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Andele, andele Arriba ARRIBA!

May 5, 2010

8:38PM Roll is called, and that’s it folks!

Well I’ve had a special night with my first live-blogging experience. Sorry if it came out a little jarbled, I am a casualty of my 21st birthday yesterday. I call it a victory I made it to my exam today even if I was nauseated the whole time.

So peace out muchachos and celebrate that cinco de mayo right! 😀  Adios!!

8:30PM Hello again beautiful people! Rep. Beemsterboer has been voted as chair of Finance Committee again, and subsequently took off his pristine white blazer in a fit of pure joy. Now who said SC/ASM isn’t sexy…

Also being reappointed is Rep. Ziebell as Chair of SACGB.  Ziebell said she wants to continue because she would like to finish the work she started this year. She also gave an update on the new SAC computer lab, due to be completed this summer. She said other suggestions for SAC improvements were not workable, including velcro walls and trampolines (personally I would spend so much more time in the SAC if this room existed. Especially if there’s a go kart track).

8:19PMRep Lizotte discusses the ‘Dream Act’- students of illegal immigrants that go to high school in the US to be able to get financial aid to go to college.

Rep Love thinks its a great idea. Bring in students to work on this.

Johnson points out that this process is merely assigning committees with campaigns to look into, not allocating ASM resources to this at the moment or saying ASM Student Government stands behind it…merely to research and gather more information.

‘Dream Act’ would be to lobby legislators. Referred to Diversity Committee and Legislative Affairs.

Johnson says go to City Council. Watch Mayor Dave in action.

Manes speaks to close proposals.

Proposals are closed.

Campaigns for Vote 2010, Financial Aid, Financial Literacy, Dream Act…and a whole lot longer list that is mentioned below.

8:14PM Rep VandenLagenburg would like to form a committee or people to review the referendum process and create a report. Not sure what committee that belongs under…potentially refers that to Shared Gov. Scratch that… Would like it to be under Shared Gov.

Official title: ‘Referendum Review Committee”

Rep Plamann completely agrees. Really thinks it should be looked at and create a concrete proposal. Volunteers to help out.

Johnson moves to refer to Shared Gov. Murmured assents.

Rep Hanley questions the role of Student Judiciary and Elections Commission in this process.

Williams says this campaign will work closely with them.

Zinn agrees. Delegate to Shared Gov to work with SEC.

Mk, so they are discussing what committee to place it under. I’m sure that all the committees will be mentioned….yep, that worked. We’ll let them hash that out. So! How ya doing? Comments, questions, concerns? Random tidbits of info? Reply below!!! We THRIVE on comments 🙂

8:08PMRep Zinn says that now is a good time, to take the time to talk about these campaigns with Council, flesh out some specifics. Would like to hear from the Grad students, the RA organization campaign and where it might go with that.  Connecting that to Shared Gov, etc

VC Johnson wants to clarify that he doesn’t mean not to talk about campaigns now, but projects that can be worked on through various committees can be worked out at a later date-projects that can be brought forth as need be to Council. Talk now about issues.

Chair Fergus reminisces about ASM Diversity Committee having a Shadow Day in 2006. People on campus have spoken about bringing it back–High school students shadowing students and possibly spending a night in the dorms….Motion to bring forth the idea.

Nichols agrees. Says various groups can work on it. And having lots of different groups come shadow and check out campus.

Johnson says External Affairs can work on this as part of their promotion.

Moved to both External Affairs and Diversity to work on: Shadow Day!!!!

Rep Huang wants Legislative Affairs to work on the State budget this year. Campaign to lobby for State Investment and Higher Education Aid.

Called to question. All in favor…Aye!!!

8:04PM Rep Love says it announces to campus that the committees are working further on these and assigning campaigns.

Rep Manes says Council does not need to have a bunch of campaigns listed and put together right now.

