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And they all lived happily ever after…Until next session

April 28, 2010

11:14PM And we are ADJOURNED!!!

Your last Student Council LIVEBLOG for the 16th Session is officially coming to a close. Thanks for your patient attention and support.

It’s been a grand, peanut butter M&M filled journey. I enjoyed every LIVEBLOG (all of 3) that our fearless leader allowed me to show him up. And hopefully this won’t be the last you hear from me 😉

On that note, enjoy the rest of the semester, enjoy MIFFLIN! And see you all back here soon for the start of the 17th session. Cheers!

Parting gift

11:12PM (Oh no! Missed 11:11PM 😦 I wish….)

MEChA space information.

Max Love says that he has relied on information from the Herald, the Cardinal and MEChA themselves.

Templeton says he has many documents from administration.

Beemsterboer calls for suspending/postponing indefinitely this legislation to be continued for the 17th session.

Called to question. One opposed.

Motion to adjourn.

10:58PM Beemsterboer continues to specify the reasoning, decisions and rationale behind the re-allocations to the groups involved.

Approval of grants-by a role call vote-is up for question.

Members will briefly state why they are voting ‘Yea’ or ‘Nay’.

Madsen-Im ok with voting for these changes. I made it clear during debate.

Love-I wasn’t going to vote last meeting, I was going to abstain. Because of my affiliation with CWC. And today I’m definfitely not voting on this. Paritcularly because an email wasn’t sent out to everyone.

Suave Johnson-I am comfortable with the amt of funding set out last meeting. I’m comfortable thought not perfectly satisfied with the was fair.

Ziebell-ASM is not here to lead groups by the hand. If they have questions they should come ask. Its frustrating and hard. It can’t be all on us or them. Has to be 2-sided.

Beemsterboer-I won’t be voting on this. If I were, it would be yes.

Williams-I will not be voting.

Bemis-I will be voting. I trust the informed committees Finance Committee made. Allocations were made.


Ingram-Voting yes. Im glad we were able to have all the clarifications. When I came in I wasnt very comfortable and maybe I’m not completely comfortable now..but I feel better about this decision.

Johnson-Agree with Ingram.

Gosselin-I spoke during debate to my thoughts.



Vote of 7-0-7 Operations grants passed.

Beemsterboer says he has learned that the most important thing to student organizations is that you need to hold their hand. The most communication possible is still sometimes not enough because they don’t take advantage of all the information.


Beemsterboer says everyone had the opportunity, but it wasn’t explicitly stated that they need to check everyday for the opportunity. The changes that could be made from last Wednesday, that all grants were subsequent to changes-was made known to the student organizations. The numbers were constantly updated on the website.

Gosselin says that ‘what is compelling for him’ is that information was given as to when things would be changed, when things would be finalized, was last Wednesday. And an agenda was posted 24-hrs in advance in a public place for anyone to see.

He says the press covered the funds that were cut and were available for re-allocation. Having already had the internal appeals process…he is confident that organizations could have been made aware. They had the opportunity and the availability to come across all this information. Convinced that Finance committee made sure that organizations could have the information available.

Some took advantage of the situation. Some didn’t. He is comfortable with the decisions made.

Madsen says after hearing the clarifications and reasoning he is more comfortable. He is just slightly concerned about the few groups that came forward to open forum to get it.

10:45PM Call to question. That motion fails.

Motion to suspend rules to be able to fully-debate the question.

Max Love still isn’t convinced. Doesn’t feel the organizations were adequately informed. He acknowledges that a first email was sent out, but feels that there was a second appeals process that organizations didn’t know about. Speculates that maybe some leaders were out of town, or missed the memo. States he will not be voting on this.

5 members of Student Council claim they will not be voting based on their affiliations with various student organizations-so as not to violate VPN.


Gosselin: Hearing was had, allocations made. Some groups appealed. Appeals heard. Went to Student Council. Council made a decision. Finance Committee went back and re-allocated. Decisions finalized.

