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It’s the final countdown…(now you hear the song in your head)

April 20, 2010

And here we are at the last Academic Affairs meeting of the year, and things are beginning to wind down…

AA is currently in the midst of their sweet FAFSA Week, where AA brings in Financial Aid advisers to help students fill out their FAFSA applications (because those things can get the best of us…especially with some criteria changing yearly). There are walk-in sessions still going from 5-6 Wednesday through Friday if you need to get your butt down to the Student Activity Center for one still! AA intern Zach Ivans said the events haven’t seen quite the turnout he would have liked, but those who came were very happy with the help they received. Ivans also talked about how this could still be a worthwhile project in the future, so he is in talks with other organizations and officials who would like to step in and help organize the next one. There is also interest in making a guide to filling out FAFSA applications for students to peruse at their convenience.

AA is also pushing to finish up its campaign to get the new Textbook Affordability Committee up and running. This committee would keep an eye on the prices of textbooks and check for different avenues to make textbooks cheaper for students (because it’s so irritating to buy a 100 buck physics book that can’t be sold back because it’s not the “new edition”. yes I’m very bitter about that).  AA has scheduled to bring the committee presentation before the University Committee Monday, April 26, and before the Academic Staff Executive Committee on Thursday, April 29.

The Textbook Swap is also coming up after exams so you can toss those books out with disdain after spending so many intimate hours with them in the libraries. The schedule (date/time) is still being figured out, but I will let you know asap!

And so ends the last AA meeting of the 16th session of Student Council…it’s been a trip folks. Here is a parting present. Somewhat lame, but hey enjoy!

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