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(Potentially) Your LAST STUDENT COUNCIL LB!!!

April 21, 2010

9:16PM Meeting adjourned. Final roll call.

Well, that was fast.

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for taking the time to stop by and check up on the ASM Student Government state of affairs.

Operations grants were the main topic of the evening, which seems to have been settled.

If this is truly the last Student Council meeting, I hope you have all enjoyed the ride…its been a bumpy one.

Congratulations to all Student Council has accomplished in this 16th Session.

Many thanks to our fearless leader POD Harris for allowing me to show him up over live-blog and thanks to all the support 😉 Peanut Butter M&Ms for all!

Special thanks to Michael ‘Romo’ Romenesko for interrupting the meeting about 10 minutes to the end with Ian’s Pizza!!!! My energy is restored…to go work on research projects.

Best to you all, good luck with the rest of the semester and finals…


9:14PM $14,924 left in Operations Grants.

Beemsterboer requests that the leftover funds be referred back to the committee to be allocated among other student organizations, not including restoring any more funds to CWC.

Gosselin moves to extend the prohibition to the National Society.

Calls for the previous 2 questions.


9:11PM Gosselin says now there is $10,000 back in grants.

Beemsterboer motions to add $2,800 to the National Society membership dues. He sympathizes with their appeal before Council, and this was a legitimate appeal.

Ziebell seconds. Reasonable request, allows them to function as an organization.

Motion carries.

9:00PM (I’m working on my powers of telecommunication: Move for 5mins recess…move for 5 min recess…)

Madsen makes a motion to increase the supplies line for $1740-for $3,000 of the custom printed pillows. (OoOoO! Where can I get one!?) As well as lubricant packets and whistles.

Beemsterboer disagrees.

Motion fails.

Love has left the table and is sitting along the wall.

Motion to add $570 to supplies by Beemsterboer. Doesn’t feel like speaking to it.

Called to question. Carries.

Beemsterboer speaks to HOOFERS being allocated funds that include a port-a-potty. Says that now the level of the budget is reasonable. Says that it may FEEL that one group is being singled out, its a big budget; but he says that isn’t how he views it. He feels that he could give reasons for many line items that aren’t necessary for operational activities.

Continues on to say that if they needed an event grant, ask for an event grant. Be clear about what basic operations they need the grant for. Not talking about funding services. It is about basic operations-hence OPERATIONS grant.

Need to meet in the middle. Other groups have applied that didnt get the level of funding to function…here Council is debating the funding of a group that, cut down, is STILL double the next highest. If theres something special about this student org, maybe they should be getting a GSSF fund…but thats not the question here.

Now the grant is at approx 10% of the grants.

Funding CWC at $15,376. Motion carries.

Love passes for the rest of the Council meeting.

8:54PM Love is going through the budgets, comparing other student orgs to CWC. Silence descends on the room as he reads and looks over budgets.

To clarify, I think he is just trying to show that other student orgs may or may not be getting funds for things that Council isn’t letting CWC get away with.

My apologies, ladies and gentlefolk readers, I’m rapidly losing steam. To catch you all up to speed, the approx $33,000 Operations Grant given to CWC is being debated for its approval; called to question for being 1/4 of the overall allocations to student organizations.

Ken Harris, if youre out there….you’re sorely missed! The 2nd bag of M&Ms was for you!…..but have been devoured by various influential and bribe-able chairs of the Council.

Love continues on in his line-item reading…..filibustering, per chance? Oh no. Junger has stated Robert’s Rules cuts speaking terms to 10 minutes…..

8:45PM Calling to question. Question not called.

Manes says he likes to hear himself talk….verifies why the space/rent fund is ok.

Ziebell agrees with change-printing, supplies for promotional materials, amount for ads, funding rent-time to apply for space is passed. Retooling their org for how they could work with space, particularly with SAC in the future is something that should be addressed.

Bemis: I have lobbied with Tina, regarding craft supplies and condoms numbers. I dont support change in supply line item-people have spoken to the fact that some of the supplies might be used in events instead of services-on their website their are things like “Condom Crawl” -things that happen too regularly to be considered as an event.

