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SC 17th Session Rocks and Rolls

May 2, 2010

Alright, ladies and gents.

41 pages written notes, 8 hours and 22minutes of recorded notes-and your very first meeting of the 17th Session ASM Student Council has (finally) come to a close. Its been quite the journey, and thoroughly scripted by myself and others.

Off to finally get some food…Subway sounds ridiculously delicious right now.

I apologize for any spelling errors or names that  I butchered. I will be editing some things in about an hour or so when I re-locate to a much more conducive and comfortable place…..and when Im recharged with some vittles!!!
It’s been grand, you’ve all been great! I am still a little hurt that readership isn’t strong, but no worries, we’ll change that 😉 (Translation: shameless bribery and self-endorsement)

9:10PM And the meeting is adjourned.

Williams has an announcement: I’m not sure I want to be Chair….haha, just kidding. So, I thought last sessions 7 hour meeting was the longest. We beat that with 9 hours. Congratulations!

Nice work Chairing your first meeting Williams! …It would be interesting to see those who actually stayed to the end of the meeting…the final roll call seems a bit sparse..


Next meeting Wednesday at 6PM. Seems to be what everyone was anticipating. Most likely the last meeting for this semester…

No opposition. Motion carries.

Motion to postpone the rest of the agenda.

Fergus: I hope the committees can start to get together and work on the last things etc. And by postponing, everyone can take a look at the remaining items and come back to speak to them.


Fergus: I have 3 more classes to graduate. Genetics 466, Physics, and somethings else

Junger: Well, youre a smarter guy than I am.

Fergus: Well, we knew that…

All: OoooOOoo!

No objection. Carl Fergus is the next Chair of Academic Affairs.

9:02PM And the votes are in!  Vote of 14-6-2

Congratulations to SAM POLSTEIN as Chair of Legislative Affairs

Onto vote for Chair of Academic Affairs.

Solo nomination of Carl Fergus.

Fergus: Want to turn this committee into a group of working affairs. Campus safety has been dropped and needs to be addressed. Textbook costs-this years committee made huge gains. Also, financial aid and work study. (Cites experience and leadership)

Omg…is Jason Smathers packing up? Yes!!! He has left the room. Finally. Took him long enough. You’d think he liked this sorta thing or something.

8:59PM Vote by secret ballot for Chair of Legislative Affairs.

Candidates being: Sam Polstein and Tina Trevino-Murphy.

Very contentious vote for Chair. Both bring vastly different aspects and experience to the table. Who will be the next Chair for the Leggies!?!?! Stay tuned…


Lizotte: Tina has years of experience working for ASM. I feel it is very disrespectful for leaders to be saying some of the things said here.

I am supporting Tina because of my work with her. She is very reliable. Very easy to get a hold of and talk about things. To solve problems. I have come to her with problems and ideas that she may not have seen. I have found that working with Tina easier than working in some interactions with LegAffairs. Legislative Affairs has been more cautious while Tina has jumped at things. We need a Chair that will look at students first before it looks at how it effects administration-admin has people to look out for them. Students need someone to speak for them. Tina is open and willing to speak on these issues. And she is very reliable.

Huang: I am supporting Tina. She is very reliable, very proactive. It’s no secret Tina is a very polarizing figure on campus. We need someone with that kind of conviction to be Chair of Legislative Affairs.

Manes: Everyone knows who they are going to vote for. They’ve spoken, given their two cents. Lets vote!

8:52PM Lots of talk of quality, dedication and leadership. Very strong and meaningful adjectives.

Call to question. Division. Raising of placards…Point of information: we are on hour 9ish…Cheers!


Johnson: I can’t speak highly enough of Sam and the work he has done. In all honestly, Sam as my intern in Fall was my go-to guy. We would hash out ideas. In terms of structure and campaigns we’ve worked on, Sam deserves a lot of credit. Sounding board. <discusses internship program, leadership building etc as well as Sam in his capacity as Vice Chair> Talks about legislation being sexy….

Why does everyone keep bringing up legislation as ‘SEXY’ !?!?!? I don’t understand.

(cont’d) Sam’s dedication astounds me. Quick on his feet. Quick thinking, couple moments in DC…responded to questions really well. Biggest point is continuity. (Discusses turnover, continuity and ‘passing-of-the-torch) He can pick up where I left off and take it to the next level. My goal of making Legislative Affairs the next most important sub committee of ASM.

Junger: In support of Sam. He’s been here for 9 hours doing nothing. I’m having a hard time sitting here. And he’s been here the whole time, waiting for this moment to show he wants this. Also, received a message from Dan…something…I will read for him

‘I have known Tina. She is unreliable. If she becomes chair of legislative affairs, it will just be to push her own agenda. If it conflicts her views, she will not work with it. Lack of leadership.’…Sorry guys. I’m not transcribing the rest of that. You get the picture.

Nichols: I just want to say quickly I support Sam. I have been an intern with him. He will do great in a leadership position. He is rising to leadership. That’s what I believe it is. Personally I think you have to serve on a committee before you can lead it. We served on committees and worked on them all year. He wholeheartedly deserves this, because he’s worked so hard on it. He hasn’t received a lot of recognition because he wasn’t leadership. He wants to continue on…etc. Dedication and now wants to continue on into leadership.


Ever lost your composure?

Tina: Its hard to be supportive and keep a straight face when working with people who oppose you. I have lost my composure before. But I am good at keeping the personal and professional separate. I try to be very truthful and honest. And put in some humor…<something about legislation being both fun and sexy>

Sam: Cites an example about working on a frustrating piece of legislation that didn’t work out but he managed to keep positive

Student involvement?

Sam: Simple, effective way have committee members bring friends. The internship program, drag in other interns. The Fall kick-off to recruit and get people interested. College Dems and College REpublicans. People who have the time and the interest to come to these meetings.

Tina: I also think it needs to go beyond what Sam said. If it were just that, we would miss a lot of people that way. Go to the groups who may be impacted by certain legislation and issues. Its not just politicized groups. Groups you wouldn’t expect to be involved. The stuff we work on, so many people will be effected. Make it fun, make it sexy and have a laugh once and a while.

8:25PM Both candidates speak to their goals and plans for the committee as well as how they will address continuity. Impressive really. Oh, you wanted to hear it? My bad…

Sam has been working closely with Legislative Affairs all year and the specific goals and plans set with Suave Johnson he wants to continue, such as the gubernatorial debate and other State legislation.

Tina has good plans that include above and beyond Madison. Isn’t sure about the rules set in place right now for Legislative affairs but has workable knowledge surrounding this.

Tina: Committee members should have a large say with what they want to work on. A lot that goes into it. Because of connections I have and things and legislation that are being worked on I can bring those in as well to be worked on.

Sam: Getting the committee to work together, have a big workable committee is key. (Cites other organizations and schools needed to work together to exchange ideas and campaigns together to work together)

Junger: Where is the most potential to have student victory?

Sam: I think its the City level. We’ve seen that this past year. Not ignoring the state or federal level, but in general the city level is a great place to win victories. The city officials will notice if you show up. It goes a long way when students show up. When they hear that student voice, they really take it seriously. Leasing legislation, campus safety etc. In general, that’s the best place.

Tina: That’s a good point about city levels making a huge difference. But it doesn’t take a lot of effort to send a few emails. We need to make calls, send emails. If we send 30 people, make phone calls…national and statewide issues may seem overwhelming but I would not shy away from them. We are missing that piece of where legislation happens. There are a lot of policies here that we can work on at the university….(specifics with housing, gender issues, putting together resources) Most effective in developing new leaders. I think we can be effective in…all of them? We can win at all levels. We have. And we should continue to do so.