Rep Love would like to propose a campaign-nameless at the moment- ‘campaign for ethical investing’ to look at System investments, discussing certain events, where ASM is allowing certain groups to travel to, restrictions placed etc.

Motion to create a campaign for ethical investing.

VC Johnson would like to see a more fleshed out proposal that can be later voted on. Although, this is one he would like to hear more specifics about it. Moves to have Rep Love work on this and present it at a later date.

Called to question. ‘Ethical Investment’ committed to Rep Love. Lets see what he does with this. Sounds like an awesome idea!!!

7:58PMChair Uraga discusses a ‘Diversity Taskforce’ he would like to set in place to work on campaigns within the committee.

Rep Savoy comments on a ‘Diversity Education’ campaign to be referred to the Diversity committee….

Chair Fergus thinks Council should focus more on CONCRETE plans tonight, not just the generalized campaigns. And that campaigns should involve DIRECT ACTION.

Rep Savoy says that this is a pre-dominately white campus. Do events like ‘bridging the gap between African Americans’. Has really great ideas and will work out specific details over the summer.

Vice Chair Johnson comments that Council does not need to make specific campaigns for what the committees do…thats WHAT THEY DO…so specifying these right now can wait. The value comes from the work the committees do; particularly what all the Council is behind.

7:53PM Rep Lizotte wants to work on a campaign for ‘Financial LITERACY’ to improve student understanding and responsibility in: how to get a credit card and use it, various forms of financial aid, etc-to be referred to Academic Affairs as well.

Rep Ziebell wants to know if it needs to be a separate campaign or if it can be put together with the FASFA and other financial aid things already?

Rep Hanley discusses a forum/ organization that had a huge event on finances this year. Says it might be a good idea to find out more about it and work in conjunction with them.

Rep Savoy said not to lump them together. Financial aid and financial literacy can both address separate issues.

Rep Love agrees.

Rep Ivinns says it essentially COULD be lumped together…but Academic Affairs could take them on together as a ‘Financial Aspect’.

Rep Lizotte thinks it could be confusing to push the two together….thoughts? Comments? Reply below!

Rep Zinn says this is another conversation that can be held in an Academic Affairs meeting and requests to move on.

Aye! Motion carries.

Williams comments that he may or may not have spell ‘literacy’ wrong. Laughter ensues.

7:50PM Chair Fergus talks about financial aid ideas coming through and worked on-particularly at the Academic Affairs level-wants to create a ‘Financial Aid’ campaign and refer it to AcAffairs. Brilliant idea. I like.

Johnson asks about how this would work-applying financial aid on campus, or extending it. If its in regards to extending further and attaining more money, shouldn’t it be referred to Legislative Affairs???

Chair Fergus responds saying most of the campaigns have reaches within almost all of ASM’s various committees. Working in CONJUNCTION of other committees will definitely be established to make the campaign successful.

Call to question. Referring campaign to AcAffairs carries. Yay!

7:46PM Ziebell talks about ‘Wisconsin Ambassadors’ that do work with high schoolers and promotional things.

Chair Polstein suggests contacting other groups as a resource.

Chair Fergus says these are great discussions….to be had DURING External Affairs meetings. General chuckles and nods.

Chair Fergus additionally points out that Council just gave the Outreach Committee….the task of ‘outreaching’. Clever, really. These guys really now how to delegate, huh? 😀

Also to coordinate through other committees of ASM. Good, good.

7:40PM I Hey guys, Marie again. Blogging from this point….onward 😉

Vice Chair Johnson talks about Templeton’s work with SOAR and how ASM wasn’t really a part of that. Apparently it is a harder process to get into than initially thought. Will be working to get into reaching freshmen and students at SOAR the summer AFTER next…but might move that discussion to External Affairs.

6 placards were just raised….this could be quite the lengthy debate.

Williams promises to look into getting into the small RSO presentations during SOAR.

Nichols discussing alternative methods: reaching out to students during first kick-off week but also finding new, creative ways to reach students.

