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May 9, 2010

Hey all! Good luck on all your finals from your lovely Press Office and all of ASM.

Tips and tricks:

-Keep hydrated

-Lotsa sleep…preferably before the final (not during it…)

-Einstein’s bagels!!! (Have you found their ‘free bagel’ promotion on FB yet!?!? Fan the group then print off your coupon on the ‘Free Bagel tab’ good through this week!!!!)

-Coffee/ frappuccinos (how about Starbuck’s promotion!?)If the link doesn’t work, just search for ‘Frappuccino Happy Hour’


-Actually finding a table at College Lib…

Also, don’t forget today is Mother’s Day!!! And in honor of the occasion, Teddy-Bear Williams and Suave Johnson have linked a lovely little vid for your study-break perusal.

Enjoy, good luck on finals, have a kick-ass amazing SUMMER! and see you all back here next semester. ASM’s got some plans, some new faces, and some work to do.. stay tuned 😉


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