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coming soon…FAFSA Week!!!

April 13, 2010

And yet again we find ourselves at the usual Tuesday Academic Affairs meeting.  Fair warning, I went link-crazy with this post for some reason…

The numero uno thing on the agenda is of course the upcoming FAFSA Week (April 19 to 23), where there will be financial aid professionals helping students fill out their FAFSA application to make sure you can get every penny possible outta the gov for education.

The break down for the week is:

Monday–from 6 to 7, and from 7 to 8, this is the only session where you have to rsvp for a spot. During the sessions, the pros will help students go through the FAFSA page by page to plug in the info.

Tuesday through Friday–from 5 to 6, students can drop in on the sessions without signing up and ask questions of the pros.  Students can come in for as long as they like, and they can also come back multiple days if they have to cut out early for some reason.

Remember for both sessions there are certain supplies you should bring, including a laptop and tax stuff. For more details, check the site and also the brand-spanking new Facebook event!

Look for fliers, chalks, and ads in the Herald and Cardinal…and tell all your friends too because everybody wants to make some money (know what I’m sayin?)

AA also talked about the next steps in the fight for the Textbook Affordability Committee, which aims to keep those pesky textbook prices in line.  The committee was already green-lighted by Student Council and AA is now hoping to get the go ahead from Academic Staff and Faculty Senate.  AA Chair Jonah Zinn said he would like attend the Academic Staff meeting this Thursday to possibly speak in an open forum with the committee.

Preliminary plans for this semester’s textbook swap were also discussed.  The swap will take place after exams, as per usual, but AA is still working out the details of exact dates and times.

And now I leave you…with a mildly disturbing image and a fun video because I know everyone is starting to freak out about finals.  I was going to do a cool-looking food, but I didn’t want to somewhat rip off Jack Craver.

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  1. April 19, 2010 11:39 am

    The food pix thing is actually something Craver ripped from Eating in Madison A to Z, so you can do it in the future if you wish (I don’t think Jack will mind)


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