Rep Zinn wants to say that getting that going as soon as possible would be very beneficial. Just the kick-off is not enough. Make sure recruitment is an ‘on-going focus’ while doing campaigns. Not to let it get pushed to the bottom of the list.

Rep Ivinns says an inspirational, promotional video of ASM would be a good idea. I can see it now…inspirational music, dancing ASM members, piles of files…and BUCKY!!!! Sure, it could work.

Johnson will look into it, especially for External Affairs. Move to add ‘High school recruitment type things’ to the Fall Semester agenda.

Nichols in whole-hearted and highly favored support.

7:33 VC Johnson talking about having Student Housing Subcommittee  for fall semester, as it is an issue that affects all students and such. Johnson said this should fall under the control of Leg Affairs and Shared Gov.

Rep. Fergus moves to give the Vote 2010 project to External Affairs, and also to create an ASM Safety Campaign. Johnson said safety is a huge issue, so he suggests Chair Williams to draft the proposal. Williams said he has already looked into the issue with Madison Alder Bryon Eagon, so he is happy to take up the proposal.

Now onto Marie! 😀

7:25 Zinn asks for outline of External Affairs Committee. Vice Chair (Suave) Johnson says it will be open “guiding post” that coordinates activities of Council and committees and works with press office (woo). Obviously motivated to connect with press office because we are amazing and have pb m&ms.

Rep. Love, Rep. Hilliard, Rep. Savoy appointed to Diversity Committee. Huzzah!

As for new Leg affairs peeps, we have Rep. Peters, Rep. Ivins, Rep. Huang, Rep. Ingraham, and Rep. Woolwich.

And for Academic Affairs, we have Rep. Ivins, Rep. Zinn, Rep. Madsen, Rep. Lizotte, Rep. Hanley, and Rep. Deichl as the new members. Does that sparkle with everyone? Sunshine! (for those who are sheltered, that quote is from South Park).

7:13PM Summer SC meetings will be  June 12, July 17 and August 21. I for one will not live blog (as i enjoy my summer freedom and would rather be on the terrace…or at the zoo to carry out my plan to steal their adorable muntjac).

7:02PM Howdy! So now discussion on when they are doing meetings over the summer. Chair Fergus asks if it would be ok to skype in for the meetings if they can’t be present (reminiscent of Up In the Air. Wonderful movie btw). Williams thinks it’s inappropriate unless maybe during open forum.

7PM Alicia to blog from here to 7:30PM 🙂

6:54PM Student Judiciary has elected a new Chief Justice. Specific name to follow…

Next up: New legislation of Nominations Board appointments (To be approved by 2/3 of Council)

Chair Nichols-over 30 applications alone for Finance Committee. During the process had ‘yes’ ‘no’ and ‘maybe’ pile. Then interviewed those who made the paper cut. Board was pleased with all the final candidates-though difficult to choose from the qualified candidates.

SSFC Appts: Eric Ballecer, Jair Alverez, Chase Wilson, Jason Smathers, and Tommy Hughes.

Finance Committee: Boan Sianipar, Zhizhong Pang, Florence Esho, Chen Zhao, and Kaihua Chen.

Council decides that YES, they will hear and decide the appointments tonight.

Former Finance Chair Beemsterboer says he feels confident NomsBoard did a thorough job.

And there you have it folks!!! The first work done by Student Council-the appointments for both SSFC and Finance Committee are PASSED. Congratulations to everyone and best of luck this session. Should be interesting!

And from now (7Pm-7:30PM Alicia shall be blogging. See ya in half an hour!)

6:46PM Chair Nichols (Nominations Board) working on appointing members to committees. Paper cuts made and interviews started. Appointments for SSFC made.

Chair VandenLangenburg discusses Shared Gov Director positions. APPLY!!! Deadline is TONIGHT!