8:10PM Yes folks. We are STILL going. On hour 8ish.

Paper ballot for Diversity Chair is being counted. Candidates are Ace Hilliard and Martin Uraga.

In a vote of 13-11-1 Martin Uraga is the Diversity Chair. Congrats!!!

Onto Chair for Legislative Affairs.

Nominations are:

Tina Trevino-Murphy and Sam Polstein.

Sam: I have been Vice Chair this past session. I want to stress continuity. Its important. When you have people who have already been on the committee, and you have good turnover, then its good to have it to hit the ground running. We have a lot of important issues we are working on right now, and in the Fall we need to have it set to make sure it happens.

Tina:I apologize I haven’t been sending emails etc. Trying to stay our of the politics. In terms of continuity, I have been involved with ASM for 3 years. Been on Shared Gov, Student Council etc. Also at least been in touch with the Legislative Affairs chairs in the past. Helping out a lot with LegAffairs with my other work. One of the co-founders of the External Affairs committee. Need to shift some of their things back into Legislative Affairs (goes on to cite specific experience and examples and national legislation she has worked on. Wow, she must have one impressive resume!) Been to practically every Student Council meeting this year, you all have seen me. Worked with A LOT of different groups. MEChA, WISPIRG, CWC etc. I can make tangible next steps for what needs to be done (More relevant experience and stances) From that you can see I am really qualified and able to do this. I have contacts in other states too so I know when things are coming up. Im bringing my contacts, my networking-delegation skills.

Q and A

(*My apologies to all, but I will be leaving at 9PM no matter where we are on the agenda. Its been about 8 hours already and if I miss anything….y’all can check the Badger Herald tomrw)


Nichols: All the candidates running for all the positions have been very strong. I would like to say I support Martin. I have worked a lot with him. (Speaking on SACGB work with him) He was on SSFC, SACGB and be an intern. Once he commits to something, he follows through on his word. He still contributes to every meeting. I think he will do a good job in leading the Diversity committee.

Love: I apologize in advance for any of my comments that might be taken as offensive. Diversity committee didn’t have a meeting form half way through March to the end. Just dialogue is the only real …nothing that was done as a WHOLE with the D committee. I don’t agree  with the comments on it being a highly respected committee on campus. Steven also endorsed me, and I know members who wouldn’t vote for me so I don’t see his endorsement as meaning much. (Speaks on Posse? A scholarship program. Speaks on what Ace Hilliard has accomplished.) The elements of diversity that Ace speaks to, are what diversity really is. Its what its supposed to be about, making sure all voices are being heard around campus.

Everyone who doesn’t have a voice at this institution. Its more than that. About diversity issues that need to be heard. But more than that. (speaks to Hilliard’s amazing qualifications. She really has done a lot) I feel like she is the best candidate for this position.

Peters: We do have 2 very qualified candidates. Max has just spoken to what Ace has done in Chicago. I would like to speak to my personal experience with Martin

Strong leader, very independent. He is very intelligent and can lead the D committee in making tangible decisions on campus. Subsets on human race, gender etc. I see him doing great things in this next session.

Manes: I find it really interesting in who should be diversity chair that 4 or 5 white males have come forth to support Martin.

I think Martin really excels. Its not longer about underrepresented groups, but also the diversity of opinions. Diversity is a means to an end. A diverse set of ideas and opinions that represent everyone.

Love: Where can I find information on what Diversity committee actually does? Oh yeah. The website.

Savoy: Diversity committee is stated as being a welcoming, open….(reads a description that I couldn’t catch. Sorry!) I’m sure Martin you are an amazing person. We ARE taught that diversity is more than skin color, gender. I’ve seen her work. Seen her do her job. Yes, people that are white happen to be gay too. She doesn’t just focus on the gay community. I’m not saying because she is black. I know what the Diversity committee is. Its there to address those issues. I’m all for diversity of issues and ideas. But that’s not what its there for.

Nichols: A lot of things I’ve heard about Hilliard are amazing and I hope whoever gets elected you can both work together. But I know Martin was born in Argentina. He’s is always available. I know he will do a good job-he also knows what diversity means, he also can incorporate different people.

Secret ballot to commence.


Junger: Olikara did an amazing thing. Brought diversity to something that is respected on campus. His support of Uraga is good. (He said more…but that was the jist of it. Has anyone noticed that since he isn’t Chair anymore…Junger has commented on almost everything? Guess he wants to prove his voice hasn’t gotten rusty!)

Johnson: In support of Uraga. Good work, hard work. etc…


Beemsterboer: Olikara spoke about 7 hours ago in support of Uraga. They both have different views but they’ve worked together. One side of the argument is that the LGBT and minorities are the only diversity on campus. The other is that every on campus is part of the definition of diversity. I disagree that the committees here arent ‘diverse’.

Finance committee was broken down last semester with: 2 African Americans, 5 Asians and 2 ‘white’. We were 75% ‘minorities’. There was also ‘diversity’ among SSFC. I feel that diversity is more than just race.  I would support Olikara and his support of Uraga.


Uraga: I would like to see a full committed committee, even in the absence of a chair would still be driven to accomplish the goals.

Hilliard: I would know my job would be done when more students of color are involved and on these committees.


Uraga: (sorry I missed a lot of it)Discussed outreach and getting people to work together.

Hilliard: I plan on reaching out to diff orgs on campus. I have a lot of contact information as well as going to student orgs my self. A lot of experience and a lot of qualifications. Get people in to diversity committee to work together. Participate in other committees as well. If nobody reaches out and tells them, how can they participate?

Fergus: What does class mean?

Hilliard: For me, class means economic status. People that are here on scholarship, people who’s parents can pay for tuition etc. To me it’s how much is paid for, how much you’re paying to come to this Univeristy.

Uraga: I agree, socio-economic status is defined that way. Tying it to diversity. Something I would work on are all the different scholarship programs-different diversity ways, including class.


Hilliard: Does anyone here know what ‘gender queer’ means?

<murmurs ensue…>

If I were to get Chair, I want to push for the education of terms like that. I am African American, I’m gender queer. I’m a part of many organization on campus. I know what it means to go about bettering the community. Worked for years on not-for-profit organizations. I want to see more unity. There is no unity .Push for different events. Different groups represented and participating. Look around the table right now, there is NOT that much diversity. I feel I have the qualifications.

Uraga: Thank you all for giving me this opportunity. I was part of Diversity Committee this past year. There are things that I would like to see changed in that committee. Would like to be chair because the committee itself needs work. Able to see the things it has done good, but also its many flaws. Committee was sometimes made up of only 2,3 and I have a problem with that. I could tell you what I think diversity is, but that’s not as important. I have good experience. Seen good leaders and learned a lot through my experience. My plan 1.) work of the committee. Would like to get the people. You can have a great plan but you need people to work on it. Get people that I know exist on the campus and have them work on what diversity is. Get the people to make changes. 2.) expand what diversity really means. People think its about sex, race, religion. I go beyond that. Its the diversity of ideas. With a fully committed diversity committee…expand and increase what the committee has done. I am aware of the efforts of diversity at the University. Without a full committee of people fully committed to this, I don’t see that happening.

Wow. Strong statements.

7:35PM Nomiate VandenLadenburg to Chair of Shared Gov.

No questions, no debate.

Hanley says he has her full support as well as from many other committee members.

None opposed.