Rep Bemis: I dont feel theres an issue here that the groups were contacted about the remaining up. They have the right to follow the media and figure it out. I think all of them were able to make an appeal in the first place. They all had that opportunity. If there was money, and a group came seeking it-its clear to allocate it.

Beemsterboer-Every group was told before the last council meeting that changes were being made, and were giving links to the pages with all the information. Groups naturally, I assume, went to check th einformation. The page also indicated when appeals could be made. Groups that were interested in the funding they received could readily look it up.

Every group had the right to access this information.

Ingram-I would like to clarify. So, on the website, which all groups were told, it said that final recommendations were being made and told them to check for final recommendations?

Beemsterboer-I didn’t specifically say.

Ingram- Yes or no. Were, did all the organizations have access to the information, they knew the information was available?

Beemsterboer: Yes. All organizations are told. The orgs were notified a meeting was held last Wednesday for final recommendations. The information was made known to them.

Ingram: I’m still a little concerned. By the fact that only the people who happened to have their packets ‘up arrows’ were given further allocations.

Okay. Lets take a step back here. Here’s the gist of what I’m getting from this discussion. Max Love and Rep Ingram seem concerned about potential ‘unfairness’ over the re-allocations.

They are asking Beemsterboer to clarify whether or not all the organizations had a fair chance at receiving the extra funds, to appeal for them.

Beemsterboer and Gosselin both have confidently assured them that yes, the organizations had a chance, and were informed of the recommendations and decisions that were coming up for final decisions. Those who checked became aware of the extra funds and sought them out.

Any organization could have found the information from the website or from coming to ask about it.

10:25PM We are back!

Love: reason I called the recess was to think about what we are doing tonight. I don’t think we should approve this tonight. No groups were informed about the extra money that was re-allocated. i don’t think it was their responsibility to seek out if their was extra money. Groups that hadnt heard about it, didn’t have the chance to come forward, come to open forum to speak. This raises questions about which groups knew, how they found out…Every group should have been informed and told about this.

Rep Madsen: I agree with Love. If only the groups that knew were the ones that had come forward to appeal…it seems troubling. I can see groups getting upset over this process. I think we should talk about this more.

Gosselin: I recognize the concern that you are bringing up.

-Every group had a hearing. Every group was giving a re-allocation process. They could appeal. Some decisions were made; not made. The first round of recommendations were presented to us….

Gosselin goes on to explain the process and appeals.

10:20PM So while we sit together and chat during our 5 minute recess together….how are you all doing? How are classes going? Good good.

Also! For those who are reading along..(for which I am much appreciated) there is ONE WEEK left of the current Press Office’s reign. If you have any topics, concerns, deep burning questions you would like answered (yes. Ken Harris has a tattoo. On his right forearm.) Please, feel free to leave them below 🙂

10:17PM Rep Ingram: So…not all the committees were given the chance to apply for additional funding?

Beemsterboer: We were taking them as appeals.Open forum in our meetings were available to any and all students.

Max Love: Were any of the committees notified of the additional funds?

Beemsterboer: Those who heard of the extra funds came forward.

Williams says he will not be speaking on this at all.

Love motions for a 5 minute recess. No one is opposed.

Take a breath folks.

10:12PM Chair Junger reminds committee that all questions, comments, concerns etc MUST be made in a VPN manner during talks on grants/ financial allocations to groups.

(Sorry dearest followers, if it starts to get a little more generalized…its been a really long week. I’m doing my best. Questions, comments, concerns-please leave comments below!!!)

Teddy-BearWilliams: Do you believe allocations were made in a VPN manner?

Beemsterboer: Yes. I do.

Max Love: Do you think it would be wise for council members to specify why they voted the way they did last semester to verify?

Beemsterboer: Sure…

10:08PM Finance grants:

DECA, Student Global AIDS campaign, Habitat for Humanity, HOOFER riding club-11 clubs received additional fundings- 11 groups all together.

Considerations were made to the 2 committees who asked for help. Funding went to groups that had appeals. 3 groups got more money without appeals.

Leadership turnover was a reason for an appeal from Student Global AIDS campaign.

