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so i lied…

April 27, 2010

And so we have another Academic Affairs meeting, where committee members talked about wrapping up their projects and what will be on the horizon for next session.

In regards to the Textbook Affordability Campaign, proposed by AA to help rising textbook costs, committee members said they brought their proposal before the University Committee Monday, which went very well. There were some on UC who questioned whether or not this committee was the right way to address the issue of textbook pricing, but AA Chair Jonah Zinn said the proposal was well-constructed and made strong points in the case for the new committee. AA will now take the proposal before Academic Staff’s Executive Committee this Thursday.

AA Intern Zach Ivins gave a wrap of the success of FAFSA Week, saying that it was not as well-attended as he would have liked this could be a good stepping stone for the future. He added FAFSA Week will continue next spring, with help from other university officials, including the Center on Business and Poverty. Chair Zinn added he also thought the week was a success, and ideas for next spring include more advertising and expansion.

For the Textbook swap, preliminary drop off dates and location will be Monday, May 10, and Thursday, May 13, from 5pm to 8pm on 4th floor Student Activity Center Library. AA also talked about implementing a service charge of 25 cents on the sale of books in order to cover unexpected  costs and operating expenses (probably does not include pb m&ms, but it should!).

And that’s all that’s fit to dish at this time…til Student Council tomorrow night, liveblogged by my counterpart/fellow pb m&m aficionado Marie 🙂 5-8 monday 10 and thursday 13

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  1. ASM Press Office: More like, MPower Communications Team permalink
    April 27, 2010 6:20 pm

    It’s curious why you write about this and not some of the non-MPower candidate work going on.

    • asmmadame2 permalink
      April 28, 2010 12:43 pm

      Well I’m sorry but I’m just reporting what happened at the meetings. Yes some AA members are associated with MPower, but they work for ASM and are doing committee work.

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