VandenLadenburg is Chair of Shared Gov. Congrats!!!

Onto Chair for Diversity Committee.

Uraga and Hilliard nominated.

7:31PM In a vote of12-10-3 Tyler Junger will be Chair of Rules Committee

Members are dropping like flies!….Can I zip out of here as well???

7:23PM Guess we’re pushing through a bit more folks!

Nominations for Chair of Rules Committee:

Junger and Plamann.

Junger: As chair of ASM last semester, I can across unclear rules, bylaws, wording etc. I feel I am in a unique position to do so. I look to clarify the bylaws and wording. Have a set of rules that aren’t conflicting in themselves and gove a coherent overview of what ASM should be doing.

Plamann: I have a good understand about how statutes work. Spent a lot of time on laws etc. Did some time on SACGB and saw problems there. Want to be coordinating with other chairs. Rules are what I DO!

Debate. And….go!

Love: I support Plamann. Someone who hasn’t been a part of ASM and can bring new ideas to ASM.

Junger: I agree about bringing in people who have new ideas. But the chair is the leader, bringing together the committee….I would like to see this done and I would like to do it myself. I have written many bylaws etc.

Johnson: Junger has a great grasp of how the bylaws affect this organization and other committees and aspects of ASM. Important to keep in mind this person will be referred to in all manners of Robert’s Rules. This body has no formal power. Merely recommendations. We should let Tyler run with this. It’s his baby…

Lizotte: I’m happy the previous chair pushed to create this committee, I think we should seriously consider someone who has professional experience. Cale could lead this committee in a direction that will positively reflect how bylaws in general should look.

Role call vote.

7:19PM Wow! Huge contention over postponing all items except one.

There is debate about nominating/ appointing the rest of the committees/chairs for the committees.

A lot of people are very tired and ready to be done (*raises hand)

Others feel we’ve been here, we are here and we should just suck it up and push through to finish the agenda.

Tough call, apparently, as they can’t seem to make a decision.

7:16PM Vote of 15-11-1 Andrea Nickols is Chair of Noms Board. Congrats!!!!!

6:57PM Neck-for-neck: Nickols v. Savoy. The great debate of the….day for Noms Board Chair.

Who will be the next ‘ASM Noms Board Chair!?” (said on the overbearing voice of Tyra Banks from America’s Next Top Model)

Nichols stresses her past experience. And her idea of candidates being able to fit and carry out the job description.

Savoy says she has the time and dedication to carry out this position and make appointments in interviews.

Love: Strong support for Jasmine Savoy. Ability to reach a wider range of students to apply for ASM positions. Need a new style to get people to apply. Unsure about a perspective chair saying we need people with prior knowledge. Chair just needs to have good leadership skills. Jasmine’s accomplishments are well exceeding to be chair of Noms Board.

Zinn: I am a little hesitant to have someone on SSFC sitting on Noms Board and making the decisions that…furthering people who would support positions you agree with. Not accusing Nickols of that, anyone really. Also, move to limit debate to 10 mins-7:15. (No opposition there! )

Vollrath: I’ve worked with Nichols. Been on various committees with me. I’ve seen her step up and take the initiative when no one else would. I’ve seen her dedicate herself to that. While she was working as an intern, also went to SSFC. Very dedicated member and I heartily support her.

Ziebell: Andrea Nichols is very welcoming and open. She has all these great idea for how Noms Board should work, and filling positions.

Beemsterboer: Would like to speak to Rep Nichols. Been more than fair in her decisions this semester.Highly contested was removing the staff position in the ASM budget. She reached out to members, council etc to find out how far-reaching the ramifications would be. It speaks to her and her ability to seek out information and dedication to a decision.

Junger: Speaks to the differences btwn Noms Board, Press Office and Outreach. (oh, there are MAJOR differences, dear readers, I assure you) Noms Board needs to be more helpful and provide resources. (Continues on in support of Nichols and the accusation against her of bringing in only those she supports)  Support Nichols because of her vision.

Plamann: I am wary of having a chair of Noms Board also be on SSFC. We need a separation between branches and it is a worrying misstep to allow the two to cross.

Johnson:I support Nichols. I think Love misrepresented Nichol’s bylaws knowledge. She has an exact plan of what she wants to do with Nom’s Board. She has a GOOD plan. Which is even better than even just having a plan. I see her past experience.

Manes: Sounds like people have decided how to vote. Call to question.

Paper ballot vote.


Nichols: Stresses inclusion and interaction. Competence and quality. Making people feel comfortable. Following up on great candidates that can’t be appointed and directing them to other committees, seats and opportunities. Ensuring the success of ASM.

Savoy: One of my goals is outreach. Just posting or emails that most people delete isn’t enough. We HAVE these jobs available in this specific time frame…and letting a wide variety of people know, then just the same people every time. And giving them resources. Really for outreach and involvement. Should go beyond the boundaries of ASM.

Qualifications of a member of Student Judiciary‘?

Savoy: I don’t know right now so I can’t speak to that. But I can research that.

Nichols: Someone who knows the bylaws, make a real choice. Some who can look at information and the rules and apply them.

Appointing to specific committees?

Both stress competence and knowledge and processes.

My sincerest apologies, dear readers. Really running out of steam here. Typing for an extended period of time must have been in the fine print of my job description….shoulda brought a magnifying glass.

6:45PM Nichols and Savoy up for Chair of Noms Board.

Both are excited and dedicated. Have visions and goals for how they want to appoint for the committees and offices that are in need of it. Stress competence and quality. Good, good. All sounds lovely. Let’s make an appointment, shall we?

6:42PM Apparently there is no limit to who can be nominated and appointed to Shared Gov. They are all approved as stated below.

Moving on to Diversity Committee.

Motion to postpone the rest of the appointments due to time and the fact that they aren’t exactly necessary to appoint right now. These include: Academic affairs, Diversity, Legislative affairs, Student Print Board will be appointed at the NEXT SC MEETING.

On to nominating the Chair for Nominations Board.

6:37PM As previously stated, all nominees are explaining their experience, their dedication, their visions, goals, dreams etc.

I apologize if you have a yearning, burning desire to hear all their experience and convincing arguments. If you had REALLY wanted to…you’d be here 🙂

They are all wonderfully qualified. They are all excited to work on various committees within Shared Gov (over 50 I believe) I’ll get back to you when they vote.

Phew. You should all be ridiculously proud of Student Council. They have motioned twice to end this meeting about 2 hour ago…yet they are still going! Cheers!

We are about 6 hours into this meeting. Going quite well, not as much of a shitshow as it has been in previous years.

*Sad news, peanut butter M&Ms were not purchased for this meeting. I am currently cursing my lack of foresight.

6:22Pm Shared Governance Committee.

Nominations include:

Bemis, Brigham-Schmuhl, Stevenson (not here), VandenLangenburg*, Kuo, Huang, Theobald

Brigham: I was a write-in candidate. One of the things that caught my interest was Shared Gov. Having been an undergrad and employee (now a grad) I am fairly invested in this community. Some involvement with civic and state affairs as well. Excited to serve on this committee and I have requisite experience.

Bemis: Continue that work, having served on this committee before.

Huang: states she is excited and really wants to be on this.

Theobald: Its important for students to have a voice and be involved, actively participating. This is a committee I feel I can jump right in and do a good job.

Kuo: With my previous experience as an undergrad, I have a lot I can bring in to serve on this committee. Collaborated with students and staff. Also been a house fellow. Believe with my experience I can bring some good qualities to this group. Affordability and quality of education.