Love says first off, the whole idea of just because the group is getting 1/4 of the allocation doesn’t mean that’s wrong. It doesn’t make sense. They went through the process. Maneuvering through the budget, looked at diff orgs receiving funding for rental space: Risk Management Society-$1,000; HOOFERS has $1750 for entire space rental, including port-a-potty; etc

8:34PM Love says he does not support the amendment at all. Just because a group is getting an un-typical amount for funding, doesn’t mean its wrong. Cant find anything that shouldn’t be on there that shouldn’t be funded. Sees everything as eligible to be funded.

Cant see why the Council can’t fund the grant as asked. Says if they don’t go back over all the student org grants, in that case, then they WOULD be violating VPN. Has yet to be provided with an argument to show that a certain line item can’t be funded.

Says that just because it’s ‘too large’ is not a good enough excuse to cut it! If a group comes and gives logical reasoning for why they should be funded at this rate….they should be granted funding! Thats what they are presenting and coming for! Went through the procedure, got the funding….Love has yet to hear an accurate thing that can’t be funded. Just because its ‘larger than usual’ is not an accurate argument.

Gosselin: SEE Southworth case or Econ101…if your arguments are valid (Love) then there are about 87 other amendments I would make for increasing funds to other student orgs. Which, in turn would increase seg fees…

Scarcity of resources to be allocated. I moved to go over it because it IS larger than other requests. And they were treated differently because of this. And is prima fashia (Yes yes I spelled that wrong) VPN.

I think the numbers here arent entirely justified. They could all be purchased, yes! But the question is, to what level are we going to fund these purchases. My concern is, we are giving a quarter of the allocable grants to a single organization.Cuts made on comparisons to what other organizations received. Submits that $33,000 is not agreeable. Could potentially be fiscal insanity!

Mane Going to say that I agree with what Gosselin says. We dont have the expertise to go through this by line and pick out whats not perfect. We are a check to what Finance Committee approved and I dont feel this grant was reasonable.I have concerns that the person that moved to have all this money approved was lobbied.

Feels the changes are reasonable and necessary for the org to exist. And yes, they should look at them separate from the services they provide.

8:26PM Beemsterboer making a motion:

-Add $562 to printing ($3,562)

Add $863 to supplies ($2862)

Add $175 to advertising ($2981)

Add $5,400 to space and equipment $5,400)


He is NOT currently comfortable. Witnessed some atrocities during the hearing. Feels like Gosselin hit it on the head…openly discussed during the hearing about the services CWC provides, and was not asked about other student orgs.

To printing: its enough to cover flyers and business cards-adds enough.

To supplies, covers all female condoms and 1/2 of the male condoms. 22,000 total condoms being asked for. Picked lowest cost of 11,000.

Sees things in line item requests that he doesnt feel should be in there: ibprofen, knitting pins, parchment paper, balloons, pipe cleaners, fabric markers, etc. $2,00 should be enough to cover.

Current for ads is a good recommendation from Gosselin to be comparable to the Homecoming ads budget.

Motioning to fund room rental for the year, there are a lot of services this committee provides that they need a space for. Highly advises them to search for other space for another year.

Madsen says its important to take into account Beemsterboer’s opinion and respect his representation of his committee. Important CWC has a space next year. Not unprecedented to pay for space for student ogs. Its important for this groups operation. Might need to find a happy medium btwn what was originally granted…and what they are debating now.

8:23PM Tina says she thought they were treated equally. Requested approximately $38,000. Presented before Finance. Received their grant…..

Moving back into regularly debate.

8:15PM Tina says these services is what they do to exist. Having resources, having resource advising staff, everything is to benefit students.

Separating cost of operating to those of providing services…they are too closely correlated. They are vital to the groups survival and help.

Tina is frustrated at being asked to presented on the fly, but then again is appreciative of the opportunity to address these questions.

Manes asks that, to her knowledge, that CWC did not lobby Finance Committee?

Tina says that no, to her knowledge no one lobbied.

Manes says Tina lobbied with Tim Fung, who personally moved to grant all the funds.

Tina says they lobbied with Tim Fung for GSSF funds. They have since cut programming, changed the budget: this was not a GSSF presentation budget. This was a grant hearing budget. Cant change what a member knew from a previous interaction.

Anonymous support group?

Tina says they change. New topics arise as students ask for them. Names aren’t taken down. Right now have about 4 support groups every week.

8:06PM Ziebell asks about the Netflix subscription?!