Chair Williams goes over the past few days of his and Johnson’s reign. Met with Chancellor, done paperwork, had meetings, compiled reports etc. Discusses a plan he is writing up on his vision and work for ASM this session. OoOoOoooooo!!!

-Pleased with Secretary Madsen’s work and initiative with posting agendas, minutes, etc of all Counil meetings on the ASM Student Council homepage.

Zinn comments that it would be nice if Williams would make it known what things are discussed in meetings with the Chancellor.

Vice Chair Johnson speaks on what was said in meetings with the Chancellor: Vote 2010, Gubernatorial debate, and biennial budget and how they worked together were discussed at length. Another meeting set in May.—mentions the Board of Regents will be meeting in the next two days, in Van Hise top floor. Open to students, members of United Council are going.

-Says they also discussed ways tuition are used and compared that to other universities and colleges.

-Relates that the past few days he has been learning alot, going through files, looking at campaigns etc.

6:41PM (Williams pulls the cord on the water machine due to the noise of the fan…just thought I’d share).

Chair Uraga (Diversity committee) addresses Council saying those who haven’t joined a committee should join Diversity.

Chair Polstein (Legislative Affairs) recommends Council to sit on his committee. Will be a very busy year-including, but not limited to: Gubernatorial Debate,biennial budget etc

-Also, Housing Sub-committee canceled their meeting today (apparently due to lack of quorum). Moved to June 2nd. Come to show support for the legislation!

6:39PM Monday May10th and Thursday May 13th will be drop-off days for TEXTBOOKS in the SAC during finals week, according to Chair Fergus and Jonah Zinn. Details to follow as well as an ad in the Herald tomrw.

6:37PM Williams speaks about the agenda. Briefly updates new members on how the agenda works as well as the business for tonight. Much nodding around the table.

Also, all the postponements from Sunday’s meeting will be completed tonight.

6:33PM Roll call. Quorum is noted. No impeachments or swearing in of members. Also, Rep. Locke has resigned from council.

Andrea Webb is up for open forum.

She is part of the Business School magazine, the B-Line. Discussing how important funding is to the magazine. Going over the different ways they have sought funding. Mentions the help of Mr. Finance Chair Matt Beemsterboer.

Hey y’all. It’s Wednesday. Cinco de Mayo. The 5th of May. A bee-yoo-ti-fil sunny 66 degrees lovely day. And what better way to end that day….than a nice little stint at Student Council!?!?

Yeah. I know. You all were thinkin’ it.

We’re about to get started. Teddy-Bear Williams will be getting this show on the road quite soon, with his right-hand man Suave Johnson….conveniently sitting on his left…

**Tonight for your reading pleasure, both Alicia and myself will be live-blogging. It will be a joint venture and we will be switching off at each half-hour. Should be quite entertaining. Enjoy!

***Yes, the title of this blog would indeed be in honor of cinco de Mayo. You hear the song in your head now, dontcha? 😉

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  1. asmmadame2 permalink
    May 5, 2010 5:38 pm

    I am so sad that wordpress is not letting us do a group live blog 😦 i’ll just comment a lot to make up for it!! hehehe

  2. Ryan permalink
    May 5, 2010 5:42 pm

    Is there pig tonight? I just wanna bust into the Hearing Room and pork like crazy, baby.

  3. Ryan permalink
    May 5, 2010 5:49 pm

    Is it possible to start a blog about the fashions of ASM? Because I heard some kidz need to be ARRESTED.

    • asmmadame2 permalink
      May 5, 2010 5:53 pm

      are you talking about beemsterboer’s white tennis shoes? 🙂 haha

    • May 5, 2010 5:54 pm

      I hope this comment doesn’t have to do with me… Marie, thoughts?

      • asmadame1 permalink*
        May 5, 2010 6:04 pm

        I plead the 5th.

  4. Erik paulson permalink
    May 5, 2010 7:23 pm

    The point of separating campaign introductions from discussions is so they can be noticed and interested people can attend. Tonight is not the night to flesh them out.

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