Stevenson not here.

Hanley believes all open committees have 5 positions available from Student Council. (Bylaws being checked).

Hanley: Has an interest in seeing the committee move forward. Wants to know the knowledge of those who are looking to be on this committee.

*I apologize for any name misspellings. I will correct them in the near future.

6:19PM Onto nominations for the Foundation Hiring Committee. It can be made up of members appointed later from Noms Board as well.

Appoint students and potentially staff to the ASM Foundation-has roughly $50,000, NOT seg fees. This committee would APPOINT people to the Foundation Board. They would NOT be on the Board themselves. —money leftover from Student Government before it existed as ASM.

Nominations include:


Love: I have a little bit of knowledge about the Foundation and its funds. I feel like I can look at this and do a good job at appointing by being on this committee.

No debate or questions. Love appointed. Congrats!!

6:14PM Everyone but Deichl received appointments to Noms Board. Comprehensive list:

Junger, Hanley, Nichols, Savoy, Woolwich, Zinn, Fergus, Love

Rules Committee up next. Nominations include:

Ingrahm, Plamann, Johnson, Junger, Beemsterboer, Ziebel, Madsen

Q and A closed immediately as well as debate. None oppose.

By unanimous consent, all are appointed to Rules Committee. Congrats.

Onto SACGB Chair.

Katy Ziebell nominated.

Ziebell: I would like to continue my work as Chair. We accomplished a lot but I feel like there was a lot left unfinished.

Ziebell appointed as Chair of SACGB. Congrats!!!


Aw! This is effective. The names of all the candidates have been written on not one, but BOTH white boards. Helpful in voting purposes so no one forgets a name.

Votes are being counted and tallied as we speak. This is heady-stuff, guys. Nominations board could potentially have the power to turn ASM and some of its committees around.

….essentially, the fate of my job is on the line, really. Eeek! Pick me! I endorse Peanut Butter M&Ms, sarcastic commentary, colorful ties and entertaining LiveBlogs! Hmmm….(I ponder the effectiveness of endorsing myself for Press Office on my own LiveBlog. Shameless really, but I’m rather ok with that.)


9 candidates for 8 positions.

Move into debate.

Williams moves to extend the 5 committee members to be the 9 members they have been contending. Calling to question. On to a ballot vote.

Williams acknowledges this will be a pain but is necessary. Members have 5 votes they can allocate as they will among the 9 candidates. Ballots are handed out.


Minor discussions over discrepancies over which members can serve. and which can’t. Bylaws discussed.

Beemsterboer retracts his nomination.

More discussion of intent of the law.

Move into Q and A.


They will all proceed to state why they are awesome, how their experience will qualify them for a seat and what they hope to accomplish. And yes, in that order. Please stand by for following comments.

Beemsterboer extremely qualified. Discusses past experience etc.

Hanley grateful for the nomination. Discusses her work and experience with Shared Gov, particularly the over 100 interviews she just finished for her committee. Dedicated to be on this committee. Speaks about the issues pertaining to Noms Board in the past.

Nichols says she has done a lot of research and conversations with people. Excited for Noms Board. Speaks passionately about her overall excitement and vision for being on Noms Board. Looked into specifics of the board and how it works. Procedural things. Interesting in seeing the Board also following up on god candidates that aren’t appointed.

Junger would love to work on Noms Board. Speaks on why he rescinded and then re-accepted. Thinks he is qualified due to the fact that he can attend these meetings, being both active and vocal. Would like to see it through. Take it forward and do it well. Rescinded before because of numbers, but if happy to be nominated.

Zinn speaks on how Noms Board can help Press Office go forward….interesting. Then on his work in his committee.

Fergus, very loudly and emphatically, knows what it takes to thrive and be dedicated on several committees. Willing to nominate people based on various perspectives. Thinks he has all the qualifications to make it successful.

Love says it is based on the resumes and qualifications as well as the interview process. Thinks he can fill this job based on looking at an application and seeing what a candidate has to offer.

Savoy qualified because she is a good judge of character. President of her committee. Good at nominating and choosing and appointing positions to people. Look for quality and accuracy.

Woolwich wants to be involved in direction this org is going. This committee good place to do that. Explains his past experiences with Leg Affairs and how the Noms Board would let him continue.

Diechl (read from his statement by Williams)  knows the process. Crucial to appoint good candidates. Great knowledge and qualifications to do this based on past experience.

5:43PM Positions awarded to:

Manes 28, Lizotte 20, Plamann  and Vollrath

On to Nominations Board.

Beemsterboer nominates himself…and consequently accepts. Hanley and Nichols nominated and accepted. Deichl nominated…and accepts through statement on paper? (He’s not here…)

Fergus N and A. Love N and A. Woolwich N and A. Zinn N and A. Junger nominates and accepts himself…after a brief pause…Savoy N and A. Junger rescinds his nomination. Beemsterboer re-nominates him. Junger accepts…again.

8 open spots with 9 candidates.

5:37PM Counting votes for the 4 available SSFC openings.

(Do-do-do-do-do-do-do…..DO-do-do-do-do-do-do-)< hummed to the tune of ‘Jeopardy’

General discussions and murmurings amongst members as we wait. Beemsterboer laughs maniacally. Rep Fergus and Rep Hanley eat watermelon (looks delicious!) Jason Smathers stares off into the distance…

5:22PM Rep Beemsterboer nominated for Finance Committee.

No one opposes as he is the only one nominated. Congrats Mr. Beemsterboer for being back on Finance Committee.

4 spots open for SSFC.

Matt Manes nominate and accepted.

Rep Plamann nominated and accepted.

Sam Peters nominated and accepted.

Jolie Lizotte n and a.

Lauren Vollrath n and a.

Rep Childers n and a.

Manes: I have spent the last year as secretary of SSFC. I am personally involved with every issue. I just want to continue my work.

Plamann: I’ve worked very closely with the committee. I want to help out with that work and make the process as clear as possible. I think I would do a good job with that. I actually know what VPN is! (Great qualification!!!)

Peters: Would like to continue my work.

Lizotte: familiar with process. Confident I can do a good job and in a VPN manner.

Vollrath: Always been interested in SSFC. VPN is a big concern. I have proven I can make VPN decisions. really want to be involved with SSFC this year.

Childers; Feel I can make VPN decisions.

QandA. Top 4 vote receivers will be selected.

Junger asks what each of them have done in a capacity that warrants being on this committee?

Manes says he has been at multiple late late late meetings. Gone through full season of eligibility hearings and decisions. Report for the Chancellor and presentation. Knows VPN

Plamann says he has very little life and enjoys procedural things. Has studied the bylaws etc.

Lizotte says she has attended various SSFC meetings in the past. Done training on SSFC meetings. Put together WISPIRGs budget and familiar with the process. Spent a lot of time looking into VPN.

Vollrath says she is only taking one class online and working. It would be easy for her to take off and come to these meetings. Been on SACGB since its inception. Very aware on serving on a committee and being VPN.

Childers says he’s read the handbook everyone has and is good at making decisions.

Move into debate…..<silence>….

Manes makes general statement: SSFC is incredibly grueling work, especially in the fall. Meeting 2x a week as well as Student Council meetings. Tons of paperwork. Meeting with student groups outside of meetings. Incredible time commitment.

Junger speculates on the ‘most-important v. time consuming’ position of SSFC Chair. Agrees it can be most hard-working, but it is the second most important after the ASM governing board. Experience is key. Manes and Vollrath have experience. Those 2 are the strongest.