Tina says it hasnt come through yet, but it would be great to have the right to get and watch these movies and generate discussion with students.

Ziebell questions printing supplies.

Templeton is curious about equiptment and rental space for $6,000 when the space at the SAC is free?

Tina says its for renting anonymous spaces, the Union, to provide a safe, bigger, comfortable space for students to get support. PAVE, UHS, Sex Out Loud are all here. CWC provides another space for support. People have different feelings about different buildings. Providing options.

Without room rental where would org get space? CWC says without rental fee, wouldnt have space at the Union, and there isn’t another appropriate space. The center would then be closed, services not provided. This is less than 1/3 of their former budget. The reason they were given this grant is because they laid everything out and people know what their services would be used for.

WIthout the space, would they be unable to operate?

Tina isnt sure about that. It would definitely be more difficult, but would need to see with all the resources and volunteering and fundrasing what would happen.

Love: did any members lobby the Finance Committee?

Tina: No. I was informed it was explicitly not allowed. Very severely frowned upon.

7:56PM 4 mins to Tina to address the supplies line items.

Tina wants Council to actively ask questions. Says most of the supplies are condoms. Biggest draw to get students to come into the center. Big draw for males-to come get safe sex supplies. Its clearly stated in their mission. Post-its, supplies are stated as well-printed brochures, direct services to students.

In a semi-related note; press office strongly supports safe-sex. Dont be silly, wrap your…..oh look! Out of peanut butter M&Ms….sad 😦 Now, where was I?…

Do kid craft things. Most of their things are open to all students on campus. Supplies for day-to-day activities.

Manes wants to know if a second hearing is a viable option.

Tina thinks its un-VPN for CWC to be singled out in this manner. Not sure why a second hearing would be needed.

Hanley speaks. It is a huge number. When it comes to printing, is that a service to students, directly? Is it available to all students?….

Tina says yes. And if these things were de-funded, their services would significantly suffer.

Hanley asks what CWC advertises with their ads budget???

Tina: promotional materials. Cant give out any safe-sex supplies without proper logos; etc. Wouldnt be promoting specific events, but the center as a space of support and to bring students in to be involved.

7:49PM Manes seconds Gosselin’s cuts. Goes into his rational. Says alot of what they are requesting for seems to fall outside the general usage of the funds as comparable with other student orgs.

Says there was less than 10mins of presentation for this grant. Feels this Council meeting isnt the best place to take care of this.

Junger says it is imperative that when voting on this later, members explain their rational first, to avoid possible issues with VPN at a later time.

Love is surprised. Says he feels Finance committee did their job and decided the grant. He is surprised and astounded that these cuts are being done right now. Doesn’t understand the accusations for VPN. Cant see how VPN was violated: CWC requested, presented, and received their grant…so where is this coming from? Cant see the rationale behind this.

7:39PM Move into debate.

Gosselin wants to know what power Council has in approving/debating/deciding/amending a grant?

Junger says with 2/3 majority they can do all of the above, by line-items.

Gosselin wants to strike from Campus Women’s Center $6,500 from printing; $10,000 from supplies (make it $2,000) stirke $4,393 for advertising (brings it to approx $16,000) and $6,000 from equipment (zero-funding it).

He fears that based on the numbers presented, Finance committee may have deviated from the way they treated other committees in this allocation. Its concerning since op grants are designed to fund the basic day-to-day operations-pens, pencils, staples etc. other than organization dues. He has copies of the CWC budget request for everyone to see the detailed request.

His concern that he picked for these numbers is the excess in totals for CWC compared to other organizations. Calculations he came up with, particularly for printing expenses is in comparison to B-Lines. Supplies he cut, and it is still double the next highest compared to other orgs.

Continues on with his rational for cutting. Feels it was done in a way that may have violated VPN. Wanted to bring it down to a level more comparable among other student org requests.

In the concept of VPN, he feels that when treating an org differently than other orgs, it is in direct violation of that. And CWC’s presentation of numbers and the Finance committee vote that occurred because of it seems to be the odd-one-out.

7:34PM Largest 5 grants funded? Campus Women’s Center $33,100;  B-Line $8,000; Pi (Kappa something) Alpha $4,780; WUD Publications $5,000;

after appeals the next hightest was CALS Student Council at $3,900.