Continues to speak to specifications for allocating funds.

10:06PM Small changes to the Shared Gov appointments. One name duplicated. Another name spelled wrong. changes made with no opposition.

No objection to appointment. Passes.

10:00PM Chair Hanley speaks to the Shared Gov appointments. Highly recommends the work her committee put into making these decisions.

Hanley speaks to the quality and diligence of her committee. Feels they made good decisions throughout the year/semester.

PS: It just got really really cold in here!!! Eeek! Summer nights…be warmer!

Rep Smith-how many positions did you set out to appoint? How many did you?

Hanley: In theory don’t want to appoint all in Spring. Want to leave a few open to appoint new people in Fall. Helps ensure everyone has a fair chance. Approximately 160 seats, appointing about 60 seats then. (Some seats left unfilled this session.

9:56PM Discussion on United Council and their connection with student reps. Working on a merger and legislation. Looking good so far. Further steps to go. Continue on with it in the next session, ensure the same momentum.

Chair Teddy-Bear Williams: SSFC didn’t meet this week. May 1st is budget alteration deadline. Working on that and cleaning up various things for the next chair, next semester. Reserve Board meeting for Friday. Actuals received for the GSSF groups. Determine allocations. Working on Tenant Support Services as well. <Phew> Alot to work on.

Reports from Diversity Committee, Student Judiciary and…another I cant recall, were not present to present their reports.

9:41PM Questions about the book swap are circulating. No worries folks-details to follow this coming week.

Mr. Finance Chair– Did allocate final event grant last night. Invited groups to come last night for an open forum discussion to discuss the usage of the grants, the application process etc. Got quite a bit of feedback.

Approximately $249,500 of $250,000 allocated. Came close to fully allocating. Last year came up about $30,000 short.

Chair Suave Johnson-Legislative Affairs: Working on issues over the summer. Making sure committee ready to take hold of these issues next year. Hope to finish these individual projects. Fully confident what we haven’t finished yet, will be finished soon. Excited for next semester-a lot of the groundwork set this session will help a great deal in the 17th session.

Events over the summer will be sent out on the student listserv to see who is interested in coming to participate.

Alcohol Density Plan meeting a lot over the summer. Students needed at every meeting, at the bare minimum at least one. That will take a big chunk of time over the summer.

The Gubernatorial Debate for next fall, need to be working on it and contact administration all summer.

Other issues are the Housing/ Leasing Legislation. Mostly affects student tenants about when they can sign a new lease. Summer will be a busy time for the committee.

Chair Hanley- My report is my legislation for tonight. Past week has been finalizing the appointees to their committees. Been a great year, transition into the next year.

Chair Ziebell- all leases signed. One group turned it down, so given to the next group. MadHatters lost in a dead-tie 😦 Governing Board appeal with MEChA, havent heard anything recently.

Chair Junger-Student Council retreat this past Sunday was enjoyable. Decided to take up a project for representing the School of Music. Also, today students from Milton High School came through the ASM offices to tour the Student Government. Junger got to be the tour guide. He was pleased. The students were presented to and filled the room. They were invited to the Student Council meeting tonight….w

….where are they!?!? Ya know..thats just sad that they don’t want to come. This is some pretty hefty stuff guys! But I can understand if it’s past their bedtime…

VC Templeton-thanks guys for a good semester. I hope to be around next semester. Talks about a project for a student oversight committee on the police force. More discussion of various important topics to be specified at a later point.

9:35PM Reports of Chairs:

Chair Zinn-Academic Affairs: wrapping things up. Presented to Diversity Committee about affordability etc. Encouraging collaboration and support. FAFSA week wasn’t a huge turnout but was pretty successful and the groundwork is set for future years. Interns doing a good job with their projects. Book swap drop off days Mon-Thurs of finals week. Dates to be announced next week.

(Sorry…I’ve been distracted. Mr. Finance Chair has a Culvers malt (shake??? I can never tell the difference.) It looks delicious. But it doesnt look like he has enough to share with the committee or bribe the Press Office*)

*Press Office doesn’t openly accept bribes. However, gifts left on the Press Office desk are much appreciated 🙂

9:29PMRecess ended.  On to open forum.