Beemsterboer says Manes is obviously most qualified reps for being on SSFC. Same can be said about Rep Lauren Vollrath. Work is similar in knowing criteria: setting it and keeping it in place. They both have a lot of experience.

Called to question. Speculation about a paper vote…

5:20PM All members must serve on on of a specific set of committees. If I am not mistaken, these include, but aren’t limited to:

SSFC, Finance Committee, Academic Affairs, SACGB, Diversity, Legislative Affairs, Shared Gov, and Nominations Board.

5:17PM Call to question of postponement…

No opposition. Postponing item 7b till next meeting.

Just a heads up, we’re on to nominations for Chairs of committees. OoOoO!!! Exciting. Let’s test your knowledge of ASM committees, shall we? Oh. We shall.


Discussion over time limits on meetings. These late night, midnight meetings need to stop. Also, the issues and problems over long meetings, fighting battles and pushing items through without thorough consideration needs to be addressed.

Talking about putting meetings every week….some agree, some heartily disagree.

Those who disagree say they know the meetings will go from 6-midnight, discussing the same things over and over again.

Trying to say we need to have these meetings every week. Need to talk a lot outside of the student council meetings to be able to make DECISIONS during the meetings. (Gasp, really!?)

On a similar tangent-Zinn moves to limiting this meeting to 6:15PM.

Division. 9-13. Nays have it. Oh the irony.

Beemsterboer says he agrees with the motion for meetings every week. Particularly for groups getting accepted for grants. It could take up to 5 weeks for groups to finalize their funding. Its important to have these meetings to get things through and taken care of.

Call to question. Having regular Fall meeting Wednesdays at 6PM

Motion carries. So! Everyone best be checking up on this EVERY Wednesday next semester. Just sayin’…


Back in order….I’m not sure about the time capabilities of SC members…where is everyone?

(I may or may not get more snarky in commentary as the meeting continues. Why, you wonder? Because I was just informed that this LiveBlog is not heavily utilized as a valid source of info.

Really guys, really!?!? That hurts. So! Anything I’m missing here that y’all would like me to work on? Because I would like to think I’m WWAYYY more entertaining than say…Kurt Gosselin’s blog for example. )

4:52PM Nominations for Secretary:

Rep Madsen is the only nominee.

Madsen: I know its strange..and it has nothing to do with my general love for taking notes (general laughter). No easy way to find our agenda, the minutes etc. Its no ones fault. You really have to go around with the newspapers, the different blogs etc to get information. There really isn’t a good way to take comprehensive notes, etc. I want to lead by example and re-organize the whole system. What we expect the press office, the webmaster, and the secretary to do.

(Hear hear! Good statements. But Rep Madsen…there are super secret plans in the works! Well…ok, not so super secret. But there will most DEFINITELY been a huge turnaround next semester in terms of coverage, availability of information and the website. Just wait and see 😉 Keep in touch for future updates)

Problems with attendence and minutes…how to address that?

Madsen: Want to have the lists up of attendance, who voted what etc. Want it all online for the public to see. We need to clearly lay out who is responsible for what things. I think secretary’s responsibility is more about minutes, roll call, votes etc. Getting it online, working on the website etc is more the roll of the press office.

Plan for website to expand throughout all of ASM?

Madsen: Yeah, really need a whole expansion and re-structuring of all that.

Close Q and A.

Love: Completely support TJ. What he says he will do, he will do.

Only one candidate: all those in favor say aye!

AYE! …no opposed.

Congrats TJ Madsen as ASM Secretary

5 minute recess in the works. Phew! Theres just so much going on at the meeting!

We are about 4 and some minutes into this meeting. Any bets on how long this will go till????? Please comment below 🙂

4:51PM Vote of 20-12-1

Please Congratulate Adam Johnson as ASM 17th Session Vice Chair


Whilst we wait for the votes to be counted, I would like to take a moment to say there are other blogs going on at the moment with amazing coverage of this meeting. I’ll link them when I have a sec, but Jason Smathers, Kurt Gosselin, and Max Love I believe all have their blogs up and running.

Theirs have more commentary and most likely less large blocks of text…but just as wonderfully informative. So whatcha waiting for!?!?!? Get on that.

4:46PM Call to vote. Paper ballots once again.

I sincerely hope the members of this Student Council have thoroughly thought out their decisions. Both candidates are ridiculously qualified and both bring very different aspects and viewpoints to the table.

They are both strong candidates, both passionate about what they are hoping to accomplish…and I hope that is shown through the final decision.

Hold your breath, ladies and gentlemen….


Manes: Johnson has done a great job this past year. An issue is working knowledge of the committee. You can’t spend your time learning how things will work if you are put in a leadership  role. You need to be able to step up immediately. This org is very large. Its huge and works on a large number of issues. You need to have experience. I think that makes Johnson more qualified than Lizotte.

Love: I would have to disagree. Sometimes it can be more beneficial to not have complete working knowledge. Jolie has worked with WISPIRG and has great knowledge and experience to bring forth. I will be voting for Jolie, as part of transparency. I think Adam has done a remarkable job on Legislative Affairs and a good example of how leadership in a committee should be run. But I feel that Jolie has experience and new ideas and ways to reach out to actual students and do thing that are important to this student body.

Need to look at the job description. Organizing delegations to UC, mobilizing and involving students. A lot more than Legislative Affairs. She brings a lot more to the table in terms of the job descriptions. They have both done legislative work. They are both good candidates. When you take into account the full picture, she has that. She has worked with WISPIRG, worked with 100s of students. Lots of student involvement. A lot of issues that ASM and Legislative Affairs hasn’t tackled. Give her a fair chance because she has a lot to offer.

Junger: I’m going to be supporting Adam Johnson. He took one of ASM’s committees that was falling apart..dramatic turnaround. Experience of getting people together, hearing voices. He has done that, brought forth great things.

This is not about bringing new ideas forward. Need to have Student Council work solely on student issues. Her experience on WISPIRG is not all the goals of ASM. There is an organization for the things she has spoken on, and that is WISPRIG. They do similar but different things that we can work in conjunction with, but isn’t all what ASM is about. Outreach is a big component that they are both experienced about. There is the intrinsic work that needs to be done, and Adam has that knowledge and experience.

Zinn: I have a response to the claim that the Chair and Vice Chair need to have a working knowledge about the committees and ASM. It is something you can learn, something you can pick up. And I’ve seen people do that quickly. Jolie has demonstrated that she can do that really well. WISPIRG are students that have shown that have worked really strongly on student issues. She is showing that her past experience shows she fits the description. More than working on bringing together average students together to support and coalition. That’s where we are going to find power. Students are where we get things done. Jolie has shown that. Lets not just do away with the idea of bringing in some new with different ideas is a bad thing! Someone who can being fresh ideas, different perspective is a good thing. ASM has a habit of recycling people through. To be successful, we need to have a broad range to represent students.

Beemsterboer: I think we need to keep in mind all that Adam did this semester of Legislative Affairs. He came in with almost nothing to go on and turned it all around. He wants to use the Big 10 network….(Speaks on specifics examples of Adam bringing people together for a common goal: United Council, SAFRA legislation, State level, outreach to other schools etc) All his work getting students together and mobilized. His ability to bring students together at 3 different levels is remarkable. I’m going to strongly endorse Johnson. I look forward to seeing the results.

Hilliard: Because she is a part of WISPIRG and those ideas will be put forward already…I find what people have said so far are untrue. We are here to represent students and to find out what students want, because she has been a part of such a large successful student org, she brings together a large community and I think she will be a great VC.

