Represent, suckas.

Also, the committee will be conducting interviews for pretty much the next two weeks straight. Whatever is not filled in the spring will be filled in the fall. Just listen to the ASM VoiceCast for more description of this process.

6:37 This party meeting is called to order. Roll Call!

6:31 Before the meeting starts, Brandon Williams and Tom Templeton are arguing over which of them suggested the name for this liveblog. (Answer: it was me!)

6:20 Hey-oh! gotcha!

Well, there is about 10 minutes to go before this party is started.

I’ve got time to kill so here is your official background song for this meeting. It’s from Pavement in honor of the suddenly evident need to fix a traumatic pothole problem all over the city.

Alright, people. Read this agenda and follow along!

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  1. April 7, 2010 5:51 pm

    “Before the meeting starts, Brandon Williams and Tom Templeton are arguing over which of them suggested the name for this liveblog. (Answer: it was me!)”

    No. T’was I, Brandon!

  2. April 7, 2010 5:56 pm

    That’s what she…nevermind.

  3. Ryan permalink
    April 7, 2010 5:57 pm

    Well I know your mom reads it; she was reading it in bed last night. Zzzzzzzzzing. Oink Oink.

  4. asmadame1 permalink*
    April 7, 2010 6:39 pm

    “Sorry, trying to make this interesting but I’M NOT A MAGICIAN, DAMMIT!”

    …youre not ME, for that matter. Cuz then it WOULD be interesting 🙂

    • Friendly Neighborhood Press Office Director permalink*
      April 7, 2010 6:46 pm

      Hardy har. you’re so clever. here’s a slow clap for you.

      • asmadame1 permalink*
        April 7, 2010 6:47 pm

        😛 dont be hatin’. Keep up the good fight. One of these days….

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