Rep Max Love is up first.

“Its the last meeting of the session. I wanted to thank everyone for making it a semi-decent year. Had some good times, some not so good times…but thats what makes it fun. Wanted to thank leadership for all the hours they put it.”-Love.

He thanks the committee for the experience and returns to his chair. Thanks Max!!!

Rep Ingram specifies that he wants Mr. Finance Chair Beemsterboer to clarify the reasons for the allocations/ re-allocations for the changes to the grant—give a detailed explanation.

Chair Junger takes the opportunity to thank the committee.

Teddy-Bear Williams asks what is the most important accomplishment for the year?

Chair Junger-“Thats difficult. There are a lot of things ASM has done. The budget. The Haiti Day of Action was wonderful. Chair Zinns work. SSFCs work. Maybe we don’t have one shining beacon to work around this year…collaboration of events.”

Rep Ingram asks what he would have done differently?

Chair Junger-Different attitude for the members of Student Council and different budget alterations.

Open forum is closed. Reading and approval of minutes.

9:24PM Motion to recess….5 minutes called on account of discussion of legalities…interesting.

Rep Ingram has some concerns over the business on the agenda as well as the legalities of the decisions made tonight. Quiet conversations break out throughout the room.

9:21PM And we have begun. We have quorum folks! Thats nice 🙂 Small crowd though tonight.

There is a tie-sighting in the crowd-Vice Chair Templeton: true to form.

Shared Gov Chair Hanley asks that 2/3rds majority vote on the Shared Gov appointments that have been made.

She says she strongly recommends these appointments be approved tonight, as this is the last meeting of the last session.

9:20PM Still waiting for this show to hit the road. Concerns for quorum are murmured throughout the room….

True to form, Student Council is going right up to the bitter end. Tonight’s Student Council meeting will go over Finance Committee’s Grant Recommendation and also discuss MEChA’s space.

Our fearless leader is off at the Overture Center with The Girlfriend, currently watching ‘The Lion King’…for which I am exceedingly jealous.

Favored snack of the night: Dark Chocolate Kit-Kat bar.

Dress code: Appears to be casual…I have yet to see a tie. These ladies and gents look quite approachable tonight 🙂

And three minutes to the beginning….lets make this short and sweet shall we?

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  1. asmmadame2 permalink
    April 28, 2010 8:18 pm

    i would have outfancied/intimidated everyone if i were still there…haha

  2. Ryan permalink
    April 28, 2010 8:46 pm

    Do you guyz have any pig on you? I just need enough to get me back to normal. I am going to kick this habit soon, I promise. Right after examz.

    • asmadame1 permalink*
      April 28, 2010 8:56 pm

      No pig. Our fearless leader is watching Timon and his young warthog friend though…he could clear the Savannah after every meal. He’s a sensitive soul…though he seems thick-skinned!!!

      • asmmadame2 permalink
        April 28, 2010 9:15 pm

        and i got downhearted…every time that i…shhh not in front of the kids!

  3. Michael Romenesko permalink
    April 28, 2010 10:01 pm

    Stupid Italian homework. I can’t be enjoying this with all of you. I heard a certain member of council fell asleep?

  4. asmmadame2 permalink
    April 28, 2010 10:31 pm

    the parting gift link doesn’t work!!! commence panic attack!! gah!

  5. April 28, 2010 10:40 pm

    How many times do I need to tell the Press Office people this?

    We changed the press office job end date to be May 31st. If you want to keep working, and I hope you do, you have another month. The idea was to make sure there was a press office for the start of the 17th session, until they got organized and hired their own.

    • asmadame1 permalink*
      April 28, 2010 11:01 pm

      Thanks Erik, we know. And we will be getting everything set and ready for whoever is taking over for the 17th session….this was merely a good-bye from the last 16th session meeting….

  6. May 27, 2010 7:41 pm

    Hah I’m actually the first reply to this incredible writing!?

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