Plamann: I will be voting for Lizotte. (Speaks on her experience) the WISPIRG work shows how quickly and how well she can adapt and work with a system and how well she can work as VC.

Nichols: I will be voting for Johnson. ASM isnt something you can look at and just generalize. You need to know, have background knowledge. You need to know how each committee functions and works together. We are picking a leader. Someone to lead the organization. We need someone with the knowledge to lead this.

Love: I want to say we keep using this analogy that the way Johnson has been able to revitalize Legislative Affairs with nothing….so we have been saying that someone can come in and turn it around, without specific background knowledge. He’s an example to show this. We need to vote based on the merit of their qualifications.


Local issues that you’ve worked on?

Lizotte: Public transportation options. Making Madison a Fair Trade city. Voting as well is a local issue. Worked on Spring elections in particular.

Johnson: ALRC position. Campus safety meeting-RTA was established. Alderman Bryon Eagon on lighting issues. Transportation issues.  I could go on and on and on about this.

Being Vice Chair-how do you plan on working together with the Chair to tackle issues that are important to students and promoting what students want?

Johnson: I already have a good working relationship with Chair Williams. We are familiar with each others workin process. He is good at administration and the depths of VPN. Im good at talking to outside officials. We bring two different areas together and I think we complement each other very well.

Lizotte: Im good with working with just about anyone. Won’t immediately go against or oppose a decision. But I also would strongly want to ensure that the Chair and I are representing students. I have a lot of respect for Brandon. I am confident we could work well together.

Time for Q and A has ended. Debate. (Move to limit debate to 20 mins-carries)


Question for Rep Johnson only: He got this seat after another member stepped aside.

Ok, there is a discussion about logistics and electing and appointing the Chief of Staff position and stuff. Short and sweet. Nominations board talk etc…


Sorry guys. Missed this last question. Needed a water break…hydration is crucial!

They both talked on how issues and endorsing issues for student interests are more important than pushing candidates.


Johnson: Goals being worked on, accomplished. Quantitative measures. Outreach. Getting more involved. Particularly with Big ten school events. If we can go and have respect from them, I measure that as a success. More that we can do than we’ve done in the past, I feel would be a success. Also, connecting with other committees even WITHIN ASM! Shared Gov in particular. Then connecting out to student orgs. Then other student governments around the state and around the country.

Lizotte: A measure for success, create a plan. How do I want things to turn out? What’s my ideal vision? Plan that out before it starts. That way, when I get to the end, I can see my success, what happened that I didn’t expect, have week-by-week things to plan. Having a plan ahead of time, makes it easier to accomplish those things. A method. Things I want to see, to have a success in, that we would have increased communication with student orgs, see more student involvement events, in ASM and things ASM takes on. Include in that, the Chairs of the committees, I can help them accomplish their goals. Making sure we are actively pursuing the vision we have for ASM.

Most effect way to get things done for students?

Lizotte: Very good communication. I know I can’t get everything done on my own. Delegating to those who might be able to do things better than me. I’ve had a lot of experience delegating things as coordinator for WISPIRG. Also make sure that I would ask others, students I’ve worked with the most to evaluate me. How working with me is, and how I can improve. Take into account other people experienced with me as a leader.

Johnson: Ill be brief. Communication. Sitting down and talking with people. Getting different viewpoints. Talking about issues we havent, that we should! And Web 2.0 stuff. We have social media. Twitter, Facebook etc to better connect with not only ASM but also serve as a tool for generics, getting students on campus to share ideas. Combination of all those things. Communication is one essential element for being a good leader.



Johnson: Student orgs we have on campus are very diverse and interested in getting involved. They do so much that we can use to help with our campaigns and help with theirs. We don’t tap into that network. We live inside this ASM bubble and we don’t go out and work with that. Make it part of the job description to have Chairs meet with different groups. By just going there. Connecting. Informing and have them know what issues we’re working on that correlate with theirs. All these student groups want to get involved but don’t know how. If we want to make ourselves legitimate…it shouldnt be that hard to get student orgs interested in some of our campaigns. (Mentions Tobelman’s ‘TOAD’ idea of last session. Other examples with student orgs such as College Dem campaigns)

Lizotte: What we’re working on, what they’re working on and how we can accomplish similar things. ASM doesn’t need to have the final word on student issues. There are alot of different viewpoints out there. We need to have good relations with different student groups. Part of that is reaching out and coalition with student orgs. (Speaks more on specifics of getting groups involved, getting mobilized, utilized etc)



Johnson: (Talks about Chair and Vice Chair getting together to talk about contentious issues. Serving as official student voice to Board of Regents. Discussing merging with United Council and his experience working with the UC and the biennial…..congratulations to those in those positions before who have done great work.) Says he ready and willing to learn and step into the position.

Lizotte: (Talks about WISPIRG experience. Ties to schools around the country. Experience working with students around the State and Country on issues of poverty, governmental, economic-credit cards, banks etc. Work over the summer…in a capacity that talks to people in the community and to students. Good at listening and coming back to relay those experiences) Important to be able to listen to what other schools are facing. What students are facing and be able to listen to the issues that people face and be able to help them solve those problems. By helping across the State, helping students here.


Lizotte: Need to have a strong voice. If you don’t have an answer to something, that is something you need to go figure out. Need to be active on figuring what these issues are and how we need to tackle them. Keeping in mind that there are a lot of problems people face as well as having priorities.

Johnson: Done a lot recently to take into account other schools We seem to go to events and things with the mindset of us being better than other schools. We have the benefit of being next to the Capitol; have the advantage to go to these events and bring back and express the will of the entire United Council to the State. We have this direct access we haven’t utilized to the fullest. As far as national-big 10 things, we haven’t gone to any of their events. We need to change that. We are the most powerful student government at least in the Big 10. Other schools are jealous and will be looking towards us at our capacity in leadership roles.


Missed the question…

Johnson: Biggest victory I had in getting students to come out and speak for something, the ALRC was getting together and we were working on getting a student position on that committee. The fact that the committee was considering this option was huge. Getting students involved on state level. I didnt have a lot of time on my hands…used my connections, had ASM and committee work together…got about 18 students together-more than almost the past 3 years combined…and with good reasoning and logic.

They appointed a student position. Point remains valid that students in this situation just had to show up! Something that hadnt been done before. I was proud of getting students interested in that.

Lizotte: Basically as a part of WISPIRG, Ive been involved with mobilizing students. Those coming from different places aren’t aware of things that are going on. It’s informing them and telling them how to get active on issues. (Gives specific examples with her WISPRIG experience. Very impressive!!!) First steps are mobilizing. Every time you get a student out to these events, need to keep up with them so they continue to stay involved. That is something, continuing student drive throughout the year to come be involved in ASM, on local and state levels is increasingly important.


Lizotte: Senator Kohl in coming to campus to talk about credit cards. He came to us, and said he wanted to come to campus and talk. I want to see that happen in ASM> not always us going to them, but being engaged with decision-makers who can come to us because they want to inform their constituents. Ive also worked with legislators to come out to talk about the high-speed rail, not just here but in 9 different campuses. Also worked in the local elections Spring 2007 in getting a debate on campus in the 2 people running for the Dane County seats.

Johnson: My work on Legislative affairs: being very interactive with  city aldermen. Currently working on getting together a gubernatorial debate going for next Fall. Been in the process of working with Channel 3000 for how the logistics to work-stream it online, get students all over to be able to submit questions. Been in contact with the campaigns. The one that is most interested is Mark Newmann’s campaign. I would have thought he would be the least likely. Im excited that people running in these high offices want to come here to speak. Like Jolie said, we’re getting to the point where legislators see how important it is to come here to speak…the debate will be the second biggest thing that Leg Affairs can do next semester.

