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mixing it up with SACGB

April 10, 2010

So it’s Saturday and I am enjoying some lovely free sub sandwiches at the SACGB mixer to hear feedback from student orgs allocated space in the SAC and to elaborage which changes they would like to make in the allocation process.

Though the turnout was a bit low (I blame Friday night.  It has it coming anyway.) there was still plenty for committee members and attendees to talk about.

Among the ideas that were swirling around (think a pensieve but with cookies and soda) were making the space applications more specific.  SACGB Chair Katy Ziebell suggested the idea that groups applying should have to come in and actually look at the various spaces to get a better idea of what they would actually need, and also having groups check what specific things groups would actually use the space for.

There have been problems in the past where groups using the space did not do what they said they would on the application, so changes would include having groups outline their usual order of business and close monitoring of their use in order to prevent abuse.

Another idea was having groups that were related in their services and function allocated close together so they could better work together on projects and encourage more interorg relations so there aren’t like 5 separate events about the same topic (as UW is all about efficiency. But I don’t mind 5 different things if free stuff is involved……)

Also on the table for discussion was possibly putting a cafe space in the third floor project room (location tentative).  SACGB intern Zoe Carpentier has been spearheading the project, and said the feedback she received indicated that most students would like to see the cafe feature fresh, inexpensive food and coffee, somewhat similar to the Open Book Cafe in Helen C.  She added she is talking to the necessary administrators and staff to see what the next steps are and to explore the options.

They also spent a good chunk of time going over the ‘SACGB Space Allocation Evaluation Form” to clear up any discrepancies and to clarify how the criteria is worded. There was a lot of discussion over what student organizations used the space for, how many hours they spent in the space, and how many members organizations had.

Chair Ziebell was a little disappointed more student organizations didn’t show up to the mixer; she was hoping to clarify any questions and encourage discussion with the groups…and did I mention we had food? But that’s ok…more chips for me!

And now I am off to spend the rest of my Saturday with my sister and her puppy.  Be jealous.

Back on Sunday for the official SACGB meeting! woo!

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