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Bucky wants YOU!…to vote in the ASM spring elections.

April 12, 2010
Bucky Badger ASM Spring Elections 2010

Bucky wants You! raise your voice!

Bucky’s not messing around. Go vote. All you have to do is login to MyUW and there will be a big ol’ banner in the upper left corner. It’s HUGE! You can’t miss it.

Not only will you decide who makes up your student government for next year, you also get to pick the name for the new south union and decide whether or not to raise segregated fees $54 per semester for 30 years to fund improvements for the Natatorium.

As someone who will not be on campus next year and who has no stake in this decision, I say we should vote down the Natatorium rebuild until they come up with a better name for their campaign. What the hell does NatUp even mean? What is it supposed to resemble or spoof? I don’t get it.

Well, I’m gonna vote and you should, too. Remember, you only have until Wednesday night to make a difference! Later, gators, I’ve gotta go nat up.


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