3:31PM And we’re back. Time for the Vice Chair debates, informational testimonies etc.

To reiterate:

Adam Johnson and Jolie Lizotte are up for the position. Opening statements:

Johnson: Big issues are: State biennial budget. Ensuring that UW gets the money it deserves, get the most value for students via financial aid. Second is reaching out to institutions across the Big Ten. And then biggest is on-campus outreach. Students, student orgs, ASM all working together. Very broad picture of outreach. I’m very focused and committed. Very excited about it and willing to work with everyone.

Lizotte: Want to continue to see ASM reach out to students and involvement. Want to see it become a more positive force on campus. My involvement with WISPIRG, 2 and 1/2 years. Experience working with our decision-makers to support student issues. Making a difference in students lives. Done a lot of work getting decision-makers come to campus to speak on different issues. Increase student body voice in the election. Also the recruitment drive-getting interns and volunteers involved. Want to apply my WISPRIG knowledge to ASM recruitment and involvement. Want to work as a moderator. Coming in new to ASM, working on relationships, respectful atmosphere and people enjoy being a part of ASM.

Very strong opening statements. Lets get down to the nitty-gritty


The SECRET BALLOT is being counted. Members talk amongst themselves.

Williams and Zinn shake hands…and fist bump??? Alrighty.

Quiet down folks, quiet down! Results are about to be revealed!!!!!

Vote of 20-12-1

Brandon Williams is Chair of ASM for the 17th Session. Congratulations!


Debate has ended. The paper ballots are being passed out. Names are NOT obligated to be placed on the paper ballots. Votes will be ‘Zinn’ and ‘Williams’.

Here we go folks! Ready for this?

There have been very very compelling reasons for both candidates to be elected as chair. The votes are being decided NOW.


Stevenson: Attitude is very important. Talking with students. A lot of people don’t know about ASM and they don’t care. Advocating for student interests. Comes down to attitude: Reaching out to students. Can’t just sit in the office and have office hours. Don’t just see what people want but be able to be proactive, get to know other students. This campus is full of students, very passionate about different aspects. Want to see this session motivate people. I support Jonah. He works extremely hard. He’s a leader. He gets everyone’s views. Tries to get people in to talk. He’s very good at getting people to express themselves and feel that they are participating in something important.

Ziebell: Brandon is the best candidate. (She is reading a statement she wrote up about all the work Brandon has done helping her committee, helping others, moving things forward on the ratings website etc)

Plamann: Deciding factor for me is the tone that will be set for the next session, especially in terms of working with administration. Both are strong candidates. Both I have great respect for, but the deciding factors has me supporting Jonah for all his hard work.

Beemsterboer: Zinn has worked very hard on SLAC and the coalition. It troubles me that being Chair and having to work with administration would come from a history of opposing with admin. There are times when you need to stand up to administration but there are times you need to work with them as well. I support Brandon.

I didn’t catch her name, but a representative spoke about a student org that said Brandon was not helpful or supportive in the SSFC process, and therefore she supports Zinn.

Junger: Never heard of Williams going back on his word as SSFC chair. I know the GSSF process is complex and hard to get through. All I’ve ever heard is that he is supportive and helpful. I hadn’t heard of a student org complaining he was unfair. I would expect more of concrete evidence to believe that.

Manes: I know I can be fairly confrontational. The accusations of him being unable to help are unfounded. His proactive way of dealing with situations. I fully support Brandon.


Fergus: Ive worked very closely with both candidates and they both show a great work ethic. We really showed here that we can keep positive in probably the most important vote of the year and Im so impressed with the council and hope it can keep up.

Nichols: Fully support Brandon for a variety of reasons. Serving on SSFC and under Brandon, I was blown away by how good Brandon was. Ive been on groups in high school, being involved like everyone here was…this was the first time here, and I wanted to do such a good job because of Brandon’s influence. It is a great experience to want to push harder and want to do a good job because of someone else’s leadership. <talks about a specific instance where he pushed her to research and make her own decision before stating what his views were> His sheer dedication. Goes to meetings he doesn’t have to go to . Even when he isn’t a part of that committee.

Johnson: I want to express my support for Brandon as Chair. When he first came to me, I was a little unsure of what I wanted to do. But when he talked to me about the Housing Services plan, and when we sat down to work out the proposal, he was very fair, didn’t give away his opininons until every was sure what their own opinions were. He’s very likable, easy to find common ground. Very personable. Set an irreversible precedence for the future. Brandon is the guy to make ASM not seeming so much of a joke.

Vollrath: Support of Brandon. Been a part of ASM for a very long time. Seeing Brandon and his work on SSFC. The respect people have for him. He knows how to handle the pressures, handle administration.


Question and answer closed.

Manes: I think the choice is clear. Herald, Cardinal, and Erik Paulson have all endorsed Brandon Williams. He has more experience and knowledge.

Love: I personally would like to hear how many people were lobbied by constituents. I want to know how many students contacted members about who to vote for.

Now some members are discussing how they know about the work ethic, accountability, experience and knowledge of the candidates.



Zinn: No I don’t think that anyone does can be a complete success. Overall, Ive been rather successful this year.

Williams: I feel my success came from leading through the SSFC process.


Williams: Tenant support housing services. (Guys…he has a 3 page document on what he wants to do to improve housing. Impressive) Madison Properties rating website. Pushing back leasing dates. Right now at 3 months. Not good.

Zinn: Represent students voice in any capacity that is in their interests. (Mentions relatively same programs and approaches as Williams) This is an issues that we really can involve alot of different committees and aspects of ASM to find a solution. Something that will encourage cross collaboration.



Williams: Role of chair is very diverse. Develop into good leader. Lead by example. If you do this, you’ll be better off overall. People will respect you, listen to you. The best leaders are those that inspire other leaders. Being an example you can really inspire leadership.

Zinn: Yeah, setting an example for what good leadership is, what it looks like. I think the first thing is to empower representatives and any one on ASM to really speak their mind. Come forward, express their opinions, express their viewpoints. Another way to do that that is really key is focus on campaigns and ways to get actively involved. If you dont feel your voice will make a difference, then youll fade to the background.



Williams: Problem with my ability to delegate tasks. As SSFC Chair, when we had to compile a report, I did some delegation. But not enough. Comes down to delegating, dictating, or directing. I think I’m still learning how to delegate correctly but Im getting better at it.

Zinn: Delegating too. And focusing on different aspects.  Can get overly passionate. Need to keep in mind moving forward.


Zinn: The most are those that deeply affect the lives of students. 1 is affordability of higher education. Financial aid etc. Also, Textbook costs. Those are really key things in keeping in mind. If we look to those they will have a huge impact. 2. Campus safety. Having students feel safe walking home on campus. Getting home safely. Those two issues are really key. Exercising the student voice in the 2010 elections will be important as well. Issue of campus unity, campus equality. I think by focusing on all of these issues, drive at the one thing that can unit different sectors of campus

Williams: Alot of things ASM could work on . One word: Pocketbook. Every single student, even if their parents are paying for their education, still has to worry about money. About being able to afford education. Seg fees. All these things come into effect. What you have to pay to go to school. Every costs included.