Gosselin commenting on CWC’s large grant.

Beemsterboer says it is 4x the next largest grant. Rationale was that the expenses were accounted for  and was also one of the largest requested anyway.

7:32PM Onto Op Grant approvals.

Mr. Finance Chair-heard 16 appeals from student orgs. These are the numbers that have been approved by his committee after that time

$145,000 allocated.

Finance committee makes decisions was ‘what are requirements. operational costs on a basic level for students orgs? Advertising to gain members? General funds? etc Membership dues?

7:31PM Onto operation grant revisions approvals. Approved.

7:30PM Agenda bylaw change up next on the agenda. Hold onto yer hats, folks…..4th time this has been viewed.

Q&A begins:

Suave Johnson calls to question, calling to Q&A to close.

Call for unanimous consent.

No objection. That carried….and wow! That was quick and painless. Yay!

7:24Pm Max Love wrote up a piece of legislation to present to Council after a conversation last week of a committee losing space. There hasn’t been enough communication btwn the Univsersity and MeCHA.

Think its Councils duty to ensure their service can be provided, since they are a student organization.

Went off of a daily Cardinal article that he read for his information. Hasn’t been any formal recognition, to his knowledge, about what administration is doing.

Williams wants to know what Love wants to accomplish.

Love says it is a way to bring it to people’s attention. He wrote it open-ended, to request from Administration where MeCHA should go. They are losing space…should they be moving to the SAC? Will that hinder their services?

Love is aware MeCHA received an office space at the SAC for next August.

Olikara wants to know how their direct srevices would be limited?

Love says they do painting and screen printing. They have a large archive. Cant spray paint in this building. The multi-purpose room wont be available to them for all the time they might need it.

Manes wants to know if they’ve explored other options?

Love says he hasn’t had that discussion with them (MeCHA), it wasn’t brought up, so no.

7:21PM SSFC Chair Teddy-Bear Williams-this week revised some rules about being on Noms Board. Working on Tenant Support contract. Met with important people to present the proposal. Working on the legal standpoint. Administrative-how they want to see it zoned. After the proposal is out, must assemble a ‘pyramid committee’ to rate and submit proposals. Hopefully will have everything set up by the time of renting next year.

Last thing to wrap up his session, the contract-advisory committee will finish by presenting the decision to the Chancellor this week. Finishing the work of his chair-ship. Well done this year, Williams!

7:17PM VC Templeton thanks Olikara for the speech on Diversity. Was pleased and proud of all Olikara’s work. Templeton says he has been working with Suave Johnson regarding the high speed rail-supported by a lot of Republicans on the hill.

Went to the CoCo meeting this week to talk about the high speed rail, alcohol licensing, etc.

Moving forward, he has visions with multimedia, recruiting-had an opportunity to see the NEW website that will potentially be released in June.

Possibly doing a film shoot tomrw will Chancellor Martin for the Green People Scholarship, as part of the MIU funds.

Report of Student Judiciary; received one petition. Not much else to report.

7:15PM But really….where is our fearless POD leader!?!? No word from him today…the masses are concerned. Thoughts on where he might be? Leave comments below.

7:14Pm Noms Board Chair Theo: in the process of reviewing interview questions. Shows a presentation preview of what they have worked out. Will be posting job descriptions and interview information hopefully tonight.

7:09Pm Mr. Finance Chair Beemsterbor is having organizations who received event or travel grants to come to the meeting next Tuesday for an open dialogue to discuss their experiences with the grants.

Suave Johnson says it has been a privilege to work with everyone this session and is looking forward to the next.Commented on all the work his committee did this year and is pleased and proud.

SACGB Chair Ziebell-last meeting this Sunday. Bylaw changes and clarification changes on the decision process were made at last week’s meeting.

Chair Hanley-finished up Shared Gov interviews for committees last night. Waited for all to be done and everyone who was interviewed will be informed of the decisions within the next few days. Meeting will be held tomrw, Thursday night.

7:08PM Open forum has been closed. Agenda adopted. No objections. Reading and approval of minutes. All the lovely technicalities are being thus taken care of, folks.

And soon the excitement begins!!!!!!

…youre on the edge of your seat, arent you??? I know I am!!!

*on the edge of my seat: to better balance my computer…. 🙂

7:06PM Jen says they received about $300. They had asked for a little over $3,000 in the grant.