Zinn: Making sure that you know there will be negative criticism. Being able to respond and be accurate in that discussion and be out there. Being really active and out there. Interacting with students, press, campus. Showing through our actions the response to the criticisms. Press office is really important. Making campus aware.

Williams: Something I have substantial amount of experience with…picking up the newspaper after SSFC meetings is pretty full of criticisms. Its a measure of accountability. Have to be able to say if a criticism is unfounded. Have to be able to move forward with what you believe.

No one expects you to be perfect…need to be strong to admit you are wrong. Whats an example of when you were wrong and fixed it?

Williams: Beginning of the session, thrown into being SSFC Chair. Didnt make sure that the process wasn’t as clear as it could be. Have former leaders come together and have a discussion about the typical problems and have them together to come up with ways to fix it.

Zinn: A big leadership problem I have is being able to delegate. Working on the book swap and everything I felt a lot of it fell on me. I felt isolated. But now, the ability of being able to delegate and hand out the share of work. Also, being able to connect with groups, members. Working on issues themselves. Be more collaborative with people.


Zinn: Personally Ive worked with alot of student issues on campus. Both in and out of student orgs. Part of the role of chair isnt necessarily knowing everyone on campus, but to be able to synthesize information from people about student and orgs from other people. Use own mechanisms and networks ..important in moving forward.

Williams: I do have conversations about ASM with other people. Friends or even people I’ve never met before. Its difficult to say ‘I know all the interests of the student body here’ but if you listen to all the different views it can help. It becomes important to me to sit down and meet with different views. Full spectrum analysis.



Zinn: (quotes bylaws) students have a right to determine their seg fees. Thats what it all comes down to. I think there are other court decisions, other functions that determine how we process and move forward. I think some of the power of ASM is that we have the power to create governing bylaws.

Williams: (quotes many things..) very impressive answer. Should have been here to here it.Sorry, too much too fast to get all down.


Williams: Sat down, talked out with people. Junger and I had a disagreement over the MIU proposals. Sat down many many times. Met to talk about it and work it out

Zinn: Yeah, sitting down and talking. Getting a feel for how to move forward. Really tried to work with other members on council, other committees of ASM. Being receptive and talking.


Zinn: Being able to work with admin is important. But we need to assert our independence. Stick to interests that best benefit students. Dont want to isolate them and be disrespectful. They can be a powerful ally. But they can also be a powerful enemy.

Williams: For the most part, the goals of the U are the goals of the students. There are times where the goals of the U dont make sense in the interests of students. then you have to be strong in saying ‘No’..that isnt in the best interest of students. We had that with the MIU proposals. (quotes a bylaw) have a right and responsibility to help with allocation seg fees.


Williams: Talked alot with provost, deans, met with chancellor. Budgetary people. Etc. Relationships Ive built to this point I feel will be very beneficial.

Zinn: Worked with Vice provost for textbook campaign. On top of that, also have some  experience on Shared Gov committees working with different administration.

Scenario question. About working with a team and reporting processes and the right answer. Set up to see how they would work with a group.

Zinn: If they decide for the wrong answer, its not necessarily the worse thing to inject your own answer. Making sure that you do represent the interests of that body, is important. That your interests dont do unheard.

Williams: In specific interests where I have to deal with people who are pushing for different things…I would respect their positions. If I have this team of very knowledgeable people who know what theyre doing, I want to respect their knowledge and reasoning.


Williams: I don’t think its in the best interest of SC to take on controversial issues like that. It would be hard to justify that to our constituents. Its our obligations to pursue those interests over the controversial world issues.

Zinn: Starting the session, its important to work on issues we all agree upon. But coming up its important to look at those controverisal issues, and if SC decides its important to take an issue or stance on it, then I will work my hardest to do so.


Zinn: Interest of the students. Be the student voice. Represent students. Financial aspect-spending it where students want it to be spent. In any decision making body that has the ability to affect student lives, its important to do so in that regard. Student council is the arena of debate. Its the central body where these things are brought up. I think that we need to make sure this is functioning, managed moving forward. Council is the place to do that. Can balance out, decide on issues that we can move forward on.

Williams: Difficult question to answer and Ive thought a lot about it. We are a student org comprised of all students, for students. It exists strictly for the benefit of students. Anything we can do (goes into specifics…lobbying at state Capitol etc) its important to keep those things in mind. Student council is the center of ASM. Can be slow-but overall goal is to be functioning and keep everything moving forward.

Alrighty, the 17th is starting up. Todays meeting is essentially a Q&A for both the Chair and Vice Chair positions.

Running for Chair:

Brandon Williams-former SSFC Chair

Jonah Zinn-former Academic Affairs Chair

Running for Vice Chair:

Adam Johnson-former Legislative Affairs Chair

Jolie Lizotte-WISPIRG member

We are about an hour and a half into the meeting, currently. (Started at 12:43PMish, according to Jason Smathers…Chief Justice was running a little late…)

Open Forum has ended. There was much conjecture and supporting speeches for various candidates.

Now, members of Student Council are asking the candidates various questions-job interview, if you will.

So! Now that youre up to speed, lets get some As to your Qs going on.

ps: tell erik to shove it. press office wasnt invited. and ill be there in an hour 😛:P

(i was reading smathers livebolg. 🙂:)

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  1. May 2, 2010 3:41 pm

    Glad you are rehydrated, and good coverage!

  2. Melissa Hanley permalink
    May 2, 2010 4:11 pm

    I’m reading now Marie! 🙂 but I prefer the snarky comments

  3. May 2, 2010 4:15 pm

    Boo on whoever said this blog isn’t utilized!

  4. May 2, 2010 4:59 pm

    I wasn’t nominated for the Finance Chair, just for the committee.

    Also, when did I laugh ‘manically,’ although I believe you mean ‘maniacally.’

    • asmadame1 permalink*
      May 2, 2010 10:06 pm

      My spelling abilities decrease as time drags on… 😉

  5. May 2, 2010 5:42 pm

    Thanks for your good coverage – I’m gonna read the rest later but now I’m going to go enjoy a DC sunset!

  6. Michael Romenesko permalink
    May 2, 2010 5:49 pm

    Such a shame. I’m sitting home, watching Harry Potter, eating cheesecake, and reading economics while casually seeing the results on here.

    • asmadame1 permalink*
      May 2, 2010 6:34 pm

      -.- If you bring me cheesecake, Ill be very very grateful!

  7. May 2, 2010 6:58 pm

    You’re the only one still going strong! (Max is getting kind of lazy 😉

  8. May 2, 2010 7:29 pm

    You’ve long since earned the right to call it a night!

    • asmadame1 permalink*
      May 2, 2010 7:35 pm

      If smathers can keep going, so can I ;)……hint: tell him to leave so I dont feel guilty about it!

      • May 2, 2010 7:59 pm

        Hopefully this isn’t going to go too much longer – there are finals coming up.

        Besides, Smathers is ASM-crazy, he might go for 36 hours straight.

  9. Joseph Kuo permalink
    May 2, 2010 9:17 pm

    There is a mistake in the minutes here. I have never indicated that I supported Tina Trevino-Murphy. I have only voiced my support for Martin Uraga throughout the meetings.

    • asmadame1 permalink*
      May 2, 2010 10:02 pm

      Wow. My sincerest apologies! I typed the wrong last name. It was not you, but Huang that supported Tina. I will change that IMMEDIATELY. I was really tired at that point.

      • Joseph Kuo permalink
        May 2, 2010 10:07 pm

        Thanks for changing that. I know that people were tired after the meeting, but I just don’t want someone to call me at midnight about that statement…thanks again!


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