Jen isnt clear what would happen if they are faulted on their chapter dues. Doesn’t want the chapter to be closed.

6:57PM Andrea Nichols up next. Wants everyone to look carefully at the  operations grants tonight and wants them to realize the importance of the decision they are making. Does not open herself up for questions.

Jen-Grad student and co advisor for a National Society for Leadership and Success and is appealing the council for funds that were cut during their grant hearing, to be added tonight. Asking for $2,800 for chapter dues for her society to be added. Would go towards the national society website, support for administration, mailing, books, brochures, etc.

Without these funds, the chapter will be discontinued. It would mean 756 students out of the chapter. Her voice is shaking….guys I think she means this.

In questions, she defines active members-those who participate in networking, leadership events, speakers etc. Approx 300 or so full active.

Missed their appeal while trying to figure out what they initially received in their grant. This is the first time this chapter has been on the Madison campus.

Everything that’s required to be a member at the national member is included in the $2,800 that was cut.

6:55PM He endorsed Max Love and Martin Uraga for the position he is vacating. Felt it was good to articulate who he felt was best for the position as he is moving forward.

“We have a really special student government and it was a pleasure serving with all of you.” -Olikara.

He seats down to applause.

6:51PM For curiosity’s sake…what does ‘DIVERSITY’ really mean? I mean, really. I know everyone has a general idea. Knows what concepts relate to it….but can anyone truly tell me (no. Webster definitions not allowed) what it really is supposed to mean?

Olikara feels that the vision he wrote in November 2008 has been coming into effect in the year and a half of his work. He is proud and honored.

Optimistic for the future. And where it all is going. Also, selecting a new director of admissions. He seems very excitable about it. Big victory in his opinion!!!

6:48PM Olikara still speaking. Diversity and power and change.


Famous face in the crowd: Jason Smathers, Badger Herald EIC, is live blogging as well. Check out his thoughts on ASMWatch.

2 bags of Peanut Butter M&Ms (bane of my existence) have been purchased for this occasion….there is about 1/4 left of the first one. The second will most likely be opened soon. No worries though, we are sharing 🙂

6:40PM Steven Olikara up next.

Says he is not running again for Diversity Chair for the next session. He would like to share his grand vision for the committee, and things he and the committee accomplished this year.

Reminisces of being a freshman running for this position.

“First sentence I have under vision was: my vision is a re-shaped mindset of diversity in Madison….” many bullet points included. Wow. He had quite the vision.

Wanted to work to bring organizations together. Did not just want a ‘diversity program’. Talked of working with administration. Facilitate ideas with students. Admissions process to implement new ideas for diversity.

Initially held open sessions to hear from student’s perspectives. Had conversations quite regularly. Important because University policy had been dictated by those who spoke the loudest or the most….

Serious conversations about how to move forward….

Phew. Really, you should have been here to hear the man speak. Passionate. Charismatic. Idealisitic. Excited.

Essentially, he is summing up where he’s come from, as a freshman joining the committee, through his experiences and learning and change to the end of his chair-ship this session.

-When he first stepped into the role, the Diversity Committee wasn’t around. Congrats to him for getting it back together.

6:39Pm Open forum commences.

Tina is up first. Next week Thursday is a meeting at Library Mall at 7PM for a march down State Street.

She notes operations grants are being voted on tonight. Hopes the council will abide by the decision of Finance Committee.

6:37PM Council called to order. Quorum noted. Chair Junger appreciates those who have made it out by commenting, “Thanks y’all!”

It appears our fearless leader has yet to make an appearance, so through a unanimous vote, I have decided to seize control…mwuah-ha-ha-ha…

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  1. asmmadame2 permalink
    April 21, 2010 6:03 pm

    Are you involved in Ken Harris’ mysterious absence…are liveblogs really worth taking a life???

    • asmadame1 permalink*
      April 21, 2010 6:05 pm

      Who said anything about taking a life!?! He is currently quite cozy in the back of a moving white van on the way to the Mexican border….no worries 🙂

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        i suppose that is ok then…more pb m&ms for us!!

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        April 21, 2010 8:10 pm

        What’s he up to there?

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    we are out of pb m&ms!! this is not a drill!! gotta make an office run asap!

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    son of a bee i missed pizza